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Canyoning in the Ötztal Valley

Outdoor Experts

Action & adrenaline guaranteed

Canyoning involves climbing steeply-angled clefts set in a steep-sided valley, finding a way down to a rocky river bed and making your way back down to the valley by way of river – sometimes scrambling through rapids, being swept along natural rock chutes and abseiling down waterfalls.

You are with guides who know the river and waterfalls like the backs of their hands and choose the route according to the group‘s abilities and preferences. Jumps from heights up to 16 meters await you on the secured routes. This blend of water and rocks, climbing and hiking, jumping and swimming is a truly unique challenge for all senses.

Canyoning Highlight: Auer Klamm

Canyoning means exploring gorges, narrow valleys and riverbeds. It involves not only climbing, hiking and abseiling but also many more adventures at the heart of nature.

One of Europe‘s most scenic canyoning spots is the Auer Klamm gorge which features several difficulty levels for all ages and abilities.

Extremely steep water chutes, abseiling from dizzy heights into rushing waterfalls, jumps from up to 16 meters for daredevils – pure adrenalin for all those in search of truly unique adventures of a very special kind. The Auer Klamm can be found amidst unspoilt nature landscapes and offers splendid canyoning tours up to 5 hours.

  • Euipment rental (helmet, Neoprene suit, Neoprene socks, Neoprene jacket, special canyoning shoes, harness)
  • Transfer to the canyoning access base
  • Introductory advice by certified canyoning guides
  • Plenty of fun and action

Rates per person from: € 70,00

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Adventure Spezialists within the Ötztal

Canyoning Ötztal Area 47 Adventure

Canyoning tours


For Beginners: Rosengartenschlucht


The tour through Rosengarten gorge includes plenty of water slides (up to four metres), jumps and abseiling spots which are 3 to 5 metres in height and are therefore perfect for getting a taste of the sport of canyoning.

Duration: 2 hours


For Everyone: Alpenrosenklamm


The canyoning tour through Alpenrosen gorge is also suitable for less-experienced Canyoning fans, who have the confidence to jump from 3 to 5 metres and have no problem abseiling 18 metres. The tour proceeds through the easier part of Nederbach Brook. Sections that are secured using steel ropes, passages through the brook and abseiling spots right at the start lead the way. For the experienced this route is an easy option and provides a break from the demanding Auerklamm Gorge tour.

Duration: approx. 3 hours


The classic: Auerklamm gorge


Auerklamm Gorge, with its up to 16 mhigh jumps and many other extreme features, provides for a proper adrenaline rush. If you want to, you can spend about five hours in the wilderness. Different levels of difficulty also mean it is suitable for the not so brave; even they get to recount their thrills when they get back home: Yes, I was there! Auerklamm Gorge ranks amongst Europe’s most beautiful canyoning tours. For Chris Schnöller (CEO Area 47) too, this tour is one of his absolute favourites: “If you already have some initial experience – of tours that is – then I recommend Auerklamm Gorge. It has everything that makes Canyoning such an exciting sport: it is an action-packed sport that has been influenced by different sports. High spots for abseiling, narrow swimming passages along eroded rock faces, speedy slides and challenging jumps. The unique vegetation along the tour is also noteworthy. I have tackled canyons all over the world, Auerklamm Gorge is still among my favourites.“


Upper Auerklamm Gorge

This tour is the easier option of the two, yet it has its challenges. You shouldn’t suffer from claustrophobia, since this tour leads through a narrow gorge. It initially follows the difficult course of the river that has large boulders and driftwood, includes abseiling spots of a height of 10 to 15 metres and jumps into the river’s spray. The tour ends with an eroded rock labyrinth and the typical water slide of Auerklamm Gorge.

Duration: 5 hours


Lower Auerklamm Gorge

This tour is a special highlight amongst canyoning experts: eight-metre-long water slides and jumps from three to 16 metres that end in the crystal-clear basin on Nederbach Brook. Another highlight – abseiling into the rock dome that has been formed over millions of years.Still have questions?By the way: If 16 metres is maybe one to two metres too high for you, guides can of course help you abseil. Though it would be a pity though to miss out on this special buzz. Since the tour’s character requires canyoning experience, this jump is a real highlight and a good opportunity for pros to get to know their limits.

Duration: 3 hours

Canyoning adventures

Conquer deep gorges with a guide and follow the course of water

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Frequently asked questions about canyoning

Canyoning (also “canyoneering”) means conquering a ravine from top to bottom, by hiking in the river bed, abseiling, climbing, jumping, sliding, swimming and sometimes even diving. To do so, you absolutely need suitable sports equipment such as a wetsuit, helmet, seat belt & more as well as the courage to master a wide variety of challenges. Without in-depth knowledge of the local conditions and the weather characteristics, you shouldn't set off for canyoning on your own. Better join a guided tour, for example through the most splendid ravines of the Alps in Ötztal.

When hiking canyons, you are definitely dependent on robust, non-slip and stable boots. If you see your canyoning tour in Ötztal as a “once in a lifetime” experience, normal hiking, sports or gym shoes that can get wet are sufficient. In general, the rental equipment from the tour providers includes suitable shoes for your canyoning adventure. If you want to conquer gorges more often, it is of course recommendable to invest in your own special canyoning shoes.

Even if you can't get enough of the three-pack of action, adrenaline and adventure, you should never underestimate the risks of canyoning. Ignoring natural hazards and acting incorrectly as a result can lead to serious injury or even worse. That is why you will be accompanied only by real professionals when canyoning in Ötztal. The guides from the varied outdoor providers know the gorges just like their life jackets: they also check the functionality of the equipment, encourage cautious and slow down overzealous participants. You must follow their instructions at all times - for your own protection and for the safety of the entire group.

When is canyoning not the right thing for you? If you suffer from an allergy to neoprene and rubber, if you can swim very poorly, have recently had an operation, are sick, suffer from fear of heights or similar, get slightly dizzy or weigh more than approx. 130 kg: all these are reasons to do without this kind of action-packed experiences in the canyon. But you will definitely find many other enjoyable activities in Ötztal!

Canyoning in Ötztal challenges sportspeople in a variety of ways: hiking through the gorge requires abseiling, climbing, wading, jumping, sliding and swimming. Water and rock become your favorite element while team spirit provides you with incredible courage. The guides take great care not to take any risks despite all the action feeling. An example of what you can expect from advanced canyoning: at Auer Klamm near Oetz you will conquer up to 18 meter long slides, 40 meter high abseiling sections and a jump from over 10 meters.

If you take part in a guided canyoning tour in Ötztal, you don't have to worry about your clothes: the organizing outdoor company usually provides helmet, wetsuit, neoprene socks, jacket, canyoning shoes and harness. The certified guides will help you to put on your equipment correctly. Additionally, they carry some important items with them to ensure the safety of the entire group (for example: several HMS carabiners, devices for rope climbing, first aid kit, emergency rope, mobile phone, etc.).

Call it trend sports, adventure sports or water sports, canyoning is a challenge of its own. It combines sporty elements, adrenaline rushes and an immediate nature experience. When hiking together through the ravine, the focus is on team spirit and mutual trust while the guides always keep an eye on the local weather and water conditions and thus ensure the safety of the whole group. Canyoning started its triumph as true adventure sport at the end of the 1990s in Spain and southern France, shortly afterwards it also conquered the gorges of the northern Alps. In the canyoning destination Ötztal in Tirol/Austria you can expect decades of knowhow and enthusiasm for this great outdoor sport.