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Change your perspective

As a passionate hunter, he is drawn to where he can best watch the game without being observed himself. He was particularly impressed by an elevated vantage point. Other mountain hikers can now benefit from the fact that his best-kept secret is a fantastic vantage point.

Everything is interlinked. His favorite place - Obere Hemerach Alm - with his wife Steffi's favorite place - Untere Hemerach Alm. Because if Peter Falkner wants to go to his hunting cabin, he has to hike past both mountain pastures, which are only separated by a wide forest belt and can be reached in a good hour's walk. However, it's always a steep climb, so you should bring some fitness and stamina.

Peter Falkner
About Peter Falkner

Year of birth: 1963
Marital status: married
Activity: innkeeper and host
Hobbies: mountains, fly fishing, hunting, mountain biking

About favorite place

Starting point: Falknerhof farm
Walking time, both ways: 4 hours
Difficulty level: easy
Difference in altitude: approx. 700 m

Before dew and day towards the favorite place

"Even for me it's quite surprising how appearances are deceptive sometimes," confesses the early riser who often goes to his favorite spot before dew and day. "From the valley, the rocks above the tree line look rugged. If you don't know them, they seem to be dismissive and dangerous, for inexperienced people the steep walls even look invincible." But as soon as we walk into the area on unmarked paths, we discover lovely clearings, similar to Untere Hemerach Alm.

An uncountable number of bright, green meadows with grazing deer. Sometimes Peter climbs up with friends, mostly he's alone. "It's the little things that you learn to appreciate here. Observation of nature takes place on a small scale," he explains. "You pull out other antennas and make a jump back in time to a worriless childhood. Like playing cowboys and Indians for big boys."


No cock-and-bull stories

His retreat is the hunting cabin, leaning against the wall of a small rock. "The special location makes me feel protected and safe enough to spend the night up here." The area is so hidden that nobody but him would find it. "It offers a clear view of the valley, like from a pastor's pulpit. You feel really sublime here. And it has a strange aura."

Animals also seem to be attracted to this aura. "The black cock is usually such a shy bird. Once Steffi and I sat here at the highest point. And as it should be for hunters, we didn't talk. All of a sudden a black cock came and sat down just next to us as if he hadn't noticed us at all." No cock-and-bull story but a really amazing experience.

Just like some marmots that came from Vorarlberg to Obere Hemerach Alm. In the Montafon Area a farmer wanted to get rid of the marmots as he got stuck in the marmot holes with his tractor. So Steffi and Peter Falkner set out to save the cute rodents - in other words, to transport them in wooden back frames to Niederthai and release them on the mountain pasture. "Even before we had dug two marmot tunnels especially for them". The shy little animals felt so comfortable in their new home that more than just two warning whistles can already be heard.


Rhythm defined by nature

When Peter goes to his favorite place, he can shake off everything he is burdened with in the valley. But only here, nowhere else. "Sometimes it's helpful to change perspective and see things from a distance," he says. "Then they are trimmed to the right size again and adjusted." It doesn't take very long to find the correct orbit again.

He also recommends this simple method to clear your head and to make room for new ideas: "Many mountain vacationers try to fill their hiking passes with as many stamps as possible, running after record times. But you also have to be willing to stay calm and let the scenery take effect on you. Anyone who goes hunting knows the rhythm that nature dictates: Find a suitable place, wait. Hush. People who have too high expectations are restless, fidget around so that every chamois knows that they are in danger. This can be compared to many phases of life."


Feels like at eye level with giant summits

At eye level with the mighty mountain giants of Luibiskogel, Hohe Geige and Blockkogel everyone will become a philosopher. "Deceleration," Peter Falkner explains, "has a highly inspiring effect. You implement things that you have long thought about. The act of walking, especially when you are on the road for a long time, has something meditative in itself. And then you ask yourself: Jesus, why didn't I think of it earlier?"

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