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Paragliding in Ötztal

Outdoor Experts

Conquer the air on a paraglider

Free as an eagle - high above the valley floor, at eye level with the Alpine peaks and far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The ultimate experience that promises unforgettable moments. In Ötztal there are several opportunities to take to the air, either for experienced paragliders or for tandem flights guided by a professional. Book your thrilling jump with one of the valley's expert adventure providers and enjoy a very special feeling of elation.

Paragliding flight over the Ötztal Alps

Paragliders in Ötztal can expect top flight conditions and outstanding perspectives. On clear days, the striking Zugspitze summit towers on the northern horizon. In the south, majestic Wildspitze peak at 3768 meters catches the eye of all mountain fans - it is the highest mountain in North Tirol and in the Ötztal Alps. A characteristic feature is also the high altitude leading up to 3000 meters and beyond. However, the airspace must be checked precisely before you set out. Pilots flying over 3300 meters should be well informed about the international aviation laws.

Excellent thermal currents in the entire valley can be quite challenging on some days due to the upper winds and valley winds. So inform yourself about the local conditions before you start a flight!


Tip: More details are offered by the outdoor adventure providers


High altitude flight for two

The mountain lift takes you up to the launch point for paragliders. Thanks to special devices for carrying the hang gliders in the gondola cabin, the uphill ride is very comfortable and fast. If you take off for the first time with a paraglide you will feel a slight tingling in your stomach. Once at the top, the skilled professionals make the final preparations for an exciting tandem flight. Anyone who has ever wanted to take a look at the magnificent three thousand meter high peaks of the Ötztal Alps will be thrilled and enchanted. On your way down to the valley floor you conquer up to 1350 meters of difference in altitude. There are several launch and landing spots spread all over Ötztal:

  • Hochoetz/Oetz
  • Niederthai/UH
  • Gaislachkogl Gondola/middle station/Gratlift
  • Giggijoch (winter)

Further information is provided by the adventure specialists in Ötztal. Send an inquiry here and get ready for a flight that doubles the fun.

Tandem Flights Parasailing Ötztal

Paragliding adventures

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Frequently asked questions about paragliding

Your adventure will start at one of the countless officially approved starting points and, depending on whether you have an A or B license, leads you down to the next landing area or even further overland to another suitable landing site. It is best to find out about the currently valid regulations at a flying school near your home town or to contact an experienced local provider during your vacation in Ötztal, where you can book lessons or tandem flights. The guides know exactly where you can safely enjoy paragliding in Ötztal and which routes you should avoid.

Basically, there is no season in which paragliding is not allowed at all. Tandem gliding flights are possible all year round in Ötztal if the weather conditions are favorable. Thermal flights, on the other hand, can be made from late morning between March and October if the conditions are suitable. Autumn or winter are perfect for smooth and slightly shorter flights.

In the months of April to June there are the strongest thermal currents as the large difference in temperature between the ground and the higher air layers allow the warm air to rise. Therefore, at this time of year flights often take place in the early morning or late afternoon.

On good flying days you can take off at any time (in daylight of course). On other days you have to analyze the position of the sun, the development of winds and the weather conditions in general in order to find the best starting time.

It depends a bit on the region and the time of year. You can calculate approximately 150 Euros for a tandem flight - while short gliding flights cost a little less, longer thermal flights a bit more. You are recommended to find out more about the huge choice of offers and current prices at the flying schools in Ötztal.

As a paragliding co-flyer you do not need any training or previous experience. If you dream of “pulling the strings” yourself while paragliding, it is best to look for a good flying school in the surroundings. Those who are still undecided or curious can take part in a taster course in order to find out whether they are enthusiastic enough about the new hobby. Followed by a beginners' course for basic training in theory and practice, which is a prerequisite for the A certificate. You have passed the exam? Then you have the international license to fly freely in the vicinity of the flying area (no cross-country flights). The B license corresponds to an unrestricted aviation license and entitles you to fly freely on cross-country flights.

Tandem pilots hear this question very often. But they can reassure future passengers (and their relatives): Paragliding is much safer than it is perceived by bystanders. Provided that the tandem pilot is careful and experienced enough to correctly assess both equipment and weather at all times. The weather in particular has a decisive effect on the safety and "success" of a memorable tandem flight. As with other outdoor sports, an element of risk always remains. When paragliding in Ötztal, you can rely on the complete safety package - from perfectly maintained equipment to tandem guides who have their own fitness to fly checked regularly.

It strongly depends on starting point, weather conditions and season. In the Alps and under perfect conditions, a paraglider can reach heights of up to approx. 3500 m and sometimes up to 4000 m altitude. Splendid Ötztal (Tirol) is a popular paragliding area with good thermal currents at altitudes beyond 3000 meters. Even flights over the striking peak of Acherkogel (3007 m) in lower Ötztal are possible. But always be careful: Anyone who flies higher than 3300 m should definitely be familiar with the current aviation rules.