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Your adrenaline shower in Ötztal

You are standing on a cliff and it feels like as high as a house above a pool of emerald green water. No ducking out. Dream or nightmare? Probably a bit of both as it is precisely this ambivalence that makes canyoning in Ötztal so overwhelming. Several professional outdoor providers ensure that you get exactly the right tour for your level of experience and nerves, and that you conquer the ravine safely. In the end you are very proud of yourself. 3, 2, 1, jump!

Try canyoning without your own equipment

If you feel like going on a canyoning tour spontaneously during your summer vacation in Ötztal, all you need is swimwear and a tour booking from one of the region's professional outdoor adventure providers. They provide all participants with clean, unbroken and suitable equipment, for example helmet, wetsuit, neoprene socks, jacket, seat belt and usually also canyoning shoes. In the outdoor centers you will find lockers for your clothes and valuables, changing facilities and hot showers for afterwards. Transfer rides in minibuses or taxis to the access point and back again are also included in the tour price. However, you should at least be comfortable before and after the wilderness trip.

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Canyoning Tirol

Safety comes first plus canyoning pleasure

Canyoning Tirol
The splendid ravines in Ötztal are rugged, cool and water-tossed but the certified canyoning guides come across very open, warm-hearted and a dry sense of humor. You are actually in the best hands when you go on a beginners’ or advanced tour. The instructors know the rugged landscape, the material and all the different characters in the group like the back of their hand. Their task is to slow down the daredevil, to encourage those who are insecure and to promise everyone a safe, unforgettable experience together. The instructions of the guides must therefore be followed without exception, because wrong actions can quickly take revenge in the canyon.

Tip for beginners: Obere Auerklamm near Oetz

Canyoning Tirol

For sporty beginners one of the most fabulous canyoning tours in Tirol, combining all elements addicting to canyoning: abseiling heights up to 15 meters, jumps up to 6 meters, slides up to 13 meters in height and 15 meters in length plus the great feeling of surpassing yourself. In the sometimes very narrow ravine, which is a challenge for people with claustrophobia not only because of the notorious “Teufelsloch” (devil’s hole) passage, you follow the impassable course of the mountain brook, overcome boulders and driftwood, climb, jump and rope down and already feel like at home in the eroded rock labyrinth and the roaring water spray when the final water slide is behind you.

Canyoning Tirol

Extreme canyoning: Mittlere und Untere Auerklamm

If you love white water, shrug your shoulders if you are in the middle of a cave and have already gained some canyoning experience, this tour classic is the right highlight for you. The gorge cut deep into primary rock formations, is characterized - especially in the lower section - by rapid sequences of slides, jumps and abseiling spots. Extreme challenges in a row: abseiling from a height of 40 meters, jumping from up to 15 meters, rapid slides over 15 meters in length and swimming passages between narrow rock faces ensure a thrill of the wildest kind. Lucky you if you still have a little time to take a look at the unique vegetation in the ravine. Just like everyone who has conquered the gorge and has grown a few centimeters out of pride.

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