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The most scenic Places of Strength in Ötztal

Recharge energy & strength. In a natural way.

It was definitely long enough. The freedom of movement was fairly limited, the soul almost starved. The desire for exercise in fresh air is growing ever stronger - as clear as crystal. For mountains that grow high into the sky, for valleys that are wide and for lakes that shimmer emerald green like the forests that are mirrored in the water. As carefree as a child we want to look forward to Alpine pastures full of flowers and marvel at gentian and edelweiss that only grow where there are no limits to dreams.

Now it is time to recharge your batteries without much effort. Where nature has the largest offer in the smallest space. In splendid Ötztal where the fascination of contrasts is stronger than anywhere else in the Alps. Where in just a few days - maybe on a long weekend - the body can regain new strength and the soul can breathe deeply.
We have put together for you 11 Places of Strength within Ötztal. To restore energy, to wind down, to shake off all the heavy thoughts that have burdened us. To take off into a world of freedom.

Lake Piburger See Oetz/Habichen

1. Lake Piburger See (Oetz/Habichen)

Fountain of youth for body, mind and soul

For the locals it is considered a true fountain of youth. Many trust in the effects of the smooth miracle water and immerse themselves in one of Tirol's warmest swimming lakes every day. Or float in a rowing boat across the jade-green lake. Fish dance below us, mighty Acherkogel summit towers above us, and all around dense mountain forest frames the natural jewel. You feel protected - in warm water or in a gently rocking boat. You return from the natural wellness tub to the lakeshore like newborn.

Stuiben Falls Umhausen/Niederthai

2. Stuiben Falls (Umhausen/Niederthai)

Power plant for your health

Tirol's biggest waterfall features a falling height of 159 meters. A primeval force that captivates all senses. A fabulous film in an endless loop that never gets boring. A polyphonic orchestra that accompanies the ascent via a sophisticated staircase construction with viewing platforms and suspension bridges right next to the waterfall. A whole power plant that fills everyone with energy. Research experts have proven that standing on the "ion platform" very close to the water spray - the "Stuiben" particles - has a positive effect on lung function.

3. Piccard Loop Trail (Obergurgl)

Piccard Loop Trail Obergurgl

Landing on Mars

Summer in the back, winter in view. The Piccard Loop Trail stretches almost 18 kilometers on both sides of Gurgler Ache brooklet towards the glacier called Langtalferner. The Swiss stratospheric researcher August Piccard made an emergency landing right next to the new suspension bridge on 27 May 1931. However, we seem to have landed on Mars: Red rocks as far as the eye can see on the other side of the bridge on the way into Langtal side valley. Beautifully flattened as a perfect vista point for the stunning panoramic view of Obergurgl and Hochgurgl. For pure relaxation, for great inspiration. A perfect energy filling station for the second part of the hike.

4. Platte Area (Niederthai)

Magic aura

Nobody can exactly explain it. Not even the energetics expert who once measured the "Platte" area with a biometer. This place is said to have an almost magical aura that consists of an erratic boulder dating back to the Ice Age - a formation of smoothly polished rocks, conifers and a fragrant Alpine meadow. The idyllic hill is definitely a perfect place to wind down. Experts use it for meditation, yoga and qigong. "It helps to restore energy if you feel completely empty, but also to come down when you're over the top," insiders say. "It helps to find steadiness again and to become more balanced."

Go to Places of Strength in Niederthai

5. Farst Rocky Nest (Umhausen)

Just the sky above you

The tiny hamlet of Farst sticks like an eagle's eyrie high above the 600 meter high Engelswand rock wall. With every step that takes you up the comfortable switchbacks, the memory of an ideal childhood world comes alive. Seven farmhouses, stables, a chapel and the old village school. Goats roaming freely. The air is so good that Hedwig von Trapp of the famous Trapp Family cured her asthma here in the 1960s. Deep relaxation on the sunny terrace of the snack station! Everyday life far below, in front of us the broadband panorama of three thousand meter high peaks, only the sky is above us.

Start your ascent

6. Old Summit Cross of Wildspitze (Vent)

For everyone: Happiness of the summiteers

Adrenaline rushes through the veins, incomparable euphoria as soon as you reach the summit. Everyone shares this moment of happiness by taking a photo in front of the summit cross. But not everyone makes it all the way up. That is why the mountain village of Vent has brought the legendary summit cross of Wildspitze peak down to the B-ART-EB’NE Art Trail on the way to the Rofenhöfe Farms - with a view of the original location. From 1933 to 2010 it towered on North Tirol's highest mountain (3768 m). Now every hiker can experience the great happiness of the summiteers. Let the magic of the old summit cross inspire you.

Old Summit Cross of Wildspitze, Vent
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  • Cancel or rebook free of charge*
  • No booking fees
  • Advice given by local holiday experts
  • Over 1500 verified accommodations
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* Depending on the accommodation, valid 31 days and less prior to arrival until 09/30/2024 - More details/exceptions

Trail of Senses Hochoetz

7. Trail of Senses (Hochoetz)

Boundless emotions

They go directly under the skin and touch the heart. Epigrams accompany us along eight stations of the theme walking trail from Acherkogel mountain gondola via the new and old Bielefelder Hütte and back again. Conceived by pupils of the local secondary school in Oetz and placed on sculptures and benches. So that the view concentrates not only on the wonderful Alpine region high above Oetz, but also on your inner self. Thoughts like "Let's sit down here where we don't see a street or a fence. Let's look into the distance and feel unlimited freedom..."

Maria Hilf Pilgrimage Church Gries

8. Maria Hilf Pilgrimage Church (Gries)

Miracle healings and light phenomena

A high level of energy is already in the air. Since its construction in 1655, the white pilgrimage church with its large bell and the miraculous image of Mother Mary has been a source of energy. The miracle book speaks of miracle healings, answers to prayer and light appearances. With these stories in mind, meadows and forests appear even greener on the hike to quaint Sulztalalm, the peaks of the Stubai Alps even more impressive, the small mountain village of Gries even more dreamy. Even the snack station on the mountain pasture is part of this picture-book idyll.

9. Rockslide Forest (Längenfeld)

Right from the depth of time

A huge natural playground! Granite blocks as high as a house are piled up as if by giant hand - overgrown with moss like in an enchanted forest. A cool breath comes out of the grottos, reminding of the depths of time. The massive Köfels landslide some 10,000 years ago has left marks. Enriched by humans with stuffed forest animals and a witch's cave. Later, scenic lake Winkelbergsee with its three islands flashes in the sun - a picture book idyll with a water park right on the torrent.

Explore Längenfeld's Place of Strength

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Summer Card
Mooserstegle Sölden

10. Mooserstegle (Sölden's Silent Part)

Water walks along the Waalweg

Playing means letting go - also in the stressful adult life. Children have a lot of fun outdoors amid nature and by the mountain brooks while learning in a playful way. Like on the scenic Waalweg trails which used to irrigate the pastures as narrow waterways. Fabulous Mooserstegle, awarded the Austrian Quality Hiking Seal, is such a historic Waalweg that winds its way through the rocks and forests of Windachtal side valley. Information boards explain the route, interactive play stations like a mill wheel inspire researchers and explorers of all ages. Sölden's Silent Part can be very exciting.

Sautens Forchet

11. Sautens Forchet (Lower Ötztal)

Time leap into prehistoric times

A jungle in Lower Ötztal - the Sautens Forchet! Created by the huge Tschirgant rockslide some 3000 years ago. Only a few hiking trails make the six square kilometer big paradise accessible, which is a protected area. Apart from that, the Forchet area is left to itself. As a living room for countless wild animals, as a greenhouse for rare Alpine plants, as a protection zone for trees that grow into the sky. An explosion of colors and scents, entire carpets full of blueberries, slopes covered with blooming heather and flowers that are not for sale. A lively jungle from ancient times.

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