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A perfect combination

Variety is so beautiful - why not combining the best of two sports worlds: on magnificent Bike & Hike Tours your legs are happy about a great blend of pedaling and hiking. Afterwards they relax while you can feast your eyes on the world of three thousand meter high peaks. Followed by an exciting descent on foot - and a comfy bike ride to the valley floor. Here you learn more about the most scenic routes in Ötztal.

Hut/Biking End Time to drive
to the hut
Hiking tour Walking time
from the hut
Unterhalb der Bärentalhütte 2h Bärentalhütte 1650m 45min
Badeanstalt Piburger See / Seehäusl 30min Seejöchl on the Rudolf Schock Weg 1060m < 1h
Panoramarestaurant Hochoetz 2h Aussichtsberg "Rotes Wandl" 2040m < 30min
Schweinfurter Hütte 2036m* 1h 55min Finstertaler Scharte 2777m < 3h
Klein-Horlachalm 1920m* 1h 45min Peistakogel 2740m < 3h
Groß-Horlachalm 1960m* 1h 45min Hochreichkopf 3010m < 4h
Larstigalm 1778m* 1h 20min Kreuzjöchle 2643m < 3h
Frischmann Hütte 2192m* 2h 5min Fundusfeiler 3079m < 4h
Hint. Fundusalm 1964m* 1h 45min Köfler Waalweg < 2h 30min
Alpengasthof Köfels 1401m* 50 min Wenderkogel 2200m < 3h
Niederthai 1550m 50 min über Bergle zum Narrenkogl 2309m 3h
Ambergerhütte 2136m* 1h 35min Sulzkogel 2795 m
Sulztalferner 2700m
Schrankogel 3497m
< 2h
< 2h
< 4h
Sulztalalm 1915m* 1h 10min    
Alpengh. am Feuerstein 1530m* 45 min Hahlkogelhaus 2042m < 1h 30min
Polltalalm 1840m* 1h 15min Hahlkogelhaus 2042m 45min
Breitlehnalm 1874m* 1h 25min Breitlehnjöchl 2639m < 2h 30min
Innerbergalm 1946m* 1h 55min Hauerseehütte 2383m < 2h
Stabele Alm 1908m* 1h 45min 4-Seen Weg 2546m 7 - 8h
Wurzbergalm 1573m* 55min Stabele Alm 1908m < 1h 30min
Nissalm 2051m 3h Gamskogel 2813m  
Brunnenbergalm 1972m 1h Brunnenkoglhaus 2738m < 2h 30min
Rotkoglhütte 2666m 3h Schwarzkogl 3016m < 1h 20min
Lenzenalm 1896m 1h 30min Nederkogl 3163m < 3h 40min
Kleblealm 2015m 1h 30min Söldenkogel 2902m < 2h 30min
Rofenhöfe 15 min Mittlere Guslarspitze 3126m < 4h 30 min
Schönwieshütte 2270m 45 min Hangerer 3021m < 2h
Schönwieshütte 2270m 45 min Hohe Mut Alm 2670m < 1h
Langtalereckhütte 2450m 1h 40min Stempelstelle Langtalferner 2800m < 1h

*Bike & Hike Huts offer covered parking space for your bike

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