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Sölden 007 ELEMENTS

The James Bond Adventure World built right inside the rocks of Gaislachkogl peak is a unique highlight worldwide. Once arrived at the top station of Gaislachkogl mountain gondola beyond 3000 meters, Bond aficionados work their way through underground chambers and tunnels to approach their idol interactively. Film-style mountain views already included.

More details at www.soelden.com


Sölden ice Q

The highest toque-awarded restaurant in Austria at Gaislachkogl has fine Alpine Cuisine plus spectacular views on the menu. The glass cube in futurist style includes an exclusive Gourmet Restaurant and a Wine & Tapas Lounge with a beautiful sun terrace. A truly formidable place which played one of the leading roles in the Bond blockbuster "Spectre".

More details at www.soelden.com


BIG3 Sölden

Gaislachkogl, Schwarze Schneid and Tiefenbachkogl are the names of the "big three" in Sölden. These three thousand meter high peaks, accessible by mountain lifts, feature spectacular viewing platforms overlooking the stunning Alpine scenery. If you are in search of one-of-a-kind panoramas without or only with a short ascent, the BIG 3 are an absolute must.

More details at www.soelden.com


Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum

The Motorcycle Museum was completely destroyed by a major fire in January 2021. Therefore the private collection fell victim to the flames. The twin brothers Alban and Attila Scheiber are busy with the museum's reconstruction. The opening is planned for autumn 2021.

Europe's highest motorcycle museum can be found in Hochgurgl thanks to the Scheiber twins, two real motorbike fanatics. They have created a worthy setting for about 230 historic motorcycles and many other high-horsepower exhibits at the Top Mountain Crosspoint. An absolute must not only for motorcycle enthusiasts.

More details at www.obergurgl.com


Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road

The journey is the reward: one of the best examples is the panoramic high Alpine road to Timmelsjoch Pass, which connects North Tirol's Ötztal with Italy's South Tyrol. Its highest point: 2509 meters above sea level. Several rewarding stop-off spots and the striking Pass Museum promise amazing moments and surprises.

More details at www.obergurgl.com


Nature Park Info Point & Hohe Mut

At 2670 meter high Hohe Mut Alm the glaciers of Rotmoostal and Gaisbergtal cast a spell on all visitors - or probably two - due to direct eye contact with the high Alpine scenery through the windows and thanks to the interactive nature park exhibition on the up-to-the-minute topic: "Glacier - Climate - Research". 

More details at www.obergurgl.com


Top Mountain Star

The glazed Panorama Bar on a narrow ridge of Wurmkogel, perched at 3080 meters altitude, serves an exciting cocktail of adventures - futuristic architecture, fine culinary delights and panoramic views stretching from the Ötztal Alps to the Dolomites. Thanks to the Wurmkogel chairlift this exclusive experience can be easily reached by all gourmets and panorama fans.


Piccard Bridge – Ramolhaus

The new suspension bridge with a span of 138 m at 82 m above the Gurgl Gorge is recommended only to hikers with a good head for heights. The connection, named after the stratosphere researcher Prof. Auguste Piccard, marks the highlight of a fantastic high Alpine loop tour starting in Obergurgl. It links Ramolhaus to the loop route in the most comfortable way.

More details at www.obergurgl.com


Rofenhöfe Farms/Suspension Bridge/Vent

An almost magic destination for hikers, mountain bikers & all others towers high above Vent: the Rofenhöfe Farmhouses at 2014 m altitude are considered Austria's highest, permanently settled farms. Just as fascinating as the history of the settlement is the suspension bridge leading over Rofner Ache brook. The traditional mountain inn adds to a day full of enjoyment.

More details at www.vent.at


Vent Widum Nature Park Exhibition

The multimedia exhibition shows the incredible variety of natural and cultural history in Vent and its surroundings. Ranging from the history of a Stone Age settlement to climate change, including glacial recession, from the tourism pioneer and pastor Franz Senn to the high Alpine flora and fauna. 

More details at www.vent.com


Hohler Stein Hunting Base near Vent

In Niedertal at 2050 m altitude, archaeology experts discovered a Stone Age hunting and shepherds base. At only 10 km bee line from Ötzi's place of finding, the huge overhanging boulder has formed a sheltered place where people made fire, cut up the prey, crafted tools and weapons.

More details at www.vent.at


Ötzi's Finding Place at Tisenjoch

In the eternal ice of Similaun Glacier at 3200 m above sea level, hiking tourists discovered the mummified corpse of a Stone Age man on 19 September 1991. A stone pyramid and information boards mark the exact site of discovery. Experienced mountaineers can reach the place from Vent via Similaunhütte.

More details at www.vent.at

007 Elements Sölden Summer Gaislachkogl
BIG3 Sölden Tiefenbach Glacier Panorama
Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum Hochgurgl
Timmelsjoch Timmelsjochstreet Ötztal Landscape Obergurgl
Hohe Mut Alm Obergurgl Sommer Panorama
Top Mountain Star Hochgurgl Landscape
Rofenhöfe Vent Hiking Summer Landscape
Widum Vent Sommer Ötztal
Ötzi Reference Vent Stone Tower