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Calorie consumption hiking

Up the mountain, losing calories

How many calories do you actually burn while hiking? We would like to explain this question at this point and at the same time show which hiking opportunities within Ötztal let your calories tumble particularly quickly.

Hiking as fitness sport

When it comes to fitness sports, many think of running or cycling first. The fact that hiking is also a real fitness booster is still underestimated by many. But why? Maybe because the awesome views and picture-book impressions to the left and right of the climb distract you from the actual effort. There is no question about it: when hiking, your entire body is put under a lot of strain. This, in turn, has a very positive effect on your calorie balance – in case you want to lose weight, hiking is the right choice!

Hiking in Ötztal

How many calories you burn while hiking

Hiking in Ötztal

Hiking is so healthy because this sport combines several positive effects: you train your basic endurance and stamina, but at the same time you strengthen your cardiovascular system and improve your muscles. And on top of that, your fat metabolism is boosted properly - the body uses fats as a source of energy. Additionally, hiking usually results in a negative calorie balance: specifically, this means that you burn more calories than you take in.

But how many calories do you actually burn while hiking? The short answer is: on average, about 350 kilocalories per hour. However, the actual calorie consumption strongly depends on several factors, but above all on the intensity of the effort. For example, if you conquer many altitude meters and are on challenging climbs, treks and paths, you will burn up to 500 kilocalories per hour. The daytime temperature while hiking also influences your calorie consumption. You definitely burn more calories in cool temperatures than on warm days. Last but not least, the altitude at which you hike affects calorie consumption as well.

These hikes let your calories tumble particularly quickly

In scenic Ötztal, Tirol's longest side valley with more than 1600 kilometers of hiking trails, there is certainly no lack of suitable tour destinations. The following hiking routes or tours will let your calories tumble very quickly:

  • Mountain tours: A sweaty ascent with many meters of altitude covered is synonymous with high calorie consumption, as we learned earlier. HERE you can find all mountain tours in Ötztal.
  • High alpine tours: When the air gets thinner, the body has to work harder. This, in turn, automatically leads to increased calorie consumption. Therefore, it is just perfect that you can choose from more than 250 peaks higher than three thousand meters in Ötztal. Including a wide range of high alpine tour destinations, which you can discover HERE.
  • Long-distance hiking trails: Sure, the longer you hike, the more calories you get rid of. And on our varied long-distance hiking trails you walk a damn long time. Around 180 kilometers along Ötztaler Urweg, for example. HERE you will find all long-distance hiking options in Ötztal.
Hiking in Ötztal

Frequently asked questions about calorie consumption while hiking

On average, you burn 350 kilocalories per hour when hiking. Those who cover many meters in altitude and are on challenging climbs that require sure-footedness can burn up to 500 kilocalories per hour. The daytime temperature and the altitude at which you hike also have an influence on calorie consumption. Splendid Ötztal, Tirol's longest side valley, offers hikes that will make your calories tumble particularly quickly. HERE you can discover the routes and find out more about calorie consumption when hiking.

Yes, because hiking burns about the same number of calories as jogging. On average, you burn about 350 kilocalories in one hour when hiking. Depending on the altitude meters covered and the characteristics of the hiking trail, it can even be up to 500 kilocalories that you burn in one hour. The daytime temperature or the altitude at which you are walking also have a strong influence on calorie consumption. The cooler it is and the higher you are, the more calories your body burns. You can find out more about calorie consumption when hiking and the possibilities offered by Tirol's longest side valley to burn off a particularly large number of calories when hiking HERE.

The short answer is: around 350 calories on average. The long answer is: several factors are decisive how many calories you actually burn per hour while hiking. If you cover a lot of meters in altitude in this time and move on demanding climbs, you can burn up to 500 kilocalories per hour. The daytime temperature and the altitude at which you hike also have an impact on calorie consumption. The rule of thumb is the following: the cooler and the higher, the more energy the body needs. And the more calories you burn during a hike. You can find out more about the topic of calorie consumption when hiking and what opportunities Tirol's longest side valley offers to burn off a particularly large number of calories when hiking HERE.