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General Information

For less experienced mountaineers we recommend a hiking guide for high Alpine tours and glacier crossings (attention: crevasses). Glacier crossings are only possible in a group and with a rope. Before starting your hiking or mountaineering tour you should let your host know your hiking destination and the time you expect to be back. Walk slowly, make regular breaks and drink a lot.

Walking trails

Walking trails can be found down in the valley bottom, close to settlements and through wooded areas. No special mountain experience is required. Hiking equipment is not necessary.

Mountain trails

Mountain trails are located above the timberline in most cases. Basic Alpine experience is required. Depending on the difficulty level, we distinguish two different trail markers: red mountain trails and black mountain trails.

Hiking in Sölden

Red mountain trails

Red hiking trails are of intermediate difficulty! They are marked, mostly narrow, often steep and partly exposed. In bad weather experience is absolutely required! Some trails feature short and protected climbing passages – passages, where you need to use your hands to conquer them. These trails should only be walked on by sure-footed hikers, who are in a good physical shape. Adequate mountaineering equipment is required.

Black Mountain trails

Black hiking trails are difficult trails! They are marked, narrow, steep or very steep, often exposed and can be dangerous especially in bad weather. These trails may feature longer, protected climbing passages and can only be conquered by absolutely sure-footed and experienced mountaineers, who are in a good physical shape and have a good head for heights. Adequate mountaineering equipment is absolutely required.

Hiking Trail

Alpine Route

Alpine routes are very difficult routes, because it is high Alpine terrain and it has partly unmarked and exposed tracks. Further you will find unsecured walking and climbing sections. Therefore you should have a head for heights and a good stamina is required, also it‘s important to have absolute sure-footedness. It would be the best if you have an appropriate mountain equipment and an excellent sense of direction.

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