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Favorite Places in Niederthai

Superb vistas, personal stories

15 scenic turns lead towards mountain happiness and summit enjoyment. Until you reach the very top of Ötztal's sunniest balcony. Until you reach yourself at the end of the road.

Because you don't have to get bent here, because here they like your as you are. Niederthai doesn't get bent either. Tradition is not just a folkloric phrase. Here you are welcomed with a heartfelt "Griaß di" and they say "Pfiat di" for goodbye instead of "Hi" and "Tschüss". Soon you will voluntarily cut the digital umbilical cord to the rest of the world, by finding your way back to the roots. Until the scales will fall from your eyes, as soon as it becomes clear that you have always been homesick.

Symbols/Icons Favorite places Niederthai

Places you would never find on your own

There is not a single hotel in Niederthai with a bad view. A great wide-screen panorama from every window and balcony. The wide open Alpine plateau of Niederthai is entirely framed by forested mountains. You want to storm every single mountain peak right away, but you're not that experienced. You also have to get used to the altitude at 1538 meters above sea level. You would rather prefer to be taken by the hand first and led to the most beautiful and easily accessible vantage spots. Symbolically, of course.

That's why a couple of Niederthai locals have teamed up to present their favorite places linked to their very personal experiences and adventures that they would like to share with their guests. On scenic hikes and mountain tours around Niederthai. Leading to places that only they know and that you would never find on your own. True local insiders provide the prerequisites so that it is very easy to discover such favorite places. The hidden, picture-book Alpine pastureland with ancient huts, the hiking trail by the waterfall with incredible views, the ascent route across the red carpet, the enchanted cave hiking path in the magic mountain, the summit offering breathtaking panoramic views. They take you on a fabulous journey back in time to the millennia-old Platte Area with magical powers.


You explore them step by step

The hikes to these splendid favorite places are either adventurous or contemplative. They are varied and really exciting. Sometimes the destination is very close, often it can be conquered only with a little effort and sometimes the walk is its own reward. But all favorite places have one thing in common: They are peppered with unique vistas and enriched with very personal stories. Thanks to the favorite places, you also get close to the Niederthai locals. You get to know them step by step while you will understand where they restore energy and wind down. You too can recharge your batteries. In a sustainable way.