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Farmers and producers who not only cultivate their local specialties sustainably, but also market them regionally can be found all over Ötztal - on our farmers markets, in shops and directly on the farms. Some of these direct marketers are located very close to the Ötztal Cycle Trail or right on bike trails and hiking routes. We present four of them to you in more detail.

Reaß’nhof, Oetz

Oetz in Summer

Action man: Andi Sonnweber

What can be purchased: Farmer's bread, smoked snack sausages, bacon and schnaps, yoghurt and milk - pretty much everything the farm (and the surrounding area) has to offer.

Location & tour options: Reaß’nhof is located near the main road leading through Oetz, at the junction to lake Piburger See. An excursion to one of the Alps' most beautiful mountain lakes is therefore an absolute must. If you walk or hike there, you should definitely choose the route traveling over the spectacular Weller Bridge.

In addition: The Sonnweber family not only operates the farm and a farm shop, they are also one of the largest photovoltaic companies within Ötztal - their motto is: as independent and self-sufficient as possible! In 2015, a charging station was installed at Reaß’nhof where guests can also recharge their bicycle batteries.

Ötztalerei, Umhausen

Action man: Martin Scheiber

What can be purchased: Coffee and cakes, burgers and salads and - above all - homemade fruit and creamy ice cream (ranging from elderberries to rosemary and blueberry varieties) - made exclusively from local ingredients.

Location & tour options: The small Ötztalerei is idyllically situated on a mountain brooklet in Umhausen. The place is considered a "base camp" for passionate rock climbers and you can start a variety of tours here. The spectacular Stuiben Falls are not far while the ascent to Schweinfurter Hütte is much more strenuous: you have to conquer almost 1200 altitude meters.

In addition: The skilled confectioner Martin is the valley's undisputed trail runner par excellence, but is now also pedaling a lot on his bike - a mobile ice cream parlor: a custom-made bicycle that he likes to park at popular spots to sell delicious homemade ice cream.

Umhausen in summer

Gerold Brüggler, Huben / Längenfeld

Längenfeld in summer

Action man: Gerold Brüggler

What can be purchased: Yogurt and milk

Location & tour options: The small kiosk with vending machine can be found in front of the pretty courtyard in Huben, near the elementary school. You simply insert coins and take out fresh milk or yoghurt. Furthermore, the Brüggler products are available in countless Ötztal accommodations. The family supplies small guesthouses as well as 5-star hotels. One of the countless popular tours from Huben leads to lovely Breitlehnalm. 800 altitude meters take you through beautiful Polltal side valley.

In addition: The family business started self-marketing already decades ago when milk prices plummeted. Today, they sell their genetically unmodified milk and yoghurt products only regionally within the valley.

Hofmetzgerei Wilhelm, Sölden

Action man: Matthias Wilhelm

What can be purchased: Smoked snack sausages, bacon, homemade sausage from the farm and freshly marinated meat for grilling on request.

Location & tour options: Below the fire brigade department in Sölden you will find the Wilhelm farm and also a small farm shop. Therefore you can combine shopping with all tours in the surroundings of Sölden. Mountain bikers are not far from the trails and the pump track of the unrivaled REPUBLIC. Hikers can stop by here on their walking tours to scenic Gaislachtal or Windachtal side valleys.

In addition: At the age of 12, Thisi Wilhelm - now he is 26 years old - already knew that he wanted to become a farmer and butcher. Most of the processed beef comes from own production: shorter transport routes can hardly be imagined.

Sölden in summer