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Umhausen Stuiben Falls

A short hike from Umhausen takes walkers to Tirol's biggest waterfall, a truly impressive nature spectacle. The roaring Horlachbach mountain brook falls down into the valley across two steep stages and a total of 159 meters. On footpaths and viewing platforms visitors can experience the cooling water spray close by.

More details at www.umhausen.com


Ötzi Village

How did people live in the Stone Age some 5000 years ago? Cooking, hunting, fighting? The Ötzi Village, an archaeological open-air park in Umhausen, gives visitors an insight into everyday life of Ötzi - the famous glacier mummy. Highlight for children: the old livestock breeds and the rustic Ötzi playground.

More details at www.umhausen.com


Birds of Prey Park

The generous park for birds of prey next to the Ötzi Village promises  countless "aaahs" and "ooohs" to the whole family. Especially during the spectacular bird show in the arena: some visitors will probably feel the wingtips of the passing eagles, vultures, kites, falcons & more while two professional falconers talk about the animals and explain their individual characteristics.

More details at www.umhausen.com


Farst near Umhausen

The hamlet of Farst is considered the "Eagle's Eyrie" in Ötztal. Towering high above the legendary Engelswand rock face, about 500 meters above Umhausen, daring hikers will find one of the oldest settlements in Ötztal - but only after climbing the switch backing road offering magnificent views, followed by a heartfelt welcome and genuine hospitality in the authentic mountain inn.

More details at www.umhausen.com


Suspension Bridge in Längenfeld

This view is hard to beat: The 83 m long panoramic suspension bridge between the hamlets of Brand and Burgstein opens up unobstructed views of Längenfeld's spa resort, some 220 m above the valley floor. As a reward for so much courage, the loop trail on the "sunny balcony" - also suitable for prams - has cozy refreshment stops.

More details at www.laengenfeld.com


Locale Heritage & Outdoor Museum

In Lehn near Längenfeld, this museum documents the farming life of the 19th century, when flax still was cultivated in the valley. A walk takes you to ten buildings with original furniture and working tools. One of the farmhouses hosts the Memory Archives preserving the spiritual and cultural heritage of Ötztal.

More details at www.laengenfeld.com


Nature Park House

The almost 300 m² big natural history exhibition shows Ötztal's natural diversity in all its facets in a truly unique way. Additionally, all aspects of the omnipresent theme of Ötztal waters is clearly presented - ranging from glaciers and Alpine lakes to mountain brooks and moorlands.

More details at www.laengenfeld.com

Ötzi Village Umhausen Adventure Fun
Umhausen Birds of Prey Park
Suspension Bridge Längenfeld Landsape
Local Heritage Museum Längenfeld Summer
Nature Park House Längenfeld Summer