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The dream of flying comes true

Without the hustle and bustle of an airport, without noisy engines, without dividing glasses between you and the sky: Paragliding is a wonderfully direct flight experience with gentle physical strain when taking off and landing. Man cannot get much closer to the birds in the sky. In Ötztal, both experienced paragliders and newbies can soar high into the air with a professional tandem flight. Experienced providers will show you the region from its most unknown and all the more fascinating side: from above!

The most scenic paragliding flights in Ötztal

Ötztal is known for the fact that you can easily reach altitudes of 3000 meters and more. Impressive dimensions that require precise control of the airspace before departure. Additionally, over 3300 m altitude pilots should definitely be familiar with the current aviation rules. In good flying weather, it is no coincidence that the colorful paragliders circle the striking peak of Acherkogel near Oetz. From the starting point in Hochoetz at approx. 1350 meters above sea level, paragliders conquer the air and fly over the most stunning spots in lower Ötztal, such as lake Piburger See. Even with challenging thermal currents the tandem pilots usually touch down precisely on the landing sites in Ötztal.

Paragliding Tirol
Paragliding Tirol

Paragliding all year round: Tirol makes it possible

In good flying weather, tandem gliding flights can take place all year round in Ötztal - with each season having its own charms and conditions. Altitude of the sun, wind direction, wind force and weather conditions are meticulously analyzed by the pilot before the best take-off time and flight route are defined. On good flying days take-offs are almost always possible with frequently changing thermal currents during the day.

Paragliding in Ötztal - an overview of take-off and landing options:

  • Start in Hochoetz: uphill ride on Acherkogel gondola and easy approx. 15-minute hike to the start/landing area in Oetz
  • Start in Niederthai/landing area in Umhausen
  • Start at Gaislachkogel gondola middle station near Gratlift/landing area in Sölden
  • Start at Giggijoch (winter flying area)/landing area in Sölden

Due to the location of the take-off sites near mountain lifts, in most cases only a short walk is necessary before the paraglider is ready to fly. Experienced paragliders carry the paraglider further up to the peaks or fly back into the valley after a ski tour.

Paragliding Tirol

Tandem paragliding: am I fit to fly?

In most cases the answer is: yes. Even people who are afraid of heights react surprisingly cool when paragliding, as they are supported from above and do not look down rigidly like from a bridge or viewing platform. If you are basically fit so that you can sprint a few meters at the start and if you don't weigh more than 100 kg, nothing stands in the way of your paragliding flight in lovely Ötztal. Even children over 25 kg can fly with the consent of their parents or a responsible adult. You do not need any previous knowledge or experience, it’s simply best to enjoy nature and being curious about a change of perspective.

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