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Calorie consumption e-bike

Losing calories with electric power

Are you wondering how many calories you actually lose on an e-bike? Then you've come to the right place: at this point we not only explain how many calories you can get rid of on the e-bike saddle, but also why this sport is so healthy.

Why e-biking is so healthy

Basically, it should be noted that the positive effects of cycling without electronic support also apply to e-biking. Only the intensity of the activity might be lower, but ultimately it also depends on how much support you need from your e-bike.

Cycling and therefore also e-biking is easy on the joints, strengthens your muscles and stimulates the cardiovascular system and blood circulation. You will also improve your coordination. All these positive effects already appear after about 10 minutes, so you and your body will benefit also from short e-bike excursions.

Because e-biking is easy on the joints, the activity is also suitable for people who weigh more kilos but want to get rid of them at the same time. How many calories you actually burn while e-biking depends on several factors, which we now want to explain.

Ebiking in Ötztal

Factors that affect calorie consumption when e-biking

Ebiking in Ötztal

As mentioned at the beginning, calorie consumption when e-biking depends on the intensity with which you pedal. And of course, it also depends on how much electronic support you need when you are out and about. Someone who can pedal harder and with a high frequency while also choosing a low support level will burn more calories than someone who coasts along comfortably and also chooses a higher electric support level.

The following additional factors influence actual calorie consumption when e-biking:

  • Personal characteristics: age, gender, weight and fitness level
  • Bike route: terrain, slope and difficulty of the route
  • Wind & weather: increased calorie consumption in headwind and cool temperatures

As you can see, various factors can influence calorie consumption when e-biking. And yet at least one reference value can be set, which we don't want to withhold from you.

For orientation: how high is calorie consumption when riding an e-bike

According to sports medicine, anyone who rides an e-bike for an hour burns around 300 calories. It should be mentioned once again that this is an approximate value, since various factors - including above all electric motor support of the e-bike - determine how high calorie consumption actually is.

Ebiking in Ötztal

How to lose a particularly large number of calories while e‑biking in Ötztal

The "bicycle nation" of Ötztal - by the way Tirol's longest side valley - offers exciting e-bike options at full length, which will make your calories tumble quickly:

MTB & e-bike routes

Featuring more than 850 km (and 35,000 altitude meters) of signposted mountain bike trails, there is certainly no lack of fabulous bike routes that suit your needs. Be it ambitious hut tours or leisurely cycling rounds, everyone will find what they are looking for in scenic Ötztal. In addition to the MTB routes, there are also specially signposted e-bike routes spread across the valley, that are waiting to be discovered.


Go to e-bike routes

Ötztal Cycle Trail

The Ötztal Cycle Trail runs for more than 50 km from the valley entrance near Haiming to Sölden at almost 1400 meters. In between you will enjoy relaxed and safe biking fun, brimming with exciting cycling destinations to the left and right of the cycle path. There are rest stops and e-bike charging stations along the route, which allow you and your vehicle to take a deep breathe.


Discover Ötztal Cycle Trail

Frequently asked questions about calorie consumption when e-biking

According to sports medicine, anyone who rides an e-bike for an hour burns around 300 calories. However, this is an approximate value as various factors determine how many calories you actually get rid of when riding an e-bike. You can find out which factors are decisive and what opportunities Ötztal offers to quickly get rid of calories on the e-bike HERE on our topic page: "Calorie consumption when e-biking"

Absolutely, because anyone who rides an e-bike for an hour burns around 300 calories, according to sports physicians. Because e-biking is particularly gentle on the joints, the sport is perfect for people who weigh a little more but want to get rid of some kilos again. You can find out why e-biking is so healthy, which factors are decisive for burning calories and what opportunities Ötztal offers to quickly get rid of calories on the e-bike HERE on our topic page: "Calorie consumption when e-biking"