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Ötzi Village and Birds of Prey Park

Cross Birds Park Umhausen Ötztal
Rollstuhltauglichkeit Am Tauferberg 8,  6441 Umhausen

How did Ötzi, the world-famous glacier mummy, house and live? The Ötzi Village is dedicated to the sensational discovery of the mummified corpse of "Ötzi" in the Ötztal Alps, focusing on life in the Neolithic age. In addition to a film and an indoor exhibition, it shows typical dwellings from that time in the outdoor area.

On the approx. 5000 m² barrier-free area of the Birds of Prey Park some 15 different species of birds of prey can be watched up close in magnificent bird shows. From early May to late October there are 2 daily flight shows.

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Located on the eastern forest edge of Umhausen, accessible via the village's main road which leads to a large parking area. Normally, from here you walk about 400 meters as the cart road leading to the Ötzi Village is not open to public traffic. However, on request disabled people are allowed to drive up to Ötzi Village or Birds of Prey Park. There are some parking lots on site, marked disabled parking areas are currently not available.

On request, disabled guests can even reach the Birds of Prey Park by bus via Wiesenweg.

Exhibition rooms / outdoor area:

The cash desk area with two counter window is 95.5 cm high. You access it either through a turnstile or a separate double door right next to it.

The outdoor area of the Ötzi Village is moderately steep, the paths are graveled with special gravel (doesn't soften when raining) and passable with the help of an electric wheelchair or Swiss Trac. Along the paths you will find, for example, several rebuilt Paleolithic huts. For more detailed information, facts and figures you can rent an audio guide or take part in a tour with personal guide.

Right at the entrance to the Birds of Prey Park there is a shop with an electric glass sliding door. The cash desk is about 85 cm high. There are also vending machines for coffee, refreshing soft drinks and snacks. After a few meters on the same side you reach the public toilets which are accessible via a 100 cm wide door. The walking paths within the Birds of Prey Park are only passable for wheelchairs pushed by an accompanying person or electric wheelchairs or Swiss Tracs.


The exterior entrance to the WC can be found by turning right twice, just around the building. Signposts show you the right way. The exterior door giving access to the toilets is 90 cm wide. The difference in height of about 12 cm between floor and threshold is currently made accessible by a temporary ramp.


Behind the door there is a 135 cm wide corridor from which you reach the disabled toilet on the left side. The disabled toilet has an outward opening, 90 cm wide door which is easier to open for wheelchair users who enter the toilet via the dining room of the buffet café. But also if you enter the toilet from the outside, opening is possible with a little maneuvering.


The toilet room itself is a bit narrow. The toilet seat can be found 44 cm above the floor and there are support handles on one side. A second lateral flushing button is available but there is no emergency button or emergency cord. The wall also features a foldable changing table.


The entrance threshold of the toilet in the Birds of Prey Park is quite high (5 cm). The WC has an 80 cm wide, outward opening door and offers also a folding support handle but no angular handle. The toilet has a seat height of 46 cm, the washbasin in the entrance room a 79 cm high bottom edge. Alarm devices for emergencies are not available.

Additional offers in the house:

Ötzi Village and Birds of Prey Park have already a lot of experience when it comes to the needs and special requirements of disabled guests and are anxious to support handicapped persons in every possible way also in the future.


The buffet café in the Ötzi Village is accessible via a 84 cm wide door and a 4.5 cm high threshold!

The different information categories at a glance:

Rollstuhltauglichkeit Examined by our experts in the course of this special project.
All important facts and figures are available in detail!
Rollstuhltauglichkeit Tested for wheelchair users by other institutions (www.tirol.at).
All information details have been adopted.
Rollstuhltauglichkeit Practical tips: no expert assessment is available but years of practical experience.
A visit for wheelchair users is basically possible and provides much enjoyment for all.
Criteria for passing on the information details were omitted here.