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Hiking tours in Ötztal

Hiking Routes
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From very easy to high Alpine

1600 km of signposted hiking trails meander through scenic Ötztal valley, climbing from the valley floor through dense mountain forests to gently Alpine meadows, across glacier fields or along steep ridges leading to the summit cross. There is a choice of suitable tours for all ability levels and preferences. Ötztal promises a truly unique hiking program - ranging from family-friendly hut, theme and loop hikes to challenging Alpine tours and multi-day long-distance hikes such as the Ötztaler Urweg. The very ambitious ones can exchange their collected hiking stamps for the coveted hiking badge as a nice souvenir of a memorable mountain summer.

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FAQs hiking & walking

Unfortunately, there is no general rule for this question. On the one hand, of course, it depends on how fast you go and how steep the terrain is. Additionally, your physical condition and external influences play a major role. In heat, during winter hiking or in thin mountain air, your body has to work harder and accordingly needs more calories. You've definitely deserved a mouth-watering “Kaiserschmarrn” at one of the countless mountain huts and Alpine pastures in Ötztal, because hiking keeps you healthy and burns almost as many calories as jogging! A little clue: if John Public, who weighs around 70 kilos, hikes uphill for an hour on one of the varied hiking routes in Ötztal he burns around 500 kcal.

Where it is most beautiful in summer too: within the entire Ötztal between Haiming and Vent or Gurgl. More than 80 varied winter hikes with a total of 250 kilometers of signposted trails keep you on your toes. From easy walks along the Ötztaler Ache shores to pure winter idyll at lake Piburger See to more demanding winter hiking tours in Sölden’s silent part or in Gurgl, there are really many options. Partly with serviced huts along the route or even with toboggan rental for a speedy downhill adventure. Winter hiking in Ötztal is family-friendly, does not need a lot of equipment and inspires in almost all weathers. Adventure seekers can try out the snowshoe variant on guided tours to the fabulous Ötztal Nature Park.

First things first: sturdy footwear. Hiking boots that are adapted to your feet and the level of difficulty of the hike form the basis of a memorable day in the mountains. High Alpine tours require a higher leg to protect the ankles. You also need matching socks and ideally a pair of zip-off hiking pants to be flexibly equipped for different temperatures. Breathable, quick-drying clothing and a warm jacket or wind and rain protection are also part of the basic equipment, as the weather can change very quickly in the Ötztal mountains. Gloves and hats also do a good job, especially at the end of the day. For your head, you can choose from a hat, headband, peaked cap or trekking hat, depending on the weather and the intensity of your tour.

In addition to appropriate clothing, you need a backpack with a water bottle, enough to eat and drink, hiking map, first aid kit, sun protection (also for lips), sunglasses, mobile phone, headlamp and handkerchiefs. Of course, the packing list becomes significantly longer if you plan a multi-day hut tour in Ötztal instead of a half-day hike. Adjustable hiking poles complete the basic equipment, which you can have put together in the expert Ötztal sports shops.

Those in the know say: off you go to Ötztal in Tirol! With incredible 1600 km of hiking trails at all difficulty levels and 250 peaks higher than three thousand meters, Ötztal is a huge hiking paradise. Regardless of whether you are looking for family-friendly hut tours, theme and loop hikes or challenging Alpine tours and long-distance hikes lasting several days such as the Ötztaler Urweg. Twelve modern summer mountain lifts, guided hiking programs and certified mountain guides will help you to reach the top. Some 100 rustic mountain huts and Alpine pastures invite hikers to enjoy a refreshment stops. Some can also be easily reached by road or mountain lift, so that a joyful mountain exploration is accessible to everyone. Special hiking accommodations and quality-sealed hiking and mountaineering villages make Ötztal the first choice when it comes to hiking in Austria.

If you have brains then protect it! This saying also applies when hiking, because the head is particularly sensitive when it comes to cold or heat. Sturdy and weatherproof headgear is therefore an essential part of the basic hiking equipment. A trekking hat with a wide brim or a cap with a large peak can protect you from the high levels of sunlight in the mountains, which you hardly notice due to cooler temperatures or light winds. Ideally, the hat is also waterproof, wind-stable and can be rolled up and easily stowed in the backpack. Compared to a hood, the hat has the great advantage that you can turn your head better.

A popular alternative - provided it's not raining - are headbands, for example. They keep the ears warm and protect against too much sun, absorb sweat and are very comfortable. Next time you go on a hut hiking tour in Ötztal or climb one of the 250 three thousand meter high peaks: think of your head and protect it!