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Bus & Bike Lift

Mountain lift


Throughout Ötztal we have created suitable infrastructures that make it as easy (and comfortable) as possible for all mountain bikers and cyclists. Throughout the valley, our public bus lines transport bicycles for free at 15 bus stops. Also the summer mountain lifts - between Oetz, the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN and Obergurgl-Hochgurgl - take you and your bicycle up to the trails and lines quickly and in the most comfy way.


Relaxed ascent, flowing descent

Floating to the top, getting off, ready for the superb trails: Between Oetz and the rear end of the valley in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl our state-of-the-art mountain lifts take you (and your bicycle) to the mountain tops in the most uncomplicated and comfortable way. In the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN the innovative transport system on Langegg chairlift, unique in all Austria, takes you directly to the Ollweite Line. All details about transport by mountain lifts can be found here.

Bike Transport in Ötztal:

  • Drei-Seen-Bahn, Kühtai 1.960 m - 2.410 m
  • Acherkogelbahn, Oetz 820 m - 2.020 m
  • Ochsengartenbahn, Ochsengarten 1.583 m - 2.020 m
  • Giggijochbahn, Sölden 1.362 m - 2.283 m
  • Langeggbahn, Sölden 1.912 m - 2.663 m
  • Gaislachkoglbahn, Sölden 1.363 m - 3.040 m
  • Hochgurglbahn + Top Wurmkogl, Hochgurgl 1.793 m - 3.064 m
  • Hohe Mut Bahn (Sektion I), Obergurgl 1.930 m - 2.065 m



The bike tickets for uphill rides are here available:


  • Acherkogelbahn, Oetz
  • Ochsengartenbahn, Ochsengarten

Ticket rates


  • Giggijochbahn, Sölden
  • Gaislachkoglbahn, Sölden

Ticket rates


  • Hochgurglbahn + Top Wurmkogl, Hochgurgl II
  • Hohe Mut Bahn (Sektion I), Obergurgl

Ticket rates


Langeggbahn Sölden Mountainbiking Bike Republic
Langeggbahn Sölden Mountainbiking Bike Republic
Langeggbahn Sölden Mountainbiking Bike Republic



Boundless biking fun for holders of an Ötztal Inside Summer Card. Bicycle transport is not included any more in the Ötztal Inside Summer Card. Bikers and their MTB, who want to use the mountain lifts with the Ötztal Inside Summer Card, need a separate Bike Republic Upgrade Ticket available at a surcharge for holders of the Ötztal Inside Summer Card:

  Adults Children
1/2 day from 11.30 am 30,00 17,00
1 Tag1 - day ticket 36,00 20,00
2 Tage2 - days ticket 66,00 37,00
3 - days ticket 98,00 54,00
4 - days ticket 126,00 69,00
5 - days ticket 147,00 81,00

Only for Uphill rides!

The Bike Republic Unlimited Tickets are available at the cash desk of Gaislachkogl and Giggijoch mountain gondola (not available at Langegg chairlift and Hochsölden-Rotkogl gondola). For the ticket you pay a single deposit of Euro 3,00, the deposit will be refunded if the key card is returned.


Children: 2007 - 2015


Ötztal Inside Summer Card



As the very first holiday region in Tirol, Ötztal offers free bicycle transport (for holders of a valid bus ticket) in all public bus lines. On the Imst/Haiming-Obergurgl (and return) line the public buses are equipped with special bicycle trailers. The 15 bus stops, where safe loading and unloading is possible, are marked with a special bicycle symbol. Advance reservation is recommended for larger groups.


Bike shuttle information in real time

Thanks to our Bike Shuttle Live Status you and your bicycle are not in front of locked doors for sure. Or more precisely: in front of a bus with full bicycle trailer! With the help of real time information, you can check live how many free spaces the buses bicycle trailers currently offer. How it works? Simply select the direction, define departure point and departure time and you will receive all details about the current bicycle transport capacities!

Go to Bike Shuttle Live Status

All bikers aboard!

Please note the special bicycle bus stops marked with a bicycle symbol on the "Ötztal Line" (Haiming/Imst - Obergurgl). At these selected bus stops safe loading and unloading of bicycles is guaranteed. Also e-bikes are transported on the marked buses equipped with special bicycle trailers. Important: Due to the heavy weight of e-bikes, the passengers themselves are responsible for loading and unloading their bicycles and not the bus driver. Therefore, no liability is accepted for any damage of bicycles on the part of the transport company.


Free Bicycle transport service

Please watch out for the „Ötztal Line“ (Haiming / Imst – Obergurgl) bicycle bus stops marked with the bicycle symbol. At these selected stops you can load and unload your bicycle and e-bike safely. Bicycle transport is free of charge for holders of a valid bus ticket!


Advance Reservation of Bicycle Transport and Large Groups

For the transport of 5 bicycles at the same time on a marked bicycle bus or for large groups of 15+ persons an advance reservation is absolutely required by contacting the respective bus line company

ÖBB Postbus GmbH T +43 (0) 512 3903 90 or
Ötztaler Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH T +43 (0) 5254 3550

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