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At a run towards freedom

"Trail running starts where the asphalt ends". This is a definition that aptly describes what distinguishes this type of running from monotonous street running. What’s best, in Ötztal there is not much asphalt as Tirol's longest side valley is brimming with footpaths & trails that lead into the fabulous mountain world. Trail running is not hiking. But it doesn't mean rushing or missing out on nature exploration. On the contrary: you perceive everything very consciously and intensely.

Captivating trail running

What exactly is the fascination of trail running?
In the video, two absolute trail running experts and Ötztal locals describe what makes this sport so special for them. They take you on a stunning journey through the entire Ötztal, across smooth forest floors & lush Alpine meadows, awesome suspension bridges, past rushing mountain brooks up to the high Alpine landscapes of upper Ötztal.
An absolute must see!

Trail running routes

Trail literally means something like track or path. And there are so many of them spread all over Ötztal: 1600 kilometers of hiking trails, routes, climbs and treks can be tackled in trail running style. All routes that do not have a solid surface. And yet there are specially designated trail running routes in central Ötztal that cater to beginners, advanced and endurance professionals.

Stuiben Trail Run & Glacier Trail Run

Two dates and events that all ambitious trail runners (and those who want to become one) should mark in deep red on their calendar: at the Stuiben Trail Run (28 – 2 May 2021), the 159 meters of Tirol’s biggest waterfall form the heart of the four different disciplines - regardless of the selected distance, exactly 728 elaborately constructed natural and steel steps have to be climbed.

Trailrunning, Stuibenfall
Trailrunning, Gurgl, Glacier

The Glacier Trail Run in Gurgl (9 - 10 July 2021) leads even higher up in altitude: it runs over technically demanding trails up to 2000 and 3000 meters. At the “Glacier Ultra Trail” distance as much as 62.5 kilometers (and 3900 altitude meters) have to be mastered., with the breathtaking glacier world of upper Ötztal always in view.

Info: Both events can only be carried out if the officially decreed Covid-19 regulations of the Austrian government will allow it - you can find detailed information on the two event websites.

Reading material for runners