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Places along and far from the Ötztaler Urweg Trail that you must have seen

Linger, rest, take a deep breath or just marvel at Ötztal's infinite variety - the unrivaled highlights along and off the Ötztaler Urweg Trail. Here you will get to know Ötztal from its most authentic and original side. The attractions are either directly on the Ötztaler Urweg Trail, in the immediate vicinity of the original route or easily accessible on foot or by bus from the respective stage destination/starting point. Have fun while exploring them all!

Area 47

Located at the earth's 47th parallel, AREA47 opens up an exciting universe for outdoor aficionados and adventurers of all ages. 30 summer fun sports are waiting to be tried out. If you like to be on the move, this is the perfect place for you.

► Located directly on Ötztaler Urweg


More details

Nature Park Infopoint Ambach

The huge terrain relief of Ötztal Valley can be found directly on the main road in the Ötztal Tourismus Information Pavilion. Up to 60 interesting spots of history and natural history can be called up on the touchscreen. They can be visualized on the relief using sophisticated laser technology.

► 100 m from the original route


More details

Auerklamm Ravine

The wildly romantic rock gorge of Auerklamm is an absolute highlight. It provides deep insights into the ecological, highly valuable habitat of special Alpine plants and animals, such as the dipper hunting underwater. Additionally, the ravine is also one of the most popular canyoning routes in Austria.

► Located directly on Ötztaler Urweg


Tower Museum Oetz

The tower steeped in history is located at the heart of the old village center in Oetz. The enthusiasm of art lover and collector Hans Jäger for Alpine landscape painting as well as furniture and sculptures is reflected here. It resulted in a large collection of images that show the best aspects of the region.

► 300 m from the village center


More details

Lake Habicher See

A 12 m long footpath and a sandbank on the shore characterize the view of the small pond south of Habichen, a hamlet of Oetz. Only about 25 m wide and 50 m long, lake Habicher See makes an idyllic natural jewel, a fertile habitat for local animal and plant species and a place of strength for walkers.

► Located directly on Ötztaler Urweg


More details

Stuiben Falls

With a falling height of 159 meters, the Stuiben Falls are the largest waterfalls in Tirol. Coming down from Niederthai, "Horlachbach" mountain brook rushes into the valley, while the water spray high into the sky can be seen from far. The phenomenon also gave this mighty natural spectacle its name: stuiben = water dust. The Stuiben Falls can be explored by conquering approx. 700 steps, an 80 meter long suspension bridge and countless unique viewing platforms.

► Located directly on Ötztaler Urweg


More details


At the heart of the Alpine forest, the trees thin out and the rustic Wiesle snack station and a small chapel can be seen on a mountain meadow. Cooked meals and snacks prepared with mostly self-grown products or local farm produce can be enjoyed on the sunny terrace.

► 750 m from Ötztaler Urweg


More details

Untere Hemerachalm

It's pretty hidden in the middle of the forest. A clearing with ancient huts - called "Thayen" in Ötztal dialect - with a wooden trough in which fresh spring water bubbles and, if you are lucky, also with deer grazing in the clearing. Längenfeld lies far below this magic place, and the mountain range of the Ötztal Alps extends on the opposite side.

► 100 m above the original route of Ötztaler Urweg


Nature Park House Längenfeld

In the Nature Park House, Ötztal and its natural variety are explained and examined more closely. A 300 m² big multimedia, natural history exhibition explains the Ötztal flora, fauna and its habitats as well as geology, including the huge rockfalls that shaped the valley. Audio stations, touchscreens, VR glasses and holograms let you explore Ötztal with all senses.

► 1 km from the village center (southern edge of Längenfeld)


More details

Strelesperre Rock Path

First the mountain brook shows its peaceful side. Gently bubbling it winds its way lively through the larch forest. Until the Fischbach mountain brook opens into a retention basin and hits the dam wall up to six meters thick and 12 m high with elemental force. Trunks and rubble are taken to the three pyramid-shaped dams - an ingenious invention dating back to 1928!

► Located directly on Ötztaler Urweg


More details

Suspension Bridge Längenfeld

Finished in July 2013, the solid steel construction is floating completely weightlessly some 220 m above the valley floor. The spectacular, 83 meter long suspension bridge connects the hamlets of Brand and Burgstein. "Grit your teeth and get to it!" is the motto on this panorama suspension bridge as the view is simply unbeatable! Even our four-legged friends can pass the bridge fearlessly on a special dog track.

► Located directly on Ötztaler Urweg


More details

Freizeit Arena Sölden

The family-friendly adventure swimming pool with varied sauna world combines Tirolean charm with modern bathing fun. Massage jets in a rock grotto and bubble beds pamper tired muscles in the 30° C warm water. More action is scheduled in the white water channel, on the wide slide and in the 32° C warm children's pool.

► Located directly on the stage finish | Sölden center


More details

Waalweg Mooserstegle

Mooserstegle is a water trail from an earlier time. In the past, these irrigation ditches used to water the Alpine meadows and fields. On this reconstructed "Waalweg" you can enjoy the tranquility and beauty of Sölden's Quiet Part, and learn many interesting details about the former water trails in a playful way - displayed on educational panels.

► 700 m from the original route


More details

Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum Hochgurgl

Europe's highest motorbike museum is located directly at the toll station of the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Pass Road. On 3000 m², the exhibition takes you into the world of historical motorcycles. Even those who have nothing to do with motorbikes will be enchanted by the interplay of architecture and exhibits.

► 4.5 km from the original route (bus recommended)


More details

Nature Park Infopoint Hohe Mut Alm

Inside Hohe Mut Alm at an altitude of 2670 m, the nature park exhibition shows and explains everything on "Glaciers - Climate - High Alpine Research". The high Alpine flora and fauna, real glacier ice, a 3500 year old ibex horn and many more attractions can be explored and discovered at 10 activity stations.

► 5.2 km from Gurgl's village center (alternative: comfy gondola ride up to Hohe Mut top station)


More details

Piccard Bridge

Dizzyingly high, but secured all around: This is how the adventurous crossing of the suspension bridge at the rear end of Gurgler Tal valley can be described. The 142 m long bridge spans a deep ravine between the two parts of the valley since summer 2017 and represents an important connection between Langtalereckhütte and Ramolhaus.

► 1.5 km from the original route of Ötztaler Urweg


More details


Scenic Ramolhaus is located at 3005 m above sea level and was built on the ridge below Spiegelkogel by mountain guide Martinus Scheiber in 1881. Only in the last few years the hut and the restaurant were completely renovated. Here you can enjoy picture-book views of the upper valley and its mighty glaciers. "Gurgler Ferner" glacier is only a stone's throw away!

► Located directly on Ötztaler Urweg


More details

Rofenhöfe Farms & Suspension Bridge

2 km above Vent at 2014 m altitude and at the foot of Tirol's highest mountain - Wildspitze (3774 m), you will find the highest permanently settled farms in Austria. Due to their location, the Rofenhöfe Farms make an ideal starting point for hikes, mountain tours and Alpine summit conquests! A suspension bridge leads over the Rofen Gorge, a connection to unspoilt Niedertal side valley.

► 2 km from Vent's center (via Rofental) | 2.4 km from Vent's center (via Niedertal)


More details

Lake Soomsee

There is this fabulous place at almost 2600 m above sea level. Encircled by glacier-topped peaks higher than three thousand meters and right in-between green slopes and lush meadows - picturesque lake Soomsee. The small mountain lake belongs to Obergurgl's lake area that consists of several waters nestling between mighty boulders or in the middle of scenic Alpine meadows.

► 250 m from the original route of Ötztaler Urweg


Hohler Stein

Research within the area around the finding place of "Ötzi" revealed that there were other Stone Age hunting stations in Ötztal - for example at 2050 m altitude, only 10 km bee line from the finding site at "Hohler Stein" in Niedertal side valley near Vent. Archaeological excavations have proven the use of this hunting camp around 7600 BC and thus the first exploration of Rofental by humans.

► 2 km from Vent's center (Niedertal)


More details

Jakobus Church in Vent

The biography of this ancient church, which welcomes those arriving at the entrance to Vent, is dating back more than 500 years. In 1862 the current church in Baroque style was consecrated to St. James the Elder and Vent became a parish village. The high altar is said to come from the former church in Karthaus in South Tyrol's Schnalstal. Also worth seeing: St. Mary's altar and the statue of the Virgin Mary crafted by the Tirolean artist Andreas Kölle.

► 300 m from Vent's center (at the entrance to the village)


More details

Mineral Museum in Silbertal

Truly unbelievable exhibits await visitors in western Austria's largest mineral exhibition of its kind, including the biggest single garnet in Europe, an 820 kg amethyst druse or a 350 kg sodalite. There is also a mineral exchange!

► Located directly on Ötztaler Urweg


Almzeit Sölden

The Almzeit Sölden adventure hiking trail makes the most beautiful aspects of Alpine life visible and perceptible. Divided into 20 adventure stations, varied topics promise heaps of fun, activity and nature exploration amidst the mountains. Culinary treats play an important role too as the huts and Alpine pastures serve themed dishes by focusing on the high value of regional products.

► Mountain huts and pastures in close vicinity to the original route of Ötztaler Urweg (Almen Gaislachkogl)


More details

iceQ in Sölden

In Austria's highest toque-awarded gourmet restaurant on the summit of Gaislachkogl everyday life is so far away. Sky, clouds and rocks are reflected in the glazed cube. The most important ingredient of all dishes is the panoramic view through the airy facade or directly from the sunny terrace. An exclusive ambience that fully focuses on refined Alpine cuisine.

► 4.1 km from the original route of Ötztaler Urweg (alternative: comfy gondola ride from Gaislachkogl middle station)


More details

007 Elements

The unrivaled "007 ELEMENTS" cinematic installation towers high above the valley at 3050 m above sea level on the summit of Gaislachkogl. On mostly underground 1300 m² visitors are taken into the world of the most famous spy. Video installations, sound, interactive stations and original Bond utensils promise a unique experience for all senses. As a counterpart to the ultra-modern high-tech effects, fascinating views of the Ötztal mountains await you.

► 4.1 km from the original route of Ötztaler Urweg (alternative: comfy gondola ride from Gaislachkogl middle station)


More details

Trail of Legends up to Feuerstein

Life-size and amazingly lively figures made of scrap metal tell 14 exciting legends from Ötztal along the way up to the mountain inn. Information panels explain the respective legend - such as the Fight of the Giant, Wildes Mandl or Engelswand Rock Face. Passing the wedding chapel made of local wood and glass, you finally reach the Feuerstein Alpine inn that invites you to stop for a break.

► 4 km from the original route of Ötztaler Urweg (from Huben sports field)


More details

Pestkapelle Chapel

The "plague chapel" was built on Kropfbühel above Längenfeld, in the hamlet of Oberried, in 1661. After the plague broke out in Längenfeld in 1614, the plague chapel was erected to bury the victims of the disease. In 1670 the high altar and in 1770 the side altar in Rococo style were designed and built by Hans Reindl.

► Located directly on Ötztaler Urweg


More details

Teufelskanzel Vantage Point

Wonderfully aromatic air of forest, moss and berries accompanies you on the ascent and hike on the panoramic trail to Teufelskanzel, marked by the Tirolean flag. Farmer Bartl is said to have made a deal with the devil up here. Information boards on site tell the story in detail. Breathtaking views of Längenfeld's wide open valley basin await you here!

► Located directly on Ötztaler Urweg


More details

Local Heritage Museum

History to touch can be found in the huge local heritage and outdoor museum in the hamlet of Lehn. As soon as you step into one of the ten buildings, with all of its original furniture and everyday work equipment, you embark on a wonderful journey back in time. The Memory Archives in one of the old farmhouses is probably unique in the world. Ötztal opens its memory archives in texts, images, audio and film documents, revealing well-kept secrets.

► 725 m from the original route of Ötztaler Urweg (fork-off Lehner Au)


More details

Lake Winkelbergsee

Scenic Winkelbergsee mountain lake with its three islands sparkles jade green in the sun. A picture-book idyll, fed by pure Alpine spring water. A little above, the small water park with mini mill wheels on the mountain brook makes a really paradisiacal natural playground.

► 150 m from the original route of Ötztaler Urweg


More details

Birds of Prey Park Umhausen

Around 30 animals and 15 different species of birds of prey - such as vultures, eagles, kites, owls, falcons, buzzards, etc. - found their home in the approximately 5000 m² big park at the foot of the Stuiben Falls and right next to the Ötzi Village. Spectacular bird shows take place in the huge arena with 300 seats several times a day.

► 500 m from the original route Ötztaler Urweg (fork-off Kneipp Area)


More details

Talblick Umhausen

A broad forest path leads from Tumpen to Talblick Umhausen - a vantage point overlooking the valley. Wildly roaring mountain brooks, mystic meadows and forests plus awe-inspiring views are waiting for you. The vantage platform at Tumpen's waterfall promises fabulous vistas of Umhausen's surrounding villages.

► 170 m from the original route of Ötztaler Urweg


More details

Lake Piburger See

Lake Piburger See is a real natural jewel. Embedded in a basin above Oetz, its clear green water mirrors the surrounding forests and mighty Acherkogel peak as lovely backdrop. A special highlight is the loop walking trail around the picture-book lake. While the narrow, sometimes rocky path with tree roots inspires the spirit of adventure on the eastern bank, the somewhat wider path on the western shore is even suitable for prams.

► In close vicinity to Ötztaler Urweg


More details

Seejöchl Platform

At Seejöchl above lake Piburger See, you will be rewarded with fantastic views of the lake and the mountains towering high above the valley. From a bird's eye view you can watch the lively hustle and bustle some 150 meters below. Comfortable seating facilities on the platform are ideal for a short rest. Up here, away from the popular excursion destinations, you can enjoy peace and quiet to the full.

► 130 m from the original route of Ötztaler Urweg


More details

Sautner Forchet

When huge parts of the Tschirgant mountain massif crashed into the valley more than 3000 years ago, the entrance to Ötztal up to today's Ambach and Sautens was buried, by forming the natural oasis of "Sautner Forchet". The mostly forested area has quiet places to linger, a rich biodiversity and is entwined with legends and myths.

► Located directly on Ötztaler Urweg


More details

Tschirgantblick Vista Point

Over 3000 years ago, huge parts of the Tschirgant massive crashed into the valley and buried the entrance to Ötztal, by forming the "Sautner Forchet" in this small natural oasis that is almost untouched by man. In the middle of the rockslide forest, a vantage point offers superb views of the mighty Tschirgant. Fantastic vista of the mountain massif and its "broken heart".

► 100 m from the original route of Ötztaler Urweg


Römerbadl Bath

A covered Kneipp facility was built at the place of the former Roman bath directly on the Inn Cycle Path and the Route of St. James. Seating under an arbor, a drinking fountain and information panels with descriptions of the Kneipp facility complete the offer, which can be used free of charge. A quick round through the Kneipp area gives fresh energy to tired hikers.

► 800 m from the original route of Ötztaler Urweg