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There is no better way to do so than in the crisp and clean Ötztal mountain air amidst some 250 peaks higher than three thousand meters. Skiing will be a little different this season. Nevertheless, here in scenic Ötztal we benefit from the extensive range of slopes spread over the 65 km long Alpine valley. The huge choice of possibilities on the mountain and the infinite number of activities away from the slopes make winter dreams come true. For example, the Ötztal Super Skipass comprising six ski areas, 363 slope kilometers and 90 mountain lifts, not only offers heaps of skiing fun but also sufficient safety distance. As a result, we are more than convinced that you will enjoy wonderful and relaxing holidays here with us in Ötztal this winter.

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The safety and health of our guests, employees and residents is a top priority. In addition to the currently applicable regulations decreed by the Austrian federal government, the main decision makers in Ötztal have also developed additional measures for your safety in a special task force set up by Ötztal Tourismus. Due to legal requirements, there may be changes and adjustments to the measures at any time and without prior notice.

It is important that every single one of us contributes to safe conditions. We therefore ask you to adhere to these preventive measures:

Guidelines for you as a guest in Ötztal

Keep a distance of one meter

Cashless payment if possible

No shaking hands but perfect appreciation

Wash hands several times a day

Wear mouth and nose cover in signposted areas

Sneeze/cough into your elbow

Our Corona safety measures:

In several German federal states, comprising Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, currently there is an important exception to the quarantine and test obligations imposed on the province of Tirol due to the travel warning. People who have been in a risk area - in this case Tirol - for less than 48 hours (and did not take part in a cultural event, a sporting event, a public festival or any other leisure time event according to Bavarian regulations) do not comply with quarantine regulations and do not need a mandatory coronavirus test on their return to Germany. This regulation applies in Bavaria temporarily until 03 October 2020. An extension to 15 October 2020 seems very likely at the moment, according to the Bavarian State Ministry of Health & Care. In Baden-Württemberg, the corona regulation has already been extended to 30 November 2020.

Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland have decreed the above exceptions even for a 72-hour period of time.

On 25 September, the German government issued a travel warning for the province of Tirol with immediate effect.

In general: Arrival and accommodation of German guests is still permitted.

The travel warning is valid for an indefinite period and will be cancelled again with a decreasing number of Corona cases.

Guests from Tirol now have to present a negative COVID-19 test when entering Germany, which must not be older than 48 hours, or go home to their domicile immediately after arrival and isolate themselves for two weeks (home quarantine). Immediate notification to the responsible public health office is mandatory.

The tests can be done free of charge in Germany (as long as Tirol is classified as a risk area).

More details:

Website of the German Federal Ministry of Health

What does it mean for the planned stay in Ötztal?

German guests can go on vacation in Ötztal. They must be tested for Covid-19 when entering Germany again in order to avoid a home quarantine of 14 days. If no test is carried out, the home quarantine is mandatory.

What happens in case of cancellation?

In the event of a travel warning with mandatory quarantine, no cancellation costs should be charged. We recommend making an agreement directly with the accommodation provider, by possibly postponing the stay or issuing a credit note.

New quarantine regulations for travelers returning from 08 November 2020

In Germany, a new quarantine regulation for travelers returning from foreign corona risk areas may apply from 08 November 2020. The exact details are settled by a so-called model quarantine regulation decreed by the German Federal Cabinet. According to first media reports, this regulation includes an obligatory 10-day quarantine. Those who want to complete self-isolation early, can make a coronavirus test on the fifth day after entry at the earliest. However, exceptions and special guidelines will be provided as well.

The travel warning issued by the Netherlands has now been extended from Innsbruck to the entire Province of Tirol (with the exception of Osttirol). Travelers from Tirol (except Osttirol), Vienna, Lower Austria and Vorarlberg must go into home quarantine for 10 days after arriving in the Netherlands. Even a negative PCR test before or after arrival in the Netherlands does not annul this regulation. For people who only travel via Vienna Airport or Innsbruck Airport but have not stayed in Vienna or the aforementioned Austrian Provinces the quarantine is not required.

MOBILITY IN ÖTZTAL - Public transport within the valley

Bushaltestelle BusAlso in the 2020/2021 winter season, our scheduled bus lines and skibuses will take you comfortably to your destination in an environmental-friendly way. Please be sure to observe the general hygiene and distance rules in the respective means of transport. All passengers must wear a nose and mouth cover. We also recommend using it at the bus stops if the minimum distance from other people/strangers cannot be maintained.
In addition to the passengers, all bus drivers in contact with guests are also instructed to wear a nose and mouth cover.
Surface disinfection and bus ventilation measures are carried out daily in the skibuses and public buses within Ötztal. The buses are permanently ventilated during breaks or waiting times.
We would also like to point out that especially at peak times between 8.30 am and 9.30 am and between 3.30 pm and 4.30 pm the buses and bus stops are very busy. Please show consideration to other passengers and avoid close contact to others when entering or leaving the buses. Additional buses will run on a regular basis, but we ask all guests to plan their bus ride thoroughly. We expressly reserve the right to limit the number of people on the bus and skibus.

Important: If possible, tickets should be reserved ONLINE in advance - Between October and April all guests with a valid guest card can use the regular buses free of charge. Simply show the guest card to the bus driver when entering. All information details about current timetables and changes can be found on the following websites:


TIROL VVT - Tirol's public transport

ÖBB - Austrian Railways


Unterkunft MNSThe health and safety of all of us is an absolute top priority in Ötztal. In order to protect yourself, other guests and the hosts in the valley in the best possible way, please observe the following:

  • Only start your journey if you feel healthy.
  • A minimum distance of 1 meter from all people who do not live in the same household or do not belong to your travel group. The minimum distance does not apply if the risk of infection can be minimized through suitable protective measures in separated areas (plexiglass panels, etc.). The minimum distance of 1 meter also applies to gyms, fitness and wellness areas. Please note the information provided in the respective areas.
  • Bring your own nose and mouth cover for yourself and your family and wear it in all public areas of your accommodation.
  • We recommend wearing a nose and mouth cover wherever there are crowded areas and the minimum distance from other people/strangers cannot always be maintained. Please follow the instructions and the floor markings.

Within Ötztal you can purchase your personal nose and mouth cover or BANDANA in Ötztal/Sölden/Gurgl design at all Information Offices.
Bandanas in the Hochoetz design are available at all Hochoetz cash desks.

Arzt We keep offering guests the opportunity to be tested for corona virus in Ötztal. The tests are carried out at specially installed Covid screening stations. The PCR nose and throat swab test is still used, the result of which is known within 24 hours. The test costs amount to € 85 per test. Payment by credit card on site.

The test locations & dates at a glance:

Längenfeld/Aqua Dome:
Every tuesday, 03.11.20, 10.11.20, 17.11.20, 24.11.20 
2:15 pm - 3.15 pm
Every friday, 30.10.20, 06.11.20, 13.11.20, 20.11.20, 27.11.20
10:00 am - 11:00 am

Sölden/Freizeit Arena:
Every thursday, 29.10.20, 05.11.20, 12.11.20, 19.11.20, 26.11.20
4:15 pm - 6.15 pm

Umhausen/Viveva Gesundheitshotel:
Every sunday, 08.11.20, 15.11.20, 22.11.20, 29.11.20 
12:00 noon - 01:00 pm


Restaurant Of course, the safety measures to contain the COVID 19 pandemic do not stand in the way of culinary delights.

  • In all restaurants the legally decreed distance between tables is observed or appropriate separating devices (e.g. glass panels) have been installed.
  • A maximum of 6 people and their children (maximum 6) are allowed to sit at a table in closed rooms. Outside, a maximum of 12 people and their children (maximum 6) can sit on a table.
  • When entering the restaurant and going to the table or when leaving the table, a minimum distance of 1 meter from all other people who do not live in the same household or belong to the visitor group must be observed. The nose and mouth cover must be used when entering the dining room until you reach your table, and also on your way to the toilet and back to the table. No nose and mouth cover is required when sitting at the table.
  • Guests in self-service restaurants can help themselves at the buffet. In the buffet area all guest must wear a nose and mouth cover. It is strictly forbidden to eat or drink in the buffet area.
  • Many restaurants also offer their menu/drinks menu digitally.
  • Both indoors and outdoors may only be consumed while sitting.

WKO ButtonFrom a current point of view, nothing stands in the way of largely unrestricted skiing fun in the coming 2020/21 winter season. Together we have developed a detailed prevention concept so that our guests can explore the huge ski area with the greatest possible safety.

All guests must carry a nose and mouth cover with them and always use it if the minimum distance of 1 meter from other people/strangers cannot be maintained.
Basically, a nose and mouth cover (multifunctional cloth, protective mask,...) is mandatory in all indoor rooms and areas.

Gondelbahn Sessellift Schlepplift Every guest must wear a nose and mouth cover in the following areas:

  • at all skipass desks of the mountain lifts
  • in the access/waiting area of the mountain lifts
  • in the entire station, boarding & exit area as well as during the lift rides (mountain gondola/chairlifts, lifts, T-bar lifts)
  • when using moving carpets (in the practice area)
  • in all mountain restaurant and gastronomy areas (nose and mouth cover is not required at the tables)
  • when using the sanitary facilities
  • in the skibus & at the skibus stops

As in all public transport facilities, it is mandatory to wear a nose and mouth cover in mountain gondola cabins and when using chairlifts or T-bar lifts.

The gondolas or lift chairs can therefore also be occupied according to the available seats (e.g. 8 people in 8-person cabin, 6 people on 6-person chairlift).
A reduction of the maximum number of people permitted in the mountain gondolas or chairlifts is currently not legally mandatory, but the permitted capacities can always be reduced if the number of passengers is correspondingly low.
It is recommended to open the windows of the gondola cabins so that they are well ventilated during the lift ride.
These safety measures apply to the skiing areas Vent, Gries & Niederthai.

Measures of Lift company Gurgl

Measures of Lift company Sölden

Measures of Lift company Oetz

Skischule Together with the Austrian Ski Teaching Association, the professional Ötztal ski schools will adhere to the following measures for snow sports lessons:

    An nose and mouth cover is compulsory wherever the minimum distance cannot be maintained
    Nose and mouth cover is mandatory in all indoor areas; if necessary, a sneeze guard provides additional protection. Nose and mouth cover is compulsory for parents and ski instructors in the children's area.
    Sufficient disinfection stations are available in all indoor rooms, all surfaces are thoroughly disinfected several times a day.
    In order to prevent crowds in ski school offices, we recommend booking the lessons online in advance or in case there are any questions, discussing them in advance by telephone. At the same time all data required for contact tracing can already be recorded.
    The ski schools are offering flexible cancellation conditions this year. The ski courses can often be canceled free of charge up to 7 days prior to arrival.

Rodeln 007 ELEMENTS Aqua DomeIn addition to active snow sports, whether on or off the groomed slopes, there are countless other leisure activities in Ötztal. Tobogganing, ice skating, snowshoe hiking, cross-country skiing - all of this takes place in the open air and can therefore be used individually without specific safety precautions.

Are you taking a break to experience our ultimate WINTER HIGHLIGHTS?

Be it the Top Mountain Motorcycles Museum, 007 ELEMENTS James Bond Adventure World, Nature Park House or WIDI's 5D Movie Shuttle, the general distance and hygiene guidelines apply everywhere. A nose and mouth cover must be used in all indoor rooms and areas.

Both Aqua Dome and Freizeit Arena also offer unrivaled relaxation. Please pay attention to the prescribed guidelines on hygiene and distance. Please wear a nose and mouth cover.

Einkaufen ArztA nose and mouth cover must be used in all shops and in the service areas (hairdresser) and the minimum distance of 1 meter from other people/strangers must be observed whenever possible. The general hygiene regulations, especially hand disinfection, must also be observed.

VerleihCurrently, our sports shops are working on special measures relating to ski rental services and storage facilities. More detailed information will follow as soon as possible.

Après Ski Après-ski will take place a little differently than usual in the 2020/21 winter season. Drinks and food may only be consumed while sitting, both indoors and outdoors. Standing closely together or dancing are therefore avoided. Musical entertainment is planned in the form of background music. Each guest is registered via QR code or registration sheet in order to be able to quickly start the contact tracing chain in the event of a suspected Covid-19 case. Nothing stands in the way of a jovial get-together with family and friends to review the skiing day, a bottle of fine wine or a refreshing beer still taste good.

NightlifeNight gastronomy will be very different in winter 2020/21. Unfortunately, it is no longer allowed to dance in the bars, pubs and discos. Nevertheless, the cozy sitting areas and lounges invite you to linger, meet new people and have a drink. At the moment, closing time is 10.00 pm according to the current decree of the federal government. Each guest is registered via QR code or registration sheet in order to be able to quickly start the contact tracing chain in the event of a suspected Covid-19 case.

Since 19 October 2020, there has been a mandatory registration for all gastronomic businesses in Tirol. When entering the restaurant, café, ski hut, après-ski location or nightclub, nose and mouth cover must be used and guests are asked to provide their personal data. First name, last name, number of people and a contact option (telephone number) are requested. Data is collected using a QR code or printed data sheet that must be filled out. Data will be made available to the health authorities in the event of a suspected Covid-19 case. With the help of the so-called contact tracing all people who have come in contact with the suspected case can be identified quickly. The health authority is supported in the way that other infected people can be isolated swiftly.

EventsAll details about other planned events.

COVID-19>If you develop COVID-19 symptoms (dry cough, fever, shortness of breath, etc.) during your stay, you must call the Austrian emergency number 1450 immediately. The instructions and all further steps (possible testing procedure, isolation, etc.) are then given by the authority and must be followed strictly. In addition, inform your host about the illness and isolate yourself if necessary.

In an emergency, please always call the emergency number 144. Also inform the emergency hotline that the symptoms could be a suspected case connected to COVID-19. Under no circumstances you should visit a doctor's office personally in the event of a suspected case.

ReiseversicherungWe recommend our guests to take out COVID-19 travel insurance for a worriless vacation.

The travel insurance "Hotelstorno Plus" offered by our partner Europäische Reiseversicherung ERV, is a travel cancellation and accident insurance.

More details


If you have any questions, please contact us by phone T +43 57 200-0 from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am - 6:00 pm, Saturday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm; by e-mail at or on our social network pages. (Facebook | Instagram)

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