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High ropes course Austria

Are you ready for a thrill on steel cables?

One step followed by the next, grab the next handle and better don't look down. Why not? In Ötztal’s high ropes course a look at the landscape is absolutely worthwhile even if the wobbly course many meters above the solid ground requires full concentration. What else can you expect in Austria's most splendid high ropes courses in Ötztal? Alpine nature up close, adventures beyond the everyday routine and of course professional support from the guides who will take you safely to the exit.
High Ropes Course AREA 47 Ötztal

When mountain enthusiasts and climbers take an airing

High ropes courses are a fantastic alternative to via ferratas. They lead the climbers, who in most cases do not have to have any prior experience, along a course made of artificial obstacles. The special highlight about it: This climbing world, built by using steel elements, wooden beams and the like, towers a few meters above the ground and sometimes even at the height of multi-story buildings. That is why the participants are always well belayed and must strictly follow the general rules of conduct on the course. It’s great fun because the various types of exercises such as scrambling, swinging, hanging over and balancing challenge both the body and the mind. The emotions at the end, when you look back on the test of courage you passed, are truly priceless.

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Climb & fly on the Nature High Ropes Course in Längenfeld

Climbing and flying, plus intense nature exploration that is in no way inferior to that of alpinists on the rock face. It's a phenomenally cool package that the Flying Fox & Ropes Course Längenfeld puts together for bold heroes. Above Längenfeld’s wide open valley basin, they whiz back and forth between the rock walls on Ötztal’s highest zip lines up to 80 meters long, master via ferrata sections, fun elements and abseiling courses by using nets, ropes and wooden elements. For a few hours your world consists only of stone, gravity and an eagle’s eye view of the village. But you also deal with athletic commitment, respect for the rugged landscape, overcoming your personal limits and pride.

» More details on alpin-guide.at

Under the bridge: High ropes course at AREA 47

Seen from above, the bridge at the entrance to Ötztal is a normal road bridge. The highlight, however, can be found on the huge bridge piers underneath the road: Austria's highest high ropes course floats 27 meters above the ground - a real highlight of the infamous AREA 47 outdoor adventure park and your ultimate challenge during your Ötztal activity stay. Almost 140 elements such as wobbling tree trunks & platforms, Tarzan ropes, a flying wakeboard and many more attractions lead to a test of bravery that you will never forget.

More details on area47.net

3 frequently asked questions about high ropes courses in Austria

On the Längenfeld Rope Course, the participants are equipped with a specially developed safety & belaying system. Involuntary unhooking of the self-locking device and wrong movements are therefore almost impossible. In the high ropes course of AREA 47, you are always doubly belayed and can even skip individual stages via switch points if you get stuck. At all Ötztal high ropes courses, the experienced promise a good feeling of safety.

Light rain is usually not a problem, on the contrary: you probably master the courses in Ötztal with an additional touch of adventure. In particular, the high ropes course at AREA 47 is suitable for unpredictable weather thanks to its location on the bottom of the bridge. In case of thunderstorms, hail, heavy rain or storms, the high ropes courses remain closed for safety reasons.

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Of course. If you can't get enough of sport, fun and adrenaline, Ötztal is always at your disposal with a lavish action menu. At AREA 47, for example, admission to the water area with many fun sports is included for you on the day of the tour (before and after the high ropes course). In Längenfeld you can do the return trip from the Flying Fox & Ropes Course by bike or use the course partially as a descent of the Reinhard-Schiestl via ferrata. Find out more about packages offered by the Ötztal outdoor professionals or put together your individual action program.