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Out and about with kith and kin

Leisure activities for young vacationers

Mom, I'm bored! What are we going to do today? - All mothers know these words very well even if a true holiday paradise is waiting right outside the front door! All the families and kids who spend their summer holidays in Ötztal are really lucky. Thanks to scenic excursion destinations such as the WIDIVERSUM, playgrounds and fun parks spread over the entire valley, both the level of parents' relaxation and the kids' spirits are high. And sometimes even the big ones want to be a child again for a day.

Child-friendly accommodations

WIDIs partner lodgings - A number of especially family-friendly hosts of the Oetz Region have joined forces as WIDIs partner lodgings. Both children and parents are warmly welcome here and can take full advantage of attractive benefits and reductions. A relaxing vacation is almost guaranteed!

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Mountain sheep WIDI and his adventures

A perfect mascot for the youngest vacationers in Ötztal is already waiting for them - WIDI, the funny mountain sheep, welcomes all children and accompanies them throughout the day. His realm is the WIDIVERSUM, a family adventure park beyond 2000 meters above sea level in Hochoetz. Little explorers are in search of the magic crystal. The daily summer program comprises even more fun and action in the outdoors. The only question is who are the happiest family members - the young adventurers or maybe their parents?

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Playgrounds in Ötztal

Sliding, climbing, swinging. Three activities that fill kids with enthusiasm. Even for many many hours. Just perfect that most of the excursion destinations in Ötztal feature lovingly designed children's playgrounds. Romping around, discovering, exploring and having fun is the order of the day. If you want to play together with all the family, you are recommended to enjoy - for example - a round of mini golf at the Mini Golf & Pit Pat Course in Längenfeld.

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WIDIs Kids Park Oetz – Learn about mining playfully

The mysterious world of miners and mineworkers - even the name bears many secrets. The ten outdoor play stations of the spacious park offer a perfect insight into this mystic world. All activity stations and games are made of materials in close touch with nature, mainly wood. Curious little explorers learn more about everyday mining work - from gold mining to iron and mining hammers. And also the parents will listen attentively: everything is free of charge, even the adjacent parking areas.

More details at www.oetz.com


Haiming Apple Mile

Apples on everyone's lips - even if the children are not fruit lovers, they will prick up their ears. How does the little seed become a tree? And what's inside this apple? Display boards along the Apple Mile provide all the answers, eight interactive play stations including a huge climbing apple and a giant recipe book, make you want to taste the delicious fruit.

More details at www.haiming.at 


Sautens MagicFOREST

Mountain sheep WIDI is romping around also in the Sautens MagicFOREST, introducing his lovely friends to the children on a leisurely walking tour: bee, butterfly and bat. At the end of the loop trail, which can also be mastered with a baby pram or stroller, a forest playground is waiting for the little explorers - and with a bit of luck, old friends are buzzing around and flapping their wings.

More details at www.sautens.com

Ochsenbrunnen Forest Playground

The name says it all – in the center of the forest playground in Oetz you'll find a large wooden ox which can be climbed by the youngest adventurers. Additionally, WIDI takes you to the magnificent water play area including a hydraulic ram. Also the parents will discover many highlights in the spacious area.

More details at www.oetz.com



Kids always love going on a treasure hunting tour! The modern version is called geocaching. By using GPS coordinates, you hunt for hidden items and objects. Actually, the perfect way to inspire even the little ones and take them on a lovely hike. Geocaching routes with hidden treasure boxes can be found in all Ötztal holiday villages. And those who find all treasure boxes will receive a small present. So get ready for the ultimate treasure hunting tour!

More details at www.oetztal.com

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