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Longed-for destinations for advanced hikers

The closer you get to the three thousand meter mark, the rougher nature, the more intense the physical exertion and the feeling of happiness. Surefooted mountaineers with enough Alpine experience are attracted by Ötztal's summits and peaks of granite, gneiss and glacier fields. These intermediate and difficult mountain tours are a true challenge for your physical stamina and require careful planning. As a reward for all efforts, the breathtaking Alpine huts serve luscious refreshments and snacks to make you fit for an easy descent.

3 alpine tour tips for your tour book

With more than 250 peaks higher than three thousand meters within Ötztal, there is definitely no lack of the right alpine tour destination. And yet we would like to highlight three tours that enchant us every time anew. Less experienced mountaineers who are not familiar with the alpine area should definitely use the services of local mountain and hiking guides. Complete alpine equipment and accurate planning go without saying in the high alpine mountains!

Wildspitze peak

Wildspitze mountaineering high alpine Ötztal

Majestic Wildspitze is at the top of the "I have to go up there" list for many alpinists who come to Ötztal and should not be missing from our tour tips. But why? It is mainly due to one number: 3768 meters. This makes scenic Wildspitze the highest mountain in North Tirol! From Ötztal, the longing summit is traditionally climbed from the mountaineering village of Vent (1895 m). The very demanding route leads via Stableinalm to Breslauer Hütte, which many mountaineers use as an overnight accommodation before continuing towards Mitterkarjoch and over Taschachferner glacier to the summit of Wildspitze. Our magazine article “24 hours at Wildspitze peak” describes the surprises the mountain can hold in store HERE.

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Panorama hike Gries - Niederthai

Panorama hike Gries Niederthai high alpine Ötztal

This moderately difficult hike with the best view of the Ötztal and Stubai Alps starts in the hiking village of Gries near Längenfeld at 1569 meters. For more than 20 kilometers, the route first leads past Winnebachseehütte and its turquoise mountain lake, which can be reached from the starting point of the hike in around 2 hours. If you have enough courage and are cold-resistant, you can hop into the refreshing waters to cool off. Many hikers spend the night at the hut before climbing steeply up to Zwieselbachjoch the next day, followed by a descent to Schweinfurter Hütte, the second overnight accommodation option along the route. The hiking route finally leads via Larstigalm to the hiking village of Niederthai, the destination of this panoramic hike.

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From Vent up to Ramolhaus

Ramolhaus mountaineering high alpine Ötztal

The high alpine tour from the mountaineering village of Vent to Ramolhaus at over 3000 meters requires a good head for heights and sure-footedness. At the beginning, the hike leads on a moderately steep path through the rustic stone pine forest before you reach Ramolalm (not serviced). From here the trek runs steeply up to Ramoljoch at 3200 meters. Then the path continues downhill over rocky terrain to Ramolferner glacier and finally on to Ramolhaus. Like an eagle's eyrie, the hut towers over a rocky outcrop and offers picture-book views of upper Ötztal's imposing glacier world. By the way: Ramolhaus can also be reached from Gurgl, as our magazine article "The highlight is waiting at the valley's rear end" describes HERE.

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Frequently asked questions about alpine tours

In Europe alpine tours are mountain tours that lead to glaciated mountains over 3000 meters. Accordingly, glacier fields usually have to be crossed on these tours. High alpine tours should not be confused with high-altitude mountaineering. The latter describes mountaineering over 7000 meters. Ötztal, Tirol's longest side valley, is known for its many high alpine tours. Such as Wildspitze at 3768 meters - North Tirol's highest mountain. In addition to Wildspitze, the valley is home to a further 249 three thousand meter high peaks and 67 glaciers. HERE you can find out more about alpine tours in Ötztal.

Of course, high alpine tours always have a certain risk potential, after all you are hiking in the high alpine region. With the right planning and equipment, but above all with the necessary experience in alpine terrain, the risks can be minimized. Crossing glacier fields and the related risk of falling into crevasses requires particular caution. Therefore, the most important mountain rule for alpine tours is the following: never hike alone! Ötztal in Tirol is not only known for its iconic alpine tours, such as to Wildspitze - North Tirol's highest mountain. The local mountain and hiking guides, who know the mountains of the valley like the back of their hand, also enjoy an excellent reputation in the Alps. All those who are not an experienced alpinists or familiar with the area must definitely rely on the knowhow of these experienced climbers. HERE you can find out more about alpine tours in Ötztal.

Ideally, you should choose the rope length to match the high alpine tour you are planning. If this is not possible because you do not have a repertoire of different types of rope in your closet, then the standard rope length for high alpine tours is 50 meters. To reduce weight, we recommend a thin, 9 mm single rope with impregnation. The ideal rope length also depends on the size of the rope team. Specialist mountain literature sometimes recommends shorter ropes for alpine tours with a length of only 30 meters. Either way: Ötztal in Tirol not only offers a variety of high alpine tours (including North Tirol's highest mountain), but also state certified mountain guides and expert sport shops that will give you competent advice on buying the right rope. HERE you can find out more about high alpine tours in Ötztal.