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All the Ötztal valley's highlights rolled into one

The approx. 180 km long (loop) long-distance hiking route leads from Ötztal-Bahnhof via Oetz, Niederthai, Längenfeld, Sölden, Obergurgl, Zwieselstein, Vent, Gaislach, Granstein, Längenfeld, Umhausen, Sautens, Haiming back to Ötztal-Bahnhof. In 12 stages passionate hikers explore a number of small and larger villages. They roam through orchards and Alpine meadows, follow the roaring Ötztaler Ache mountain brook and climb higher and higher towards awesome panoramic views and the highest parish village in Austria. Such famous peaks as Wildspitze seem only a stone's throw away. In addition to memorable nature exploration, the valley's locals plus varied culinary treats and cultural impressions along the route make the Ötztaler Urweg a very special experience for active holiday makers.

Special tip: Each stage can also be conquered individually. In the villages there are enough parking spaces available or you can easily reach them by public bus.

From village to village in 12 stages

Goethe already knew: Mountains cannot be surmounted except by winding paths!

Exploring the Ötztaler Urweg trail you will get to know and love the region at a walking pace.

Ever changing landscapes accompany long-distance hikers on their loop tour through the entire valley, from the lush green valley floor at 684 m to the thin air beyond 3000 m above sea level.

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Places along and far from the Ötztaler Urweg Trail

Urweg Trail Highlights

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Ötztaler Urweg

In the silence you can clearly hear it. The call.
The desire to return to this magnificent place and to yourself at the same time.
Being above it all and beyond the elements. The purest water, the clearest air.
A natural wealth that gently turns into the currency of life in the course of time.
This place is the kingdom of wealth. It inspires you to put into question your universe.
What is big? What is powerful? What is important? Perfect nature.
The origin that connects us all is obvious here.
Solid groups of trees, motionless giants fed by the cycle of life.
An ancient footpath takes you in wide open loops through idyllic meadows to mystical forests.
It carries you up the precipitous masses of water, across panoramic sky bridges.
This is the place where wilderness flourishes, under the snow-capped summits of the majestic mountain giants.
A masterful composition of Mother Nature.
This place was chosen. Here nature set up its monuments.
Everlasting masterpieces crafted for eternity. Constant yet changing.
Here raw wilderness is in contrast to modern civilization.
It is the freshness of clear water, the deafening silence of a mystical morning.
It is the exhilaration of Ötztal's natural world that reminds you again.
The origin of life.
Along the Ötztaler Urweg