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High ropes courses & parks

Swinging, hand over hand, climbing

Balancing from one shaky tree trunk to the next, encircled by the treetops. Or gliding over the river on a cable winch to the other shore. What are we talking about? Doubtlessly about the high ropes courses and outdoor parks in Ötztal. Varied degrees of difficulty represent a true challenge even for experts and experienced sportspeople. But it also makes a unique highlight for beginners and children as they conquer the easier ropes and obstacles with a guide and the appropriate safety equipment. However, you should have a good head for heights to enjoy the awesome vistas to the full.

CLOSED: Ötztaler Outdoor Course

Ötztal Outdoor Course

The large outdoor adventure course nestles between Sautens and Oetz, close to the Ötztaler Ache mountain brook. Fun and action are guaranteed as the park offers more than just a classic high ropes course. In addition to varied climbing elements, which are skillfully integrated into the forest landscape, several zip lines (Flying Fox) lead straight over the Ötztaler Ache river to the forest ropes course. On a length of up to 200 meters and a difference in height of 30 meters you reach the other shore quickly. Not only the speed but also the rushing waters below promise memorable adrenalin rushes. Those who prefer to cross the Ache brooklet more calmly and well-balanced are recommended to try the more than 50 meter long slackline directly above the roaring river - an equally exciting challenge. In addition to the countless climbing and balancing stations of the high ropes course, sporty visitors cross the cool water and find 60 more exercises in the forest ropes course.

Flying Fox and Ropes Course

Flying Fox

High above Längenfeld's valley basin there is another high ropes course waiting for mountaineers and climbing fans. The single stretches comprising via ferrata passages, fun elements and abseiling stages fit seamlessly into the mountain landscape, creating a wonderful blend of adventure and nature exploration. Hand over hand through nets, along ropes and past wooden elements in the craggy rocks. The view of the village and valley floor far below is really unique. Especially the Flying Fox zip lines of the high ropes course are not suitable for the faint of heart - or sensitive stomachs.

On three zip lines with a length of up to 80 meters, daring sportspeople can climb from one cliff to the next with their feet dangling in the air, nothing but stone, boulders and spruce forests below them. An ultimate experience for adventurers who want to add an extra dose of excitement to their summer holiday in Ötztal.

More details

Frequently asked questions about high ropes courses

A high ropes course is a route made up of artificial obstacles that are connected by varied elements. This unique climbing world, built with wooden beams, steel cables, ropes and the like, sometimes can be found at a considerable height above the ground - therefore all participants must be belayed.

If the course fits into an already existing forest and practically leads from tree to tree, one speaks of a "forest ropes park", "forest ropes garden" or "climbing forest". For example, the Ötztal Outdoor Course is a combination of a high ropes course and a forest ropes course.

The one and only rule is: make sure you wear sturdy shoes. Comfortable sports shoes are sufficient if you want to tackle high ropes courses like the one at AREA 47 in Ötztal. However, outdoor or hiking shoes with non-slip soles are better suited. Especially when you conquer a forest course in the middle of nature such as the Ötztal Outdoor Course or the Längenfeld Ropes Course. Make sure the laces are tied tightly and not hanging down. Sandals, flip-flops and similar footwear that do not deserve this name are taboo.

In many high ropes courses weight restrictions apply for safety reasons. Usually, people up to around 120 kilograms are allowed and the minimum height is around 1.20 meters. It goes without saying that people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not allowed to access the climbing course. When choosing the high ropes course, look for trustworthy, experienced providers who obviously care about your safety. In Ötztal you will find several high ropes courses that combine breathtaking natural scenery, sporty action and strict safety measures.

Accidents in high ropes courses do occur, but in the majority of cases they can be avoided. Quite often, carelessness on the part of the climber leads to the fact that he is incorrectly or not at all hooked into the safety ropes. There are also accidents caused by defective material.

The most important preventive measure is a detailed safety briefing before you start the climbing tour. The trained and certified guides explain how the belts and safety systems work according to strict standards - ideally in a practice course so that the participants can actively try the handling of equipment. Additionally, the guides also explain the code of conduct and the entire route of the course from climbing the platforms to the last step at the very end.

In Ötztal’s high rope courses you can be sure that they meet the highest safety requirements. The safety & belaying systems are ingenious, every detail is checked regularly, the rental equipment for all participants is constantly exchanged - you won't find frayed belts and battered helmets here. In addition, the certified guides will provide you with all the assistance you need along the way and will also accompany you through all the ups and downs - mentally and in real life.

Actually, nothing but sporty, comfortable clothing and a little courage! Special previous experience is not required. It is sufficient that you are healthy and have an average fitness level because many courses represent a mental challenge even more than a sporting hurdle. Restrictions can result, for example, from the size of climbing harnesses which reach their limits when it comes to a certain body size. In order to guarantee the safety of all participants, the high ropes courses in Ötztal require a minimum age and a maximum weight.

In the high ropes course at AREA 47, for example, children from the age of 12 and 1.20 meters of height can take part in tours while the maximum weight is 120 kilograms. In the Ötztal Outdoor Course the minimum age is 10 years and a height of 140 cm is required. The Längenfeld Flying Fox & Ropes Course can also be tackled with older kids and teenagers.

Sporty, comfortable, elastic clothing and sturdy shoes with non-slip soles are the best prerequisites for a successful high ropes course tour. Don't forget your sweater in cooler temperatures and always take sun protection with you on hot days. You'd better tie long hair in a braid. You should also remove jewelry, watches and piercings before climbing so that you cannot get stuck. Objects that could endanger yourself or other climbers are not allowed either, for example bottles, keys, cell phones or cameras.

Special tip: When choosing your outfit, keep in mind that clothes should be robust and are likely to get dirty. Better leave your favorite chic shirt at home and enjoy the adventure by ignoring (fashionable) accessories.