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Cross Country Skiing in Ötztal

Nordic Skiing

Nordic trail offer within the valley

Be it classic or skating style, it's a great experience on well-groomed tracks. Cross-country skiers in Ötztal also discover something else: all Nordic trails and public transport are available for free. The right equipment can be easily rented at the sports shops, the right technique learned at a wide range of courses.

Frequently asked questions about cross-country skiing

In general, cross-country skiing is possible wherever there is enough snow and where you also find groomed cross-country ski trails. Cross-country skiing fans and those who want to improve their skills will find all they need in Ötztal. Thanks to its high altitude, Tirol's longest side valley offers ideal trail conditions from early winter through late spring – no matter if you prefer skating or classic style tracks. Our up-to-date trail status informs you which Nordic trails are currently open. A complete overview of the entire range of cross-country ski trails in the valley also refers to the current status of the respective trails. Great advantage: all Nordic trails are accessible free of charge!

Suitable outfit and clothing for cross-country skiing basically depends on two factors:

  • Intensity: Would you like to enjoy a leisurely round in classic style or do you want to go to your limits in skating style?
  • Outdoor temperature: Do you enjoy your loop early in the morning in deep winter or in blazing sunshine on a warm spring day?

In general, cross-country skiing is a very intense endurance sport. Therefore, you should wear breathable clothing despite the low temperatures and stick to the so-called "onion principle": wearing several thin layers on top of each other. Depending on the intensity or outdoor temperature, the right cross-country skiing outfit from head to toe could look like this:

  • Headband, neck gaiter or thin cap
  • Functional underwear & thin cross-country ski jacket that protects against wind; optional vest or Lycra jersey as an intermediate layer for colder temperatures
  • Tights (skin-tight pants) or softshell cross-country ski pants
  • Thin gloves; thicker gloves or mittens if temperatures are very low
  • Thin socks that reach down to the calf (classic knee-length ski socks are usually too warm)

The expert sports shops within Ötztal not only offer a huge selection of cross-country ski equipment, they are also happy to advise you on choosing the right outfit.

For example in Ötztal, Tirol. The province's longest side valley boasts a varied range of classic and skating trails covering approx. 65 km. be it floodlit night trails in Niederthai or Längenfeld, high-altitude trails in Sulztal and Gurgl or even a biathlon facility for everyone, Ötztal simply has it all. And what's best: all cross-country ski trails are accessible free of charge. HERE you can find out everything about cross-country skiing in Ötztal.

The first and most important question that beginners have is what style thy choose. And there is absolutely no wrong answer, because it is more a question of faith if you prefer classic style cross country skiing or rather skating style.

In the classic style, the cross-country skis are in a fixed track and moved forward by diagonal arm or foot movements - the permanent use of cross-country ski poles is important. In contrast to the skating style, the classic style requires a bit less sense of balance - the reason why many beginners are more likely to start with the classic style.

The skating style is a little faster than the classic style. The skis do not move in a fixed track, but are guided on a smooth and groomed snow surface. The sequence of skating movements is carried out sidewards - you push yourself sideways with your skis in order to glide forward. The use of cross-country ski poles also plays an important role when using this technique. A certain sense of balance and coordination skills are absolutely necessary because you stand only on one leg at all times.

Getting started with cross-country skiing is child's play if you enlist a certified cross-country ski guide in Ötztal. Not only beginners can benefit from the know-how of a professional, courses for advanced learners continue to refine the correct sequence of movements. By the way: all cross-country ski trails within Ötztal are accessible.

Thanks to the high altitude and the varied choice of cross-country ski trails in Ötztal, Tirol's longest side valley boasts ideal cross-country skiing conditions from early winter to late spring. Our up-to-date trail status informs you which Nordic trails are currently open. A complete overview of the entire range of cross-country ski trails in the valley also refers to the current status of the respective trails. Great advantage: all Nordic trails within the valley are accessible free of charge!