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Short Break With A Long-Term Effect

Autumn is the best time for a relaxing short break. Even a single day far away from the daily routine has soothing effects to body, mind and soul. Indulge in some really breathtaking moments full of well-being and get ready for the busiest time of the year.

The ultimate AQUA DOME – Tirol Therme Längenfeld spa center offers everything you could possibly desire for a complete short break. Stefan (30) and Susi (28) have tried a great “Relax Day Break Deluxe” at the AQUA DOME Spa Center. Get an insight into their memorable experiences – in the most relaxing way, of course.

AQUA DOME  - Tirol Therme Längenfeld

An oversized mammoth shows you the right way to the spa entrance

9:30 am: Check-in & welcome at the Spa Reception

We leave our car at the spa garage free of charge, heading for the spa reception desk where the friendly staff gives us a heartfelt welcome.

Without any waiting times we check-in and receive a spa bag as a present – comprising slippers, drinks and some bathing accessories. A rental bathrobe and bath towel are included as well. Ready for a fabulous day! We leave the spacious changing room in a heartbeat as we can’t wait to indulge in the wellness parlor. 

9:45 am: An empty stomach can’t wind down

Wrapped in our cozy bathrobes, we enjoy a substantial breakfast at the “Einkehr” spa restaurant – an empty stomach can’t wind down.

We click glasses and enjoy sparkling prosecco, looking forward to a fine choice of local specialties typical for the Ötztal valley.

AQUA DOME  - Tirol Therme Längenfeld

A perfect day starts with a fine breakfast

AQUA DOME  - Tirol Therme Längenfeld

The scenic terrace of SPA 3000

10:30 am: switch on “chill mode” at the exclusive SPA 3000

If I remember rightly you shouldn’t swim after eating or at least wait about 30 minutes? That’s OK, or rather an excellent idea!

Following the good advice, we visit the marvelous deluxe lounge of the exclusive SPA 3000 where two lounges are already reserved for us. A wonderful and comfy place to soak up autumn’s last sunshine – indulging in the picture-book mountain world of the Ötztal.

12:30 pm: Feel the ocean amidst the Alps

AQUA DOME - Tirol Therme Längenfeld

The soothing Mineral Bath at the SPA 3000 makes a scenic spot to wind down


We feel more at ease than ever, ready for the pampering treatments to come! We choose the wonderful sea salt peeling in the steam bath – it feels like being close to the Ocean without driving there for hours.

Soon we recognize that time is relative. Half an hour passes like nothing during the bathing ritual.

2:00 pm: Relaxing or doing some workout is the crucial question

Sitting still for an entire day can be difficult, even if you enjoy a wellness break. I decide to take a closer look at the “Gipfelsturm” fitness center. Susi loves relaxing and sitting still, so I can’t convince her to accompany me.

She has her eyes on the Beauty Spa and treats herself to a fantastic hot stone massage applying Ötztal brook stones while I try very hard to conquer my weaker self on the treadmill.

AQUA DOME  - Tirol Therme Längenfeld

Concentrate on the essential things of life: rest and relaxation!

AQUA DOME  - Tirol Therme Längenfeld

The private SPA 3000 area at AQUA DOME

16:30 pm: Amuse-gueule right to our lounger

I am totally out of breath, Susi feels completely relaxed. We meet again in the private lounger area of the SPA 3000.

Slowly but surely I am getting hungry again. That moment a small surprise snack is served as amuse-gueule from the kitchen right to our comfy loungers – what a good life!

7:00 pm: Brine pool under the starry sky

AQUA DOME - Tirol Therme Längenfeld

The romantic outdoor area of AQUA DOME by night


The sun has already disappeared behind the mountains and we have still some time left. Our next highlight is the new brine pool in AQUA DOME’s outdoor area.

Floating in thermal waters at 36 degree Celsius under the starry sky, there is nothing more beautiful than to end a wonderful spa day here.

10:00 pm: Driving home – deeply relaxed

We leave the AQUA DOME at about 10:00 pm with wrinkled fingers but in a state of total relaxation. Driving back home we find out that a single day in this wonderful wellness temple is very rewarding – and that time is relative!

AQUA DOME  - Tirol Therme Längenfeld

SPA 3000 parlor of AQUA DOME

This article was first published in September 2016 and was updated on 17.05.2022
Benedikt Steiner

Author: Benedikt Steiner

When it comes to activity and motion, Benni pricks up his ears! He is a passionate snowboarder, mountain biker, climber & hiker and he knows no better playground for outdoor sports than the Ötztal.

He is not the type to sit still - therefore Benni can be often found on the valley's most exciting bike trails and pristine powder snow slopes.