Today 18.10.2018

Temp max. 15°C
Temp min. 1°C
Sunshine max. 6 h
0° Level 3300 m

Friday 19.10.2018

Temp max. 16°C
Temp min. 1°C
Sunshine max. 8 h
0° Level 3400 m

Saturday 20.10.2018

Temp max. 14°C
Temp min. 0°C
Sunshine max. 8 h
0° Level 3100 m

Sunday 21.10.2018

Temp max. 12°C
Temp min. 2°C
Sunshine max. 4 h
0° Level 2700 m

Monday 22.10.2018

Temp max. 12°C
Temp min. 0°C
Sunshine max. 7 h
0° Level 3200 m

Lifts in Operation

Total 5 of/ 72

4-day Forecast

A high-pressure area will determine the weather for the rest of the week and beyond it. As only the centre of the high-pressure area is located over the Atlantic, the air current in the Alpine regions will turn northward, consequently cooler air will reach us from day to day. The temperature level will adapt to the season and the risk for weak night frost in the valleys will increase, as the air will remain mostly dry. Harmless, high cirrostratus clouds or even scattered cumulus clouds will hardly interfere with the weather. Low-stratus may approach the valleys from the east but only on Monday morning. This humidity package near the ground will soon dry off. It's not beyond the bounds of possibility, that an effective cold front will brush against our regions at next midweek.