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Paths for your bike

The English term "trail" literally means something like a path or lane. If you add the abbreviation "MTB" for mountain bike in front of it, you mean exactly the following: an approved mountain bike route that leads over a narrow (and mostly natural) path. Here we will explain what types of MTB trails there are in Ötztal and how they differ from regular MTB routes.

Single trails

A single trail is a fairly narrow and natural footpath or path with a maximum width of one meter that is approved for mountain bikes. As a general rule, you bike down single trails – while exceptions confirm the rule. The BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN at the heart of Ötztal currently features 17 different single trails with a total length of approx. 34 kilometers, winding through alpine landscapes and deep green forests.

Explore single trails

single trails Ötztal Sölden mountain bike
Trail Center Ötztaler Höhe mountain bike
practice bike technique trails spots Oetz

Our so-called BIKE SPOTS are bike practice areas that are spread across the entire valley, serving all types of bikers and cyclists. Located in Oetz, directly on the valley-wide Ötztal Cycle Trail, you will find Tirol's very first e-bike park, which includes an uphill flow trail and is ideal for getting familiar with e-bike handling. A few kilometers towards the upper valley near Umhausen, there is a MTB course where even kids can try out their riding skills on (man-made) trails.


shaped lines Sölden Ötztal Bike Republic mountainbike MTB

Shaped lines

In contrast to natural single trails, shaped lines are - as the name already says – man-made and built MTB routes. They can be understood as a distant relative of single trails, because shaped lines (which are built in an ecologically sustainable way in Ötztal) are usually only about one meter wide. The BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN is home to these flowing lines peppered with steep turns and curves which are (exclusively) for speedy downhill biking.

Explore shaped lines

Frequently asked questions about MTB trails

A mountain bike trail, or MTB trail for short, is an approved mountain bike route that leads along a quite narrow, unpaved and mostly natural path. In contrast to classic mountain bike routes, which run on forest roads and alpine paths, MTB trails are usually no more than one meter wide. Ötztal, the "nation on two wheels" with its "city-state" – the unrivaled BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN - has a large number of varied MTB trails, which you can discover HERE.

Talking about trail riding, you usually mean riding an (e-)mountain bike on a quite narrow and natural path or route. Ötztal is Tirol's "nation on two wheels" and boasts an extensive network of varied MTB trails. Be it single trails, technical skill trails or shaped lines, every biker will find the right biking route in Tirol's longest side valley. HERE you find out everything about MTB trails in Ötztal.

In general, a single trail is a narrow natural biking path or track that is approved for riding with an (e-)mountain bike. Such single trails, sometimes also called natural trails, are characterized by a maximum width of one meter. The trail surface is mostly unpaved and may feature tree roots or small stones. Currently, the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN combines 17 different single trails in its "national territory", meandering through high alpine landscapes and deep green forests. In addition to these natural paths, there are also man-made lines and trails in Ötztal's "nation on two wheelers" in order to improve your biking technique and prepare you for the open terrain.