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Hiking with children

Route(s) for all the family

If you think back to your own childhood, the enthusiasm was not always huge when you heard "put on your boots and let's go hiking". Boring and exhausting, those were usually the first related ideas that came to mind. But hiking with children can provide entertaining fun for young and old alike if you pay attention to a few important things. At this point we will reveal how the family hike becomes a true story of success.

Suitable hiking route

So that kids don't immediately lose the joy of hiking, you should choose the route according to the age of the children and their physical stamina. It affects the distance as well as the difference in altitude. Lift-assisted hiking in Ötztal, for example, allows for a gentle start. You cover the first altitude meters in a relaxed manner by using the summer mountain lifts that take you straight to the breathtaking high alpine landscape. Once there, panoramic hikes and high-altitude trails lead further into the mountains without any difficult climbs. Special tip: holders of the Inside Summer Card can use each of the 12 summer mountain lifts once a day for free.


Discover lift-assisted hiking

Hikeable knowledge

The efforts of a hike are quickly forgotten when there is always something to discover to the left and right of alpine the trail. For example, along the countless family-friendly theme trails spread all over Ötztal. A total of 24 of such paths bring children and parents alike closer to the fauna and flora of Tirol's longest side valley in a playful way. Several "water strider" theme trails are dedicated to the dominant element of the valley: water. Other trails highlight life and work of the miners, while others take you to centuries-old stone pine forests. And some educational trails are even teeming with apple trees or dwarfish attractions.


Explore theme trails

Treasure hunting in Ötztal

Who has ever heard of geocaching? No? Ok, then we can provide some information: geocaching describes a modern treasure hunt in which you look for hidden treasures, so-called "caches". You are equipped with a GPS device or a treasure map. Especially the "analogue" variant featuring a printed treasure map, is extremely popular with families in Ötztal. Varied treasure maps can be picked up free of charge from the respective local information offices. Anyone who finds all the treasures along a route is invited to pick up a small gift from the information offices as a reward.


Go to geocaching

Even more excellent reasons for hiking with children in Ötztal

In addition to child-friendly trails and comfy lift-assisted hiking, Ötztal has much more to offer for a successful hiking adventure with all the family:

  • Ötztal Nature Park: The Ötztal Nature Park covers some 508 km2 and unites all the valley's protected areas under one roof. The Nature Park House in Längenfeld also provides a lot of interesting facts about the regional animal and plant world. A guided hiking program gives the kids a deep insight into the protected area and its inhabitants in summer. HERE you can find more information about the Ötztal Nature Park.
  • Adventure playgrounds: At the end of a hike, an adventure playground always awaits you in Ötztal. Such as in the Sautens Magic Forest offering a theme trail suitable for prams with 11 stations, at its end a large forest playground invites you to play and romp around. HERE are the playgrounds in Ötztal.
  • Huts & alpine pasture inns: All those who hike also need refreshments. Rest stops are guaranteed by the more than 100 alpine pasture inns and huts which can be found between the valley floor up to the high alpine mountains. Regional products and beloved "hut classics" such as "Kaiserschmarrn" or "Tiroler Gröstl" make a perfect reward for a strenuous climb . HERE is an overview of all huts and alpine pasture inns in Ötztal.
  • Hiking villages & accommodations: In the Ötztal there are not only specialized hiking accommodations but also entire villages that are focusing on the needs of hiking fans. Like the unrivaled mountain villages of Gries and Niederthai, both of which have been awarded the Austrian hiking quality seal. HERE you can find more details about the hiking villages in Ötztal.
Hiking with children in Ötztal

Frequently asked questions about hiking with children

If you are hiking with children for the first time, you should under no circumstances overwhelm them and thus discourage them right at the beginning of their "hiking career". It is therefore important to choose the right hiking route, taking into account the age and physical stamina of the kids - both in terms of distance and altitude difference that has to be covered. As Tirol's longest side valley, Ötztal offers families a wide range of hiking opportunities: whether it's lift-assisted hiking, along child-friendly theme trails or geocaching routes, the youngest hikers can really enjoy nature. HERE you can find out more about hiking with children in Ötztal.

How far you can hike with children depends on several factors: of course, the kids' age plays a decisive role. But also the physical condition, and not to forget the motivation! Basically, endurance and coordination in children increase from year to year, which is why older children can already cover approx. 10 km long day hikes with enough breaks. However, it is important not to overwhelm the little ones right from start and thus take away their desire for future hiking adventures. As Tirol's longest side valley, Ötztal offers families a wide range of hiking opportunities: whether it's lift-assisted hiking, along child-friendly theme trails or geocaching routes, the youngest hikers can really get going here. HERE you can find out more about hiking with children in Ötztal.