Feeling at home on vacation

To ensure that people with physical disabilities enjoy the most comfortable holiday, there are certain requirements and needs to be fulfilled. In Ötztal some accommodations and tourist services have specialized in wheelchair users and offer all the necessary equipment - ranging from parking spaces to spacious bathrooms in the hotel room or holiday apartment. A smooth daily routine is of utmost importance. At the same time a truly relaxing holiday is waiting for all the family.

Accommodations suitable for wheelchair users

Here you will find a list of all accommodations adapted to wheelchair users. They all meet the minimum requirements listed below when it comes to accessibility, sanitary facilities and recreational areas. If you need more detailed information don't hesitate to contact the hotels or our service team: 

The premises were checked accurately by experts

A ground-level parking lot at least 3.5 m wide, accessible without steps, is available

House and rooms are accessible without steps (also via permanent/mobile ramps)

All doors to/in the room are at least 80 cm wide

All hallways to/in the room are at least 120 cm wide

Wheelchair accessible bathroom and toilet are available

Naturhotel Waldklause


Rollstuhltauglichkeit      Unterlängenfeld 190
6444 Längenfeld


More details



Rollstuhltauglichkeit      Oberlängenfeld 140
6444 Längenfeld


More details

Hotel Tauferberg


Rollstuhltauglichkeit      Niederthai 12a
6441 Umhausen

More details

Hotel 3 Mohren – Ferienhaus Mohrenhäusl


Rollstuhltauglichkeit      Hauptstraße 54
6433 Oetz


More details

Hotel Rita


Rollstuhltauglichkeit      Oberlängenfeld 44
6444 Längenfeld

More details

Ferienwohnung Vier Jahreszeiten


Rollstuhltauglichkeit      Au 61 a
6444 Längenfeld

More details

Camping Sölden


Rollstuhltauglichkeit      Wohlfahrtstraße 22
6450 Sölden

More details

Posthotel Kassl


Rollstuhltauglichkeit      Hauptstraße 70
6433 Oetz

More details

Après Ski Philipp


Rollstuhltauglichkeit      Unterwaldstraße 8
6450 Sölden

More details

Haus Neuwirt


Rollstuhltauglichkeit      Dorfstraße 86 a+b
6432 Sautens

More details


The following accommodations are only partially adapted for wheelchair users. The single restrictions are described in detail. Only if these are not a problem in each individual case and for your personal needs, the accommodation is recommended to wheelchair users!

Hotel-Gasthof Schöpf


Rollstuhltauglichkeit      Gries 32
6444 Längenfeld

More details

Panorama Appartements


Rollstuhltauglichkeit      Oberlängenfeld 34a
6444 Längenfeld

More details

The different information categories at a glance:

Rollstuhltauglichkeit Examined by our experts in the course of this special project.
All important facts and figures are available in detail!
Rollstuhltauglichkeit Tested for wheelchair users by other institutions (www.tirol.at).
All information details have been adopted.
Rollstuhltauglichkeit Practical tips: no expert assessment is available but years of practical experience.
A visit for wheelchair users is basically possible and provides much enjoyment for all.
Criteria for passing on the information details were omitted here.


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