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Skiing in Ötztal

6 ski areas

ski areas

2 glacier ski areas

glacier ski areas

more than 350 slope kilometers

more than 350 slope kilometers

Limitless lovely experiences

Limtiless lovely experiences

Ski Areas
Super Skipass

Variety galore on the ski slopes

Skiing in Ötztal stands for enjoying a bit more than usual: 6 splendid ski areas including two glacier ski mountains, over 350 slope kilometers and top infrastructures. Sölden and Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, two of the Alps' most renowned winter regions, can be found in one valley. Snow sport aficionados look forward to the full variety of winter. But there are also cozy and familiar slopes such as in the Hochoetz-Kühtai ski region or the valley's tiny ski areas of Vent, Niederthai and Gries.

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All 6 ski areas within Ötztal promise pure fun on the snowy slopes! Which ski area is the best for you personally strongly depends on your preferences but also on your skiing skills - and with whom you go skiing. Beginners will find ideal conditions to give snow sports a try in the small (but fine) ski resorts of Gries and Niederthai. Families feel particularly at ease in the Hochoetz-Kühtai ski region - one of Austria's five sunniest ski resorts with an average of 64 sunshine days per season. All those looking for peace and tranquility off the beaten tracks are recommended to explore the Vent ski slopes. And the two largest ski resorts of Ötztal, Sölden and Gurgl, offer the right ski run for every type of winter sports aficionado. In general, all families with children will find perfect conditions in each of the 6 ski resorts - not least thanks to the professional local ski schools.

Thanks to the high Alpine location of the ski areas (just as Ötztal itself) and the latest snow-making technologies, all 6 ski areas are extremely snow-reliable. The Hochoetz-Kühtai ski region is located at around 2000 meters above sea level, Niederthai at approximately 1500 meters above sea level, and Gries at over 1500 meters above sea level. The deeper you go into the valley, the higher are the ski mountains! The Sölden ski resort stretches between 1350 and over 3340 meters, including two glacier ski mountains. The idyllic ski village of Vent is located at 1900 meters and the Gurgl ski resort - 1800 m to 3080 m - is one of the most snow-sure winter ski areas in Austria.

All of the 6 ski areas in Ötztal offer perfect skiing conditions! Depending on whether you are a beginner, you go skiing with the family, you enjoy skiing in deep snow or in the fun park, there are several ski area options that are suitable. In short: Which ski resort you choose simply depends on your ideas and personal preferences. Additionally, all 6 Ötztal ski areas offer convenient ski ticket pricing models that can be discovered under the following links:

The exact number of ski slopes in the entire Ötztal is difficult to define - due to the fact that many ski slopes offer several downhill options at the same time, they fork off and join up again. Therefore the question is how to calculate the exact number of slopes. The following numbers will tell you more about the huge variety: In the 6 Ötztal ski areas offering 90 mountain lifts you can look forward to a total of 361 slope kilometers. The following ski area maps provide a quick overview:

In the 6 Ötztal ski areas offering 90 mountain lifts there are a total of 361 kilometers of slopes. Holders of the Ötztal Super Skipass (available if you purchase a skipass for 3+ days) have the opportunity to discover all the ski slopes within Ötztal.

Thanks to Ötztal's high Alpine altitude and absolute snow reliability, you will find excellent slope conditions from autumn to spring. The two glacier ski mountains in Sölden promise pure fun on the slopes already from late September (until the beginning of May). The superb Gurgl winter ski area is also open until the end of April - and opens its doors as early as mid-November. And anyway, is there a bad time to go skiing? HERE you will find an overview of opening times of all 6 ski areas in Ötztal.

The Sölden glacier ski mountains lie between an altitude of 2675 and 3250 meters (absolute snow guarantee) and extend over the snow-covered flanks of Rettenbach and Tiefenbach glaciers. The two glaciers are connected to each other by a comfortable ski tunnel.