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Hotel Tauferberg

Hotel Tauferberg Umhausen Ötztal
Rollstuhltauglichkeit Niederthai 12a, 6441 Umhausen
info@tauferberg.com | www.tauferberg.com

3-star Hotel Tauferberg nestles on the lower village edge of Niederthai, a level high Alpine plateau at 1550 m altitude. It belongs to the municipality of Umhausen. All rooms in the hotel are accessible by elevator. Amenities include a reception, a lounge, a large restaurant area with terrace, a ski storage room, a play room and a wellness parlor.

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X Well marked disabled parking lot

X Barrier-free underground parking

Wheelchair accessible balcony/terrace

Special equipment/aids available

X Special transport or leisure time offer

Wheelchair accessible wellness area

Main lounge area accessible for wheelchairs

X Conference rooms and lounge area


Arrival/parking/access:   The hotel has a large car park, but there are no separately marked disabled parking lots. The main entrance can be reached without thresholds via two glass sliding doors, each 120 cm wide.

Other, generally accessible hotel areas:

  Reception, lounge, restaurant area (only a few tables are adapted for wheelchairs), terrace, ski storage room, play room (accessible via mobile ramp), wellness parlor (relaxation area accessible via mobile ramp).

Room/living area/WC and bathroom:  

The hotel offers a total of two wheelchair accessible rooms that can be easily reached by elevator. You enter the room through a 90 cm wide door with a 1.5 cm high threshold. Also the bathroom has a 90 cm wide door that opens to the outside. The toilet is accessible only from one side (no handholds available). The shower has a fixed glass partition wall and a 2 cm high threshold. Anti-slip shower seats with rubber knobs are available on request. The bed has a 50 cm high mattress edge, it is 15 cm high and 10 cm deep for wheelchair use. The balcony is only accessible via a 9 cm high threshold (suitable rubber wedges are available on the spot).

Special equipment and aids:  

Rubber wedges to access thresholds, anti-slip shower seats with rubber knobs, mobile ramp.


Additional offers in the hotel/surroundings:

  Cross-country skiing tracks and T-bar lift located nearby.

The different information categories at a glance:

Rollstuhltauglichkeit Examined by our experts in the course of this special project.
All important facts and figures are available in detail!
Rollstuhltauglichkeit Tested for wheelchair users by other institutions (www.tirol.at).
All information details have been adopted.
Rollstuhltauglichkeit Practical tips: no expert assessment is available but years of practical experience.
A visit for wheelchair users is basically possible and provides much enjoyment for all.
Criteria for passing on the information details were omitted here.