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Bike Trekking in Ötztal

Superb experience

Scenic Inntal cycle path leads through the Alpine area and is one of the longest and most popular long-distance cycle paths in Europe. We are very pleased that more and more cycling enthusiasts are now looking for variants and have found one of the most exciting and varied cycle trails at the heart of Ötztal. If you branch off in Haiming, you reach Inntal's longest side valley and can experience the full variety of five valley terraces covering about 50 kilometers!

Towards the south

If you want to keep going, you can even climb Timmelsjoch Pass and get to South Tyrol's Passeiertal valley and further on to Meran. But the valley-wide Ötztal Cycle Trail itself is already a unique exploration trip through pristine nature. It is perfectly signposted and equipped with three charging stations, ensuring that e-bikers don't run out of battery.

Ötztal Cycle Trail

It's worth a stop

It is best to conquer the Ötztal Cycle Trail step by step - or even stop by stop: There is a full range of excursion destinations along the route that you should not miss. Our BIKE SPOTS can also be found along the valley-wide cycle trail. They include practice and training grounds for a wide variety of bikers: for example, Tirol's very first E-bike Park with an uphill course in Oetz. Or the unrivaled MTB Course in Umhausen, which offers great loops of various difficulty on a total area of around 2500 m² and is suitable for all types of bikes, from balance bikes to e-bikes.

Water fun, wellness & facts

The Aqua Dome spa center in Längenfeld promises a very special well-being experience. Not far from there, Ötztal's history, art and culture are elaborately presented in several Ötztal Museums. In Oetz you can take a panoramic gondola ride, enjoy a high-altitude hike and treat yourself to a mouth-watering Kaiserschmarrn served at Neue Bielefelder Hütte. In the same way you should make a short detour to Piburger See - one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in the Alps - and to Tirol's biggest waterfall - the Stuiben Falls in Umhausen.

Frequently asked questions about cycling holidays:

For a cycling holiday or a bike tour lasting several days or even several weeks, you need an abundance of equipment and clothing. Even if the complete packing list strongly depends on the duration of the cycle tour and the climatic conditions, the following list provides a rough overview:

  • Storage: backpack, additional saddlebags at the front and the back, bag for handlebar or bicycle frame
  • Clothing: bicycle helmet, cycling clothes, rain jacket & pants, functional underwear, set of extra clothing, gloves, etc.
  • Care & hygiene utensils
  • Sun protection & first-aid kit
  • Orientation and navigation devices
  • Spare parts such as bicycle tubes or spokes
  • Repair tools

Ultimately, you need the right destination for your cycling holiday. Tirol's Ötztal, the unrivaled "nation on two wheels", with its valley-wide Cycle Trail that connects directly to the Inn cycle path could be such a top spot. HERE you can find out more about cycling and bike trekking in Ötztal.

The destination for a cycling holiday together with your offspring should have the right bike infrastructure, safe cycle trails and a variety of worthwhile excursion sites along the route.

All this and a lot more is waiting for enthusiastic cycling families in Ötztal, the unparalleled "nation on two wheels" in Tirol's the longest side valley. In our varied Bike Spots, including Pump Tracks or MTB Playground, the little ones can playfully improve their cycling technique even on a balance bike. The valley-wide Cycle Trail is ideal for a cycling excursion with all the family, as it leads safely through the valley away from the main traffic route. It is worth stopping along the route as fabulous cycling destinations can be found on the 50 km long trail. HERE you will find out all about cycling with kids in Ötztal.

In general, the motto on a bike and cycle tour is: as much weight as necessary, as little as possible. A minimalist approach to packing also means that you move forward faster. You can save quite a bit of weight, especially when it comes to clothing. Apart from this rough and ready rule, an additional luggage weight of around 15 to 20 kilograms is a good guideline. Around 10 kilograms should be put on the rear pannier(s) and around 5 kilograms on the handlebar bag. Tirol's Ötztal, the unrivaled "nation on two wheels", is home to the valley-wide Cycle Trail that branches off from the Inn cycle path, a very popular destination among cyclists and trekking bikers. HERE you can find out everything about cycling holidays in Tirol's longest side valley.

Scenic Ötztal could be a worthwhile destination for cycling holidays in central Europe. The valley-wide Cycle Trail branches off from the popular Inn cycle path and leads safely across 5 valley terraces on approx. 50 kilometers into the breathtaking mountain world of the Ötztal Alps. It is really worth stopping every now and then as to the left and right of the cycle trail you will find exciting bike excursion destinations and practice areas such as Tirol's first E-bike Park. HERE you can find out all details about cycling holidays in Tirol's longest side valley.

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