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Adolfine Pirpamer

"A unique atmosphere originating from tranquility"

Adolfine Pirpamer (79) comes from South Tyrol's Schnals and got married in Vent. As a hut tenant and Hotel Post owner, she got to know tourism already in the very early stages of development. Adolfine loves the special peace and quiet in Vent - wishing that the next generation will tread new paths too.

"When I came to Vent in 1964, I thought to myself: My goodness, they're well off. There were several shops. You could even buy an anorak in the village. I come from Schnalstal Valley. We were six children. My father was the tenant of Similaunhütte mountain refuge. I helped at the hut already as a young girl. When I was 17, I had to take it over completely because my father opened another inn next to the new water reservoir down in the valley. We opened the hut on 09 February and closed it on 'Rosary Sunday' - the first Sunday in October. At the hut I met Luis, my future husband. He was from Vent, he went skiing, and he was so incredibly entertaining. We got married after half a year - in Schnals, that's what my parents wanted. Then we went to live in Vent. Vent seemed so big and alive to me then.

My father-in-law died two years later and we took over the "Post". Tourism was in its very early stage. The road from Zwieselstein up to Vent was still not fully surfaced, the cars drove out the valley during the even hours, and drove into the valley during the uneven hours. Our guests were not spoiled at all. There were four of them arriving in a tiny VW Beetle, plus skiing gear. And there was no skilift yet. It was built only in the early 1970s. At the end of each ski course, the guests went to Similaunhütte together with their ski instructor or - if they still had not enough - they climbed up to Rofen.

It is fairly interesting that today's guests appreciate the same thing that the guests liked about Vent back then: Tranquility! No hustle and bustle, no everyday worries. Everyone who comes to Vent can feel it. Of course, time doesn't stand still. The federal road has long been very well developed, as has the ski area. There is much more comfort. We no longer have to count every penny like we had to in the 1960s and 1970s. But one thing has remained the same: Up here with us there is a very special atmosphere that originates from tranquility.

I'm 79 years old now. I still like going to the mountains. I want to be able to tell people how wonderful it is here with us. I know the best places in the surroundings, all of them. I like every season, or let's put it this way: I'm always looking forward to the next one. In winter I look forward to spring, in spring to summer and so on. We locals are among us between the summer and winter seasons. Togetherness is a truly important thing here in the Alps. If someone is sitting in front of the house, someone else will always sit down there for a nice chat. I hope that things continue to improve. And I particularly wish that the young generation will find their way."

„Here with us there is a very special atmosphere that originates from tranquility.” Adolfine Pirpamer, former hut tenant and owner of the "Post"

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