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Joyful summit exploration in Ötztal

Mountaineers love the huge variety of treks and routes amidst rough nature in the Ötztal Alps. After a long and probably strenuous ascent, you will be rewarded with an awe-inspiring view and a feeling of pure freedom. For passionate mountaineers there is really nothing better than standing at the top, leaning against the summit cross, surrounded by a sea of "peaks" and "summits" at the heart of Ötztal's two and three thousand meter high peaks!

Mountain tours from easy to difficult in Ötztal

Walking time, difficulty level, altitude meters: before starting a mountain tour, everything revolves around facts and figures. And that's a good thing, because the right tour planning is the first step towards your dreamlike day in the Ötztal mountains. From Wetterkreuz peak at the entrance to the valley to Brunnenkogelhaus, spectacularly towering high above Sölden, and Hangerer summit near Obergurgl, the region offers a lavish variety of mountain tours. All you have to do is choose your favorite route that will overwhelm but not overexert you. When you've finally made it, don't forget to perpetuate your name in the summit book. For many mountaineers, a sip of summit schnapps is part of the ritual. Not your thing? No problem. However, the alpine scenery up there is intoxicatingly beautiful!

mountain tour in Austria Ötztal

Mountain tours Austria

Good to know about route classification

Blue, red, black: just like the ski slopes in winter, the hiking trails are categorized into different levels of difficulty. The route classification provides information about the trail itself and important criteria and requirements that you should meet as a mountaineer. Here we will explain to you what it means:

Blue (easy) - hiking trails

Blue routes are suitable for everyone, including beginners and leisurely walkers. Neither mountain experience nor specific equipment is required here, just good hiking boots and clothing appropriate to the weather. The trails are wide and easy to walk on, with no significant uphill or downhill sections.

Red (intermediate) - mountain trails

Red mountain routes are suitable for sure-footed and experienced mountain hikers. Mountain experience, a good physical shape and appropriate mountain equipment are required here. There are narrow and steep walking and climbing passages along the route. Sturdy hiking boots, the right clothing, enough water and small snacks are a must!

Black (difficult) - mountain trails

Black routes are only suitable for climbers with a good head for heights, sure-footedness and enough high alpine experience. You should also be in an excellent physical shape and carry mountain gear, including safety gear, with you. The footpaths are narrow, almost always steep and exposed. Longer but secured hiking and climbing passages are just normal here. Additionally, you should only walk black mountain routes in good weather.

Frequently asked questions about mountain tours in Austria

For mountaineering in Austria, you should - above all - bring enough experience, a good self-assessment, suitable clothing, the right hiking shoes, appropriate equipment and provisions. Appropriate extra clothes, jackets, rain protection, hat and gloves are also in your backpack. For black mountain tours you also need mountain equipment with safety gear. It is very important to take enough to drink with you plus dextrose or fruit for quick refreshment in between. Never overestimate yourself and always remember: the descent requires just as much strength and concentration as the ascent! Also pay attention to the weather as conditions can change very quickly, especially in the high alpine mountains.

All about mountain safety

On alpine mountain tours in Austria, there may be some difficult passages and exposed areas for which you need appropriate climbing equipment. Depending on how demanding and exposed the terrain is, you will have to belay yourself at certain points. You should therefore always carry the following basic equipment with you: climbing harness, climbing rope, belaying device, sling and runner, prusik sling, 1-2 locking carabiners, climbing helmet and ideally quickdraw slings and mobile belaying devices.

More about tour planning & equipment

It strongly depends on your hiking destination! On a full-day mountain tour in Austria, you burn more calories than on a leisurely hike. Dextrose, a piece of fruit or a muesli bar are an absolute must in your backpack so that you can quickly supply your body with new energy. On easy hiking trails, for example to a family-friendly hut in Ötztal, this is completely sufficient - especially if you want to stop for a meal at the top. On longer tours, it matters what is easy for you to digest and not heavy on your stomach. We Tiroleans like to enjoy a hearty summit snack with bread, cheese and bacon. But fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts and chocolate also provide energy quickly and reliably. What's very important: take enough to drink with you!

All stop-over destinations in Ötztal's mountains

Not too much (phew!), but also not too little! At least the following things should fit in a hiking backpack for a mountain tour:

  • 1-2 liters of drinks (still water, apple spritz, etc.)
  • Dextrose/muesli bars/fruit
  • Fresh spare shirt
  • Windbreaker (wind jacket)
  • Rain protection
  • Small first aid kit
  • Fully charged mobile phone

If you go on a black route, you will also need suitable alpine equipment including appropriate safety gear. Hat and gloves, as well as some more provisions, make you ready for mountain adventure tours in Ötztal.