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In close touch with the rocks

The ascent by using a via ferrata set is one of the most exciting things you can experience in Tirol. The 8 via ferrata routes in Ötztal lead up and right across the wall at varied degrees of difficulty. Fixed ropes provide safety along the entire route, stepping aids defuse difficult stages. Just perfect for enjoying the fabulous view of waterfalls and deep ravines in between - provided you have a good head for heights! - and to get to know the fascination of climbing from scratch.

Beginners' via ferrata in Tirol: you can definitely do it

A first accolade for climbing aficionados is the Stuibenfall via ferrata in Umhausen. In the immediate vicinity of the 159-meter high Stuiben Falls, it’s a manageable challenge on a climbing length of about 450 meters. But the route does all it can to be remembered. Starting with an ascent over the rope bridge and the damp forest, culminating in a tightrope act over the roaring water masses falling down into the deep valley. Stepladders and clamps ensure that your soles always have grip and that beginners as well as children (from approx. 10 years, secured by additional rope belaying) can confidently dare the adventure of climbing a via ferrata.

All about via ferratas in Ötztal

climbing via ferrata Stuiben falls Umhausen Ötztal

Climbing via ferrata Ötztal

Doubly secured fun: guided via ferrata tours

Conquering a rock face on a fixed rope and with the help of iron foot and handholds sounds easier than it is. If you have no prior experience with climbing harness, via ferrata set and climbing equipment, you would do well to enlist a professional. Several providers across the entire Ötztal have via ferrata tours on their program. They provide certified guides, rental equipment and choose the right tour. Even very experienced via ferrata climbers can also set new milestones in their “career” in smaller, guided groups.

Climbing guides and courses

Climbing via ferrata Lehner Wasserfall Längenfeld Ötztal

One for all ages: Lehner Wasserfall via ferrata

It’s among Tirol’s most beautiful via ferratas and inspires beginners, slightly advanced climbers and professionals alike. How that works? The via ferrata has an original route to the right of the almost 60 meter high waterfall and another variant on the left. And this second route really has it all: an easy crossing is followed by the first overhanging section in the highest difficulty degree (E)! But also the original route requires stamina, surefootedness and Alpine experience although it is much easier to master. If you want, you can try the original exit on a short, difficult overhang or bypass it without any problems. A final highlight is the rope bridge above the exit that offers breathtaking views of the rocks and the valley - weak in knees probably included.

Go to Lehner Wasserfall via ferrata

3 frequently asked questions about via ferratas in Tirol

You will find detailed information about the complete via ferrata equipment for your via ferrata adventure in Ötztal HERE. In addition to appropriate equipment, you also need the mental readiness to conquer (well belayed) dizzying heights. Some key points of the climbing route may require a lot of stamina, skill and courage. Special tip: if you are not 100 percent sure how sure-footed and free from giddiness you are, you should definitely start with the easy via ferrata routes in Ötztal, for example Haiming/Geierwand via ferrata, which also has a midi and mini route. The family-friendly Zirbenwald via ferrata in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl is suitable for children from 10 years and the Moosalm via ferrata in Sölden offers an alternative and easy exit in the event of dizziness. Please find all via ferrata set rental options HERE.

The most common way of evaluating via ferrata routes according to their difficulty grade is using letters. The easiest level of difficulty corresponds to the letter A ("not very difficult"), while the highest level of difficulty is labeled E ("extremely difficult"). The via ferratas in Ötztal are mainly of medium difficulty and appeal to beginners and experts alike. Because the level of difficulty alone is not decisive, the length of a via ferrata should also play a role when choosing a tour. A long but easy climb can be more challenging than a short and crisp but moderately difficult climb. Be sure to find out about the access terrain and available (emergency) exits along the via ferrata.

Looking for a true challenge? Then you should head to the Reinhard-Schiestl via ferrata on the almost vertical Burgsteinwand rock face near Längenfeld. The fairly exposed, difficult via ferrata (D) is a case for fearless experts, but stepping aids and rest areas allow you to really enjoy the unobstructed views of Ötztal. The Schwärzenkamm via ferrata in Obergurgl’s glacier realm (C/D degree of difficulty) is also tricky and offers awesome panoramas. Due to the high Alpine altitude and the north-facing wall, it definitely requires enough prior via ferrata experience. Using an e-bike you can comfortably shorten the ascent by cycling up to Langtalereckhütte.