A truly unique blend when it comes to mountain sports: bike rhymes with hike! The Ötztal Alps make for a real biking & hiking paradise for all ages and preferences. Cycling up to a quaint mountain hut, followed by hiking to a nearby mountain peak. What's best, after the peak tour on foot you can comfortably return to the valley on your bike.

Hut/Biking End Time to drive
to the hut
Hiking tour Walking time
from the hut
Unterhalb der Bärentalhütte 2h Bärentalhütte 1650m 45min
Badeanstalt Piburger See / Seehäusl 30min Seejöchl on the Rudolf Schock Weg 1060m < 1h
Panoramarestaurant Hochoetz 2h Aussichtsberg "Rotes Wandl" 2040m < 30min
Schweinfurter Hütte 2036m* 1h 55min Finstertaler Scharte 2777m < 3h
Klein-Horlachalm 1920m* 1h 45min Peistakogel 2740m < 3h
Groß-Horlachalm 1960m* 1h 45min Hochreichkopf 3010m < 4h
Larstigalm 1778m* 1h 20min Kreuzjöchle 2643m < 3h
Frischmann Hütte 2192m* 2h 5min Fundusfeiler 3079m < 4h
Hint. Fundusalm 1964m* 1h 45min Köfler Waalweg < 2h 30min
Alpengasthof Köfels 1401m* 50 min Wenderkogel 2200m < 3h
Niederthai 1550m 50 min über Bergle zum Narrenkogl 2309m 3h
Ambergerhütte 2136m* 1h 35min Sulzkogel 2795 m
Sulztalferner 2700m
Schrankogel 3497m
< 2h
< 2h
< 4h
Sulztalalm 1915m* 1h 10min    
Alpengh. am Feuerstein 1530m* 45 min Hahlkogelhaus 2042m < 1h 30min
Polltalalm 1840m* 1h 15min Hahlkogelhaus 2042m 45min
Breitlehnalm 1874m* 1h 25min Breitlehnjöchl 2639m < 2h 30min
Innerbergalm 1946m* 1h 55min Hauerseehütte 2383m < 2h
Stabele Alm 1908m* 1h 45min 4-Seen Weg 2546m 7 - 8h
Wurzbergalm 1573m* 55min Stabele Alm 1908m < 1h 30min
Nissalm 2051m 3h Gamskogel 2813m  
Brunnenbergalm 1972m 1h Brunnenkoglhaus 2738m < 2h 30min
Rotkoglhütte 2666m 3h Schwarzkogl 3016m < 1h 20min
Lenzenalm 1896m 1h 30min Nederkogl 3163m < 3h 40min
Kleblealm 2015m 1h 30min Söldenkogel 2902m < 2h 30min
Rofenhöfe 15 min Mittlere Guslarspitze 3126m < 4h 30 min
Schönwieshütte 2270m 45 min Hangerer 3021m < 2h
Schönwieshütte 2270m 45 min Hohe Mut Alm 2670m < 1h
Langtalereckhütte 2450m 1h 40min Stempelstelle Langtalferner 2800m < 1h

*Bike & Hike Huts offer covered parking space for your bike

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