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At a run towards freedom

"Trail running starts where the asphalt ends". This is a definition that aptly describes what distinguishes this type of running from monotonous street running. What’s best, in Ötztal there is not much asphalt as Tirol's longest side valley is brimming with footpaths & trails that lead into the fabulous mountain world. Trail running is not hiking. But it doesn't mean rushing or missing out on nature exploration. On the contrary: you perceive everything very consciously and intensely.

Trailrunning Events 2024

Umhausen-Niederthai, Trailrunning, Stuiben Trailrun

23. - 25.05.2024
Stuiben Trail Run

Ambitious trail runners (and those who want to improve their skills) must mark 23 - 25 May 2024 in the race calendar. Scenic Stuiben Falls, Tirol’s largest waterfall, forms the 159 meter high heart of four different trail running disciplines. Regardless of the distance chosen, 728 elaborately constructed natural and steel steps have to be climbed.

Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, Trailrunning, Glacier Trailrun

18. - 20.07.2024
Glacier Trail Run

The Glacier Trail Run on 18 – 20 July 2024 in Gurgl will take you even higher. It runs over technically demanding trails at altitudes between 2,000 and 3,000 meters. Always with the breathtaking glacier world of upper Ötztal in view, the “Glacier Ultra Trail” distance covers a whopping 61.1 kilometers (and 3,900 altitude meters). But there are also other trail disciplines featuring different distances.

Trail running routes

Trail literally means something like track or path. And there are so many of them spread all over Ötztal: 1600 kilometers of hiking trails, routes, climbs and treks can be tackled in trail running style. All routes that do not have a solid surface. And yet there are specially designated trail running routes in central Ötztal that cater to beginners, advanced and endurance professionals.

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Frequently asked questions about trail running

Trail running is a type of running sport in which you move on slopes and footpaths in open terrain. "Trail running begins where the asphalt ends" - this is a definition that sums up the essence of this sport. While trail running isn't hiking, it doesn't mean you have to rush and miss out on the great outdoors. On the contrary, you perceive the surrounding landscape consciously and intensively.

Fabulous Ötztal in Tirol makes a dorado for all trail runners and those who want to give it a try. However, an endless 1600 kilometers of hiking trails, routes, climbs and trail running-style treks can be explored here. In addition, Tirol's longest side valley offers specially marked trail running routes between the entrance to the valley and its rear end. HERE you can find out everything about trail running in Ötztal.

Trail running shoes are specially designed to meet the needs of trail running, for instance running on slopes and unpaved footpaths. They are characterized by low weight, good stability and a special grip sole profile. In contrast to classic hiking boots, they are usually feature a low shaft.

In addition to specially designated trail running routes, Ötztal in Tirol offers over 1600 kilometers of hiking trails, paths, climbs and treks that can be tackled in trail running style. The sports retailers spread across the whole valley will be happy to advise you on choosing the right trail running shoes. Find out everything you need to know about trail running in Ötztal HERE.

As we know, the English word "trail" means track or path. Trail running is a type of running sport in which you move along such tracks or paths - the main thing is that the surface is unpaved. In the past, this trend sport would probably have been called mountain running. The following definition sums up the quintessence of trail running: "Trail running begins where the asphalt ends".

In Tirol's Ötztal the next unsealed trail is not far. And that's why Tirol's longest side valley makes a truly popular attraction for expert trail runners. In addition to specially designed trail running routes, more than 1600 kilometers of hiking trails, climbs, paths and treks can be tackled at a run. HERE you will find all details about trail running in Ötztal.

Breathable but waterproof functional clothing is best for trail running. Depending on the prevailing weather conditions or temperatures, this clothing can also be multi-layered according to the "onion principle". Several thin layers on top of each other. Complete trail running equipment includes the following pieces:

  • Trail running shoes
  • Functional running clothes (multi-layer, depending on weather)
  • Thin jacket that protects against rain and wind
  • Running or compression socks that reach up to the calves
  • Headband or thin cap
  • Possibly thin gloves
  • Possibly light backpack with hydration system & bars
  • Optional: trail running poles
  • Possibly GPS device for navigation

Tirol's Ötztal offers specially marked trail running routes and is not only a popular starting point for trail runners, also the sports shops scattered throughout the valley will be happy to advise you on choosing the right trail running gear. HERE you will find all details about trail running in Tirol's longest side valley.

When it comes to trail running, every gram you save counts. Therefore, your trail running poles should ideally be made of carbon material so that you don't have to carry around unnecessary weight. Carbon is not only light, but also stable, which is a great advantage off-road. If you want to save money, you can of course also use poles that are partly or entirely made of metal. No matter if the poles are made of carbon or metal, they should be foldable so that they can easily fit in a backpack.

Ötztal in Tirol with its specially designed trail running routes is not only a popular starting point for trail runners, the sports shops spread throughout the valley will also be happy to advise you on choosing the right trail running poles. HERE you can find all details about trail running in Tirol's longest side valley.