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All the valley is waiting for you

An e-bike opens up so many possibilities - and is tailor-made for the varied terrain that Ötztal has to offer. The valley-wide Cycle Trail promises a unique exploration trip and offers many further side options. Three charging stations ensure that the battery never reaches its limits. And those who want to recharge their batteries naturally are warmly invited to enjoy a refreshment stop on countless hut tours spread all across Ötztal.

E-bike charging stations in Ötztal:

The Bike Energy fast charging stations allow charging without bringing your home charger. Simply rent the adapter (XLR plug charging cable) and refuel.

E bike tours in Ötztal

ebike park region oetz

Even more e-bike options

The very best out of two sports worlds: There are worthwhile bike & hike tours spread across the entire valley, which of course can be done just as easily on the e-bike. HERE you will find an overview of the most attractive (E)Bike & Hike routes between Sautens at the entrance to the valley and Vent in the rear part of Ötztal.

Getting used to the bike: Are you sitting on an e-bike for the very first time and do you want to get fit for off-road riding? Or you just want to improve your riding technique to the next level? Then you should definitely pay a visit to Tirol's first E Bike Park in Oetz. The area not only has downhill sections of varying difficulty with waves and changing surfaces. A special feature is the Uphill Flow Trail that shows how much fun it is to ride uphill on an e-bike. HERE you can find all details about the E Bike Training Area in Oetz.

The e-bike opportunities within Ötztal are not limited to the e-bike tours specially mentioned here. Of course, you can also tackle any “normal” mountain bike route on your e-bike in Tirol's longest side valley. HERE you will find a complete overview of all MTB routes in Ötztal.

Frequently asked questions about E-bike tours:

Basically, a fully charged e-bike is required for e-bike tours, a spare battery may also be useful (depending on the length of the tour). Appropriate sports clothing and protective equipment such as a bicycle helmet are also an absolute must. Your backpack should also contain enough to drink & snacks. Basic tools and repair kits as well as a bicycle lock can also be extremely helpful. And, of course, you need the right e-bike tour destination: Tirol's Ötztal, the unrivaled "nation on two wheels", not only offers a truly varied selection of signposted e-bike tours, but also countless e-bike rental spots that can be found within the entire valley. HERE you will find out all about e-biking in Ötztal.

A touring e-bike (also called trekking e-bike) is designed for longer e-bike tours. Compared to a city e-bike, the seating position is more stretched and therefore sportier. Compared to an e-mountain bike, touring e-bikes are much more comfortable. A touring e-bike is therefore a hybrid of a city e-bike and an e-mountain bike. A solid frame and a powerful battery are important features of every touring e-bike. The valley-wide Cycle Trail in Tirol's Ötztal makes a popular attraction for touring and trekking e-bikers. The bike rental points within Ötztal will be happy to advise you on choosing the right e-bike.

It strongly depends on the intended purpose and use: A comfortable city e-bike is ideal for short trips in urban surroundings. Anyone who likes to ride an e-bike in off-road terrain, for instance on forest paths and trails, is best advised to use a full-suspension e-mountain bike. The so-called touring e-bikes (also known as trekking e-bikes) are a combination of the two aforementioned bikes and designed for longer (day) tours. The bike rental spots in Ötztal will be happy to advise you on choosing the right e-bike.

For long tours a so-called touring e-bike, also known as trekking e-bike, is recommended. Touring e-bikes are sportier than city e-bikes, but more comfortable than e-mountain bikes. A solid frame and a powerful battery are important features of a touring e-bike. The valley-wide Cycle Trail along Tirol's Ötztal makes a popular destination for touring e-bikers. The bike rental stations within Ötztal will be happy to advise you on choosing the right e-bike.

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