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Oetz/Hochoetz 814m/2.272m

Mon, 22.07.2019

Morning Afternoon
14°C 30°C
0%Precipitation risk 30%Precipitation risk

Significantly increasing temperatures Minor cirrostratus clouds

Oetz/Hochoetz 814m/2.272m

Tue, 23.07.2019

Morning Afternoon
15°C 32°C
0%Precipitation risk 10%Precipitation risk

Nice midsummer weather Stable and very hot

Oetz/Hochoetz 814m/2.272m

Wed, 24.07.2019

Morning Afternoon
17°C 34°C
0%Precipitation risk 10%Precipitation risk

Sunshine all day long Rather hot temperatures

Oetz/Hochoetz 814m/2.272m

Thu, 25.07.2019

Morning Afternoon
18°C 35°C
0%Precipitation risk 20%Precipitation risk

The heat will head for another peak

Oetz/Hochoetz 814m/2.272m

Fri, 26.07.2019

Morning Afternoon
18°C 33°C
0%Precipitation risk 50%Precipitation risk

Few changes in the weather Higher risk for thunderstorms

Days Preview

6:00 8:00 10:00 12:00 14:00 16:00 18:00

Day Outlook

Summery high-pressure weather! Monday will indulge us with a lot of sunshine and significantly increasing temperatures at all altitudes. The inflow of warm air will be accompanied by some larger cirrostratus clouds, which will make the sky appear opaque. Besides, some minor cumulus clouds will build throughout the day. Great weather for extended tours and hiking.


  Morning Afternoon
Mountain summit3.000 m 7°C 7°C
Mountain2.000 m 14°C 15°C
Valley800 m 14°C 30°C


Morning: Moderate

Afternoon: Moderate

Hours of Sun

max. 10 Hours

Precipitation risk

Morning: 0%

Afternoon: 30%

Zero Degree Limit

4400 m


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