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Long-distance hiking in the uppermost region

The high-alpine Ötztal Trek provides plenty of crisp and clean mountain air: 6 routes with a total of 22 stages, covering about 18,900 altitude meters on a distance of 246 km, require a really a huge amount of stamina. However, there is nothing more beautiful for mountaineering aficionados than hiking from Ötztal-Bahnhof eastwards over ridges and peaks, from hut to hut to Obergurgl and Vent and back again on the western mountain ridge.

Mountaineering from hut to hut

This high Alpine route leads all around Ötztal. From one hut to the next, across ridges and cols. A mountain exploration of a very special kind.

6 route sections with 2 - 5 day stages are just perfect for a memorable holiday amidst the awe-inspiring Ötztal Alps.

Each stage offers the opportunity to get in and out - you can experience and enjoy the Ötztal Trek in fine pieces.

Prior mountain experience is an absolute must

Explore splendid Ötztal also in its highest regions - the Ötztal Trek, a high Alpine long-distance hiking trail, makes it possible! The 6 routes, comprising a total of 22 stages, cover approximately 18,900 ascent meters and a distance of 246 kilometers. The Ötztal Trek leads from Ötztal-Bahnhof eastwards over crests, ridges and peaks from one hut to the next towards Obergurgl-Hochgurgl and Vent. On the western Geigenkamm ridge the Trek leads back to Ötztal Bahnhof.

For all these routes prior mountaineering experience is necessary. Most stages are classified as „black mountain trails“ according to the „Tirolean hiking & mountain trail concept“, which are difficult routes. All other stages are classified as „red“ hiking routes (intermediate difficulty). Some stages lead across the eternal ice. However, if a path leads across a glacier blazing and signs will most likely be missing. Knowing the weather forecast for the area where you are hiking and detailed tour planning are also essential.

Proper Alpine hiking and mountaineering equipment is absolutely required: ankle-high hiking boots, wind and rain protection, sunscreen, a hat and gloves. First aid kits are vital pieces of hiking equipment. If you bring your dogs it is strongly recommended to keep them on a leash!

Ötztal Trek