General Terms & Conditions


Scope of application

Ötztal Tourismus acts as organizer of the "Ötztal Card" and "Ötztal Premium Card" guest cards (in the following they are also called "Guest Cards"). These terms of use apply to the receipt or purchase, the issuing and the use of guest cards. Based on these conditions of use, the (lawful) holders of the guest cards are entitled to receive varied benefits from "service providers" (mountain lifts, museums, etc.) at a reduced rate or free of charge.


Purchase or Receipt of Guest Cards

The prerequisites for the purchase or receipt of the guest cards are at the guests' own responsibility prior to arrival. The guest has no legal right to receive or purchase a guest card.

The Ötztal Card can be purchased by all guests at one of the selling points. It's also possible to book the Ötztal Card online and in advance without obligation, which makes the purchase of the Ötztal Card on site considerably easier/faster - a legally binding purchase of the Ötztal Card is only possible at the selling points on site. The prices are listed on separate notice boards or in the current product folder. In case of at least 70% disability, guests can purchase a discounted Ötztal Card only at the Ötztal Tourismus Information Offices.

The Ötztal Premium Card is available to all taxable and officially registered guests staying in one of the Ötztal Premium Card partner accommodations.



The guest cards are only seasonal cards which can be used between 01.06.2019 and 06.10.2019. The Ötztal Card is valid on 3, 7 or 10 consecutive days. The Ötztal Premium Card is valid from the 2nd day of your stay for the entire duration of your taxable and officially registered stay at an Ötztal Premium Card partner accommodation; the day of arrival is excluded, the day of departure is included.


Scope of Services

The guest cards are organized by Ötztal Tourism us within the scope of its statutory duties in accordance with §3 of the Tirolean Tourism Law. The associated services and amenities available to the guest are not part of the holiday travel services booked by the guest.

On presentation of the guest card, the (lawful) holder of the guest card is entitled to receive varied benefits from "service providers" (mountain lifts, museums, etc.) at a reduced rate or free of charge during the period of validity. In the course of the organization of the guest cards, Ötztal Tourismus provides only the technical and organizational means in order to offer all holders of guest cards the possibility to consume services directly with independent service providers in an uncomplicated manner and at discounted rates. If the guest makes use of services provided by independent service providers, these services (also if the guest cards are used) are always based on an independent contractual relationship between the guest and the service provider. In each case, the general terms and conditions as well as all other contractual conditions of the respective service provider apply. Ötztal Tourismus is not a contracting party and therefore not liable for the fulfillment of the contract or for any damages to the guest or third parties, that arise from this contract.

The detailed scope of services (discounts/services available) results from the current guest cards folder and the supplementary information on the notice boards or individual service descriptions in the course of the issuing process of guest cards. In general, the seasonal opening times and the operating hours of the service providers must be taken into account. In particular during low season times (beginning or end of season}, the range of services can be severely limited. In part the services/discounts of the guest cards can be used only in a limited manner (see folder) in terms of time (e.g. hourly cards}, location (e.g. only certain facilities) or quantity (e.g. only one admission, limited capacity).

The services/discounts of the guest cards, described in the folders, are provided to the guest as one whole package which may also be restricted in the short term due to various factors (e.g. interruption of services, weather conditions, capacity, etc.) or must be adjusted in the longer term. If single services/discounts are not available to the guest, no replacement or reduction claims (made by the guest) are accepted.


Use of Guest Cards

The guest cards are not transferable. For visual inspection, the name of the guest is printed on the card. The holder of the guest card is obliged to carry a photo identification card when using services, so that the identity of the owner can be checked if necessary. Without presenting the guest card and/or photo ID card, no services/discounts are available. There is no refund.

In case of misuse (e.g. passing on to other persons) the guest card will be confiscated and locked by the service provider or Ötztal Tourismus. Any misuse is reported to the police. Without any refund, no further services/discounts are available.

In general, other discounts, reductions or vouchers cannot be used or combined with the guest cards.



No refund is granted in case of non-use of services/discounts included in the guest cards. No cash alternative offered.

Only related to the Ötztal Card and only in the event of severe illness (medical certificate that the use of services is no longer possible to) or (proven) early departure for a solid reason (e.g. death}, the remaining days not used will be refunded unless the card is not used any more. No refund for single days during the cards' validity period.


Lost/Damaged Guest Card

The loss/damage of the guest card must be reported by the card holder immediately. The lost/damaged guest card will be locked and the guest receives a new guest card on presentation of the proof of purchase. The previously used services are transferred to the new card.


Data Privacy

In connection with the issuing process and use of guest cards, several data processing operations take place in relation to the personal data of the card holder. For more details refer to the Privacy Policy of Ötztal Tourismus. Please note that under certain circumstances also the individual service providers as independently responsible partners process your personal data.

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