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Traveling with your best friend

Man's best friend, man's best hiking partner. Hiking with your dog strengthens the already close connection between master or mistress and your four-legged friend even more. To make every hike a true success for people and animals alike, there are a few points to consider, which we would like to explain at this point.

Choosing the right hiking route

Just as with humans, the walking route for the dog should be chosen according to age, health and fitness level. Basically, young dogs should have completed the growth phase before they are taken on hikes. A rule of thumb: the dog should be at least one year old. To prepare for the first hiking adventures together, longer walks are very helpful – as your four-legged friend continuously builds up physical condition and sure-footedness.

Ultimately, of course, the choice of hiking route depends on the dog breed itself: with a breed that loves to run, such as a Labrador or Border Collie, longer distances can be covered than with a Dachshund or Poodle. Not only the distance of a hike is decisive, you should also keep an eye on the difference in altitude that you have to cover, so that you don't overexert your dog.

Hiking in Ötztal

Good to know: what else you should consider when hiking with a dog

Hiking with dogs in Ötztal

Excellent planning is half the battle: this also applies to hiking with your dog. Before setting off on a hike with your four-legged friend, you should find out whether there are sufficient sources of water along the route. In order to avoid nasty surprises, you should also research whether there are tricky climbing passages on the hiking trail. In case of multi-day hiking tours with overnight stays at a hut, you have to make sure if dogs are allowed in the hut.

Spring and autumn are the best times of year to hike with your dog. Especially on hot summer days, there is a risk of heat stroke for your four-legged friend - accordingly, you should avoid the hottest days in the summer months. There is also a general danger to humans and animals if there are free-ranging cows or grazing cattle! The 10 rules of conduct for alpine pasture visitors, which you can find HERE at the bottom of the page, explain how to behave correctly on alpine pasturelands and in mountain areas.

Aiming high with your dog

If you want to venture into the majestic mountain world of Ötztal together with your dog, but want to save yourself (and your four-legged friend) the arduous ascent, you can use the comfy summer mountain lifts in Tirol's longest side valley. Dogs are allowed to ride on 11 of the 12 mountain lifts that are in summer operation. Once arrived on the upper alpine floor of the valley, myriad panoramic and high-altitude trails await you - which suit people and animals alike. By the way: dogs are also allowed on the scheduled buses throughout the valley.


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Dog-friendly accommodations

Anyone who enjoys longer hikes also needs enough sleep, of course - this applies equally to four-legged friends and two-legged buddies. Dogs are very welcome in over 500 accommodations spread across Ötztal. In our accommodation list you will find a huge choice of accommodation types such as hotels or guesthouses, where pets are welcome.


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Frequently asked questions about hiking with children