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Excursion destinations in Ötztal

Nature, culture and history close by

Which places in Ötztal are worth visiting? There are as many answers as there are interests: ranging from an insight into the Neolithic Age to the ultra-modern James Bond Adventure World, adventuresome vacationers can choose from a full variety. Nature treasures, cultural and historical jewels are spread along the valley floor and across all Alpine altitudes. Easily accessible by public transport and car, by mountain lift or simply on foot. Discover the most exciting excursion destinations in Ötztal!

Lower Ötztal

  • Forchet Sautens Geology Trail
  • Lake Piburger See Oetz
  • Oetz Old Village Center
  • Oetz Museum in the Tower








Excursion destinations in lower Ötztal

Central Ötztal

  • Stuiben Falls Umhausen
  • Ötzi Village Umhausen
  • Birds of Prey Park Umhausen
  • Suspension Bridge Längenfeld
  • Local Heritage & Outdoor Museum Längenfeld
  • Umhausen Farst Eagle's Eyrie
  • Längenfeld Nature Park House





Excursion destinations in Central Ötztal

Upper Ötztal

  • Sölden Glacier Road
  • Sölden 007 ELEMENTS
  • Motorcycle Museum Hochgurgl
  • Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road Hochgurgl
  • Piccard Memorial Obergurgl
  • Rofenhöfe Farms/Suspension Bridge Vent
  • Vent Widum Nature Park Exhibition
  • Vent Hohler Stein Hunting Base
  • Ötzi's Finding Place Vent


Excursion destinations in upper Ötztal

Art, culture & nature exploration

Typically Ötztal: Indulge in the cultural identity of Tirol's longest side valley

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