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Outdoor Experts

White water adventures

Speedy rapids and bubbling rollers - there's hardly time left for a glimpse of the idyllic landscape that passes by the river's left and right. For sure the adventure-seeking have an advantage while the immense power of the waves tosses the boat around and the water spray in your face has a quite refreshing effect. The Ötztal is considered Europe's number one center for whitewater athletes. The "Imster Schlucht" ravine ranks among the most frequented river sections on the continent and is just perfect also for beginners. On the Ötztaler Ache mountain brook experienced rafting fans will find crisp white water sections that are technically challenging.

Feel the power of the water - but in a safe way!

The wild ride into the wet element starts side by side with experienced guides. There are different programs for beginners and professionals as well as quieter tours for children from six or seven years. The only thing you should bring with you is your swimwear and the ability to swim. The equipment including wetsuit and boots, whitewater helmet and life jacket are provided by Ötztal's outdoor companies. Severe quality standards of all regional outdoor professionals and the safety of all participants are a top priority. All tours are accompanied by certified guides without exception - including safety instruction and detailed introduction. In dangerous or risky weather conditions the tour will not take place or an alternative tour is offered. At the end of each tour, taxis take you back to the starting point in a comfortable way.

Tip: More details and further information provided by Ötztal's Adventure Specialists. Why don't you plan your personal rafting experience today!

More details at our
Adventure Spezialists within the Ötztal

Rafting Ötztal Adventure

Rafting adventures

Truly thrilling whitewater experiences in the Adventure Shop

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Info about rafting in Ötztal

The classic: Imster Gorge

Rafting Ötztal Adventure

(Inn River: from Imst to Haiming)

The Imst Gorge is a pilgrimage place for rafters and ranks amongst the most-frequented routes of Europe. The 14 kilometre long stretch from Imst to Haiming leads through unspoilt Tirolean landscape and is also perfect for an unforgettable outing. If you are looking for action, use your neoprene suit and jump into the cold river!

Duration: adventurous 2.5 hours

The highlight:

Rafting Ötztal Adventure

(Ötztaler Creek River: Oetz to Haiming)

Are you looking for the ultimate rafting kick? The Ötztaler Creek River is the river to pick. The seething water has numerous technical difficulties to surmount and demands everything of rafters, while providing the ultimate adrenaline rush! The white water, the rapids and the eddy water of the wild Boa Constructa require the utmost concentration, power and courage.

Duration: demanding 1,5 hours

  • Rafting only on officially approved rafting routes
  • Special safety equipment: neoprene suit, life jacket, white-water helmet, sports shoes
  • Official inspection and licensing of the boars and regular check-ups
  • Certified rafting and canyoning guides
  • Before every rafting tour: safety instructions
  • Guests must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Guests must know how to swim and be in a good physical and mental state
  • Rafting base must feature a sufficient number of WCs, changing units, showers, car parks
  • Ample and free parking
  • Well-groomed station with sufficient seating and possibiliy to warm-up
  • Impeccable sanitary facilities (WC and shower rooms)
  • Spacious changing units
  • Cabinets and lockers for clothes and valuables
  • Catering facilities for food and drinks
  • Opening times, 6.5 days per week
  • Enough space for larger groups (50 - 100 guests)
  • Washing facility - (washing machine) for desinfection of the neoprene material
  • Neoprene suit and jacket (3.5 - 4 mm)
  • Shoes
  • Certified helmet (CE Norm)
  • Certified life jacket (CE Norm)
  • Certified rafting guides without exception
  • Authorised canyoning guides
  • Mountain guides for via ferratas
  • Regular training in the different fields
  • Personnel who is familiar with the place
  • Mulitlingual (German, English +)
  • New certified canyoning or rafting guides are assigned to experienced "senior supervisors" in the first years
  • Guiding on WW routes IV - V only after the 3rd year and only with approval of the company

Rafting and licensing conditions of the Tirolean government 2006 for all river sections.

Additional safety standards for rafting and canyoning:

Rafting: a raft (boat) is always accompanied by a safety kayak - no matter which section it is on

Ötztaler Ache River: legally there are always 2 guides on one boat (1 boat, 2 guides + safety kayak rider) guide/guest ratio for one raft is 3:6

Guidlines for rafting routes for children/youths or familiies respectively: Tirolean Rafting Association guidelines

Canyoning: guidelines for group size according to the Tirolean Mountain Sports Association (Tirolean Canyoning Association)

Wildwater Rafting Ötztal Tyrol Austria

Power rafting: small boat, great fun

What about one size smaller? Don't get me wrong: in this context, smaller doesn't mean easier but on the contrary. The so-called power rafts are smaller and more agile compared to normal rafting boats. What they lack in volume, they make up for in fun and action. Because you feel the waves and riffles of the rapids even more intensely while the boat speeds downstream. Teamwork and powerful paddle strokes are absolutely required to stay on the ideal line. Experienced whitewater guides accompany you on the wild ride through the ravine of Imster Schlucht.

Everyone looking for the next more difficult rafting challenge has found the right place in a power raft. Find out more about possibilities and tours offered by our outdoor adventure specialists.

Frequently asked questions about river rafting:

River rafting is a water sport in which you ride down a river while sitting in a rubber dinghy. The robust rafting boats are usually between 3.5 and 6 meters long and can accommodate up to 10 people. In addition to wetsuit, helmet and life jacket, every rafter on the boat is equipped with a paddle to keep the raft in line and navigate through the rapids. Teamwork is required here.

Tirol's Ötztal makes a popular attraction for both beginners and experienced paddlers: scenic Imster Gorge ravine is part of the most frequented river sections in all of Europe, being also a perfect variant for beginners. On the Ötztaler Ache, on the other hand, experienced rafting fans will find crisp white water technical challenges. Without any exception, all tours available within Ötztal are carried out by certified guides - including a safety introduction and detailed information before the adventure starts. HERE you can find out everything about rafting in the Ötztal.

When rafting, up to 10 people sit in a rubber dinghy and go down the river. In addition to a helmet, wetsuit and life jacket, everyone in the boat is equipped with a paddle in order to navigate the rafting boat through the rapids. Team spirit and coordination are absolutely required to master the wild ride over bubbling waves and rapids.

Would you like to try rafting yourself? Ötztal is considered THE unrivaled center for white water sports enthusiasts in Europe and offers both beginners and experienced rafting fans great whitewater adventures. HERE you can find out everything about river rafting in Ötztal.

Rafting is an extreme sport and has therefore a certain risk potential if the safety rules and standards are not adhered to. If accidents happen, they are usually during private hobby rafting tours as the participants often lack enough training and experience.

There can be no talk of missing know-how among the professional rafting providers in Ötztal. Thanks to severe quality standards of the regional outdoor professionals, the safety of the participants is a top priority. Without any exception, all tours are carried out by certified guides - including a safety introduction and detailed information before the adventure starts. If the weather conditions are a threat to safety, the tour will not take place or alternative tours will be offered. HERE you can find out everything about rafting in the Ötztal.

For a river rafting tour you first need a rafting boat. The participants in the boat need the following equipment:

  • Rafting helmet
  • Life jacket
  • Wetsuit
  • Special neoprene whitewater shoes

In addition to paddles, the rafting group must also have special safety equipment, especially for rescue and belaying reasons. It includes ropes, hose strap, throw bag, carabiners, first aid kit and emergency signaling instruments.

You don't have such devices lying around? No problem, because all the necessary equipment is already included in the professionally guided rafting tours of Ötztal's outdoor professionals. By the way: all tours in Ötztal are carried out by certified guides without any exception - - including a safety introduction and detailed information before the adventure starts.

Which skills should you have to part in a rafting tour? Well, good swimming skills and a healthy physical condition are prerequisites. In addition, a minimum age is required and maximum weight should not be exceeded. HERE you can find out everything about rafting in Ötztal.

The US Army is considered to be the inventor of river rafting boats. They first developed and used the so-called rafts as inflatable lifeboats. At the beginning of the 1950s, rafting as we know it today, slowly emerged in the USA. During the 1960s and 1970s, the rafting hype spilled across the ocean and also reached Tirol.

Here in Ötztal we did not invent rafting, but the valley is still considered Europe's hotspot for white water sports enthusiasts. Popular Imster Gorge ravine is part of the most frequented river sections on the entire continent and makes an ideal variant for beginners. Experienced rafting fans will find really tough and technical whitewater challenges on Ötztaler Ache. HERE you can find out everything about rafting in Ötztal.