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Winter sports can also be enjoyed at a more leisurely pace. Hiking on snow-covered paths ranks among the most charming winter activities. Either on your own, with all the family, in guided groups or even on snowshoes - Ötztal makes a true heaven for gentle winter sports.
Ski Touring

Finstertaler Schartenkopf

Ski Touring · Oetztal
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    Photo: Ötztal Tourismus
  • Finstertaler Schartenkopf Skitour
    / Finstertaler Schartenkopf Skitour
    Photo: Ötztal Tourismus
  • Finstertaler Schartenkopf Skitour
    / Finstertaler Schartenkopf Skitour
    Photo: Ötztal Tourismus
  • Finstertaler Schartenkopf Skitour
    / Finstertaler Schartenkopf Skitour
    Photo: Ötztal Tourismus
  • Finstertaler Schartenkopf Skitour
    / Finstertaler Schartenkopf Skitour
    Photo: Ötztal Tourismus
Map / Finstertaler Schartenkopf
1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 m km 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Jausenstation Larstighof Groß-Horlach-Alm

parking space Sennhof (next to the information Niederthai)->Larstigalm->Schweinfurter hut->Finstertaler Scharte->Finstertaler Schartenkopf
9 km
4:00 h
1306 m
0 m
All ski touring destinations within the area of Schweinfurterhütte 2028m can also be reached from Niederthai 1548m provided that the 5.5 kilometer long ascent incl. 500 altitude meters from Niederthai 1548m to Schweinfurterhütte 2028m isn't too challenging - walking time is about 1h 45min. All those in search of a classic corn snow tour in the surroundings of Schweinfurterhütte 2028m should choose Finstertaler Schartenkopf 2855m as the slopes are exposed to the south and offer perfect downhill skiing conditions also in the early ski mountaineering season. If you start the tour on the valley floor and the snow conditions are still good, the shortest ascent route leads via Weites Kar cirque along a steep south-facing slope (gradient of up to 35-40°) located above Großhorlachalm. For a bit you keep to the summer hiking trail which travels westwards to Finstertaler Sennhütte. Soon you have to climb in countless switchbacks up to an altitude of 2200m. In stable corn snow conditions and if you are experienced in making kick turns you ascend without major problems. Once on top, the terrain levels out and you continue easily towards the wide open Weites Kar cirque nestling in the foothills of Finstertaler Scharte 2777m and Finstertaler Schartenkopf 2855m. If you start the ski tour at Schweinfurterhütte 2028m or if the snow conditions are bad on the southern slope above Großhorlachalm you keep to the ascending summer hiking trail to Weites Kar, which leads from the hut to Finstertaler Scharte 2777m. The very last climb on your way to the peak takes you right next to the southern flank of Finstertaler Schartenkopf 2855m on a partly very steep 30-35° slope towards the ridge and further on to the peak on the south-eastern saddleback. Favorable corn snow conditions and excellent kick-turn techniques are strongly recommended for this tour. If the avalanche risk is very low and if you are a good off-piste skier you should ski down the almost vertical line with a gradient of 35-40° on the southern flank.

Highest point
2848 m
Lowest point
1542 m
Best time of year

Rest Stop

Jausenstation Larstighof

Safety information

Please pay attention to the current weather- & avalanche report: &



Appropriate equipment such as breathable suitable outdoor clothes for the weather, wind-, rain-, snow- and sun protection, hat and gloves is for all hikes and tours necessary. Please bring a first-aid box, a mobile phone, a walking map and if there is no hut on the way a snack and enough to drink.  

Tips, hints and links

Ascending aid: no

Max. Slope: 35-40 °

Glacier: no

Tour type: High Alpine tour

Ski technique: medium

Climbing technique: 1st degree

Maps: AV card Stubai Alps - Sellrain 1:25 000

Best season: Mar, Apr



Ski Mountaineering Rules


  • If you enjoy activities amid nature always respect the local guidelines when you set out on a ski tour (for example: wildlife preserves, hunting enclosures, reforestation areas, information boards, etc.).
  • Don‘t enter protected wildlife zones or feeding areas amid naturelandscapes, and avoid noise.
  • Cross forest areas in winter only on sign posted trails or marked routes as wild animals can panic if they hear loud voices or noise.
  • Learn more about the habitat of wild animals in the mountains, avoid getting too close to them. Watch them only from a safe distance. Please put your dog on a lead, it is absolutely irresponsible to take dogs into the forest without leashing them because wild animals suffer from food deficiency and weakness in winter.
  • Excellent planning and time management: start your tour early enough and return before darkness. In spring you should be back on the hut or in the valley at 12 noon (avalanche hazard!) at the latest.
  • Never cross forestation zones and areas with young plants and trees.


Ötztal Tourismus doesn‘t take any responsibility for the suggested tours. It is strongly recommended to enlist a certified local mountainguide. Glacier crossings are allowed only in a group by using a rope.

Before you set out on a tour you should inform someone down in the valley about the tour‘s destination and when you plan to be back. Anavalanche transceiver is an absolute must for Alpine ski mountaineering tours.


More details about ski mountaineering tours in Ötztal:




Niederthai - parking space Sennhof (1542 m)
47.128550, 10.968132
32T 649267 5221328


Finstertaler Schartenkopf

Turn-by-turn directions

Man startet beim Parkplatz Sennhof (neben der Information Niederthai) und wandert Richtung Larstigalm und weiter bis zur Schweinfurter Hütte. Von dort geht man dann links bis zur Finstertaler Scharte und weiter bis zum Finstertaler Schartenkopf. 

Public transport

Travel safe and comfortable with the train to the Ötztal Bahnhof train station. Last stop and exit point is the train station Ötztal Bahnhof. Afterwards you can travel smoothly and quick with the public transport or out local taxi companies through the valley to your desired destination. Please find the current bus timetable here:  

Getting there

The car drive to the Ötztal valley. Situated in Tirol, the Ötztal valley set off in southerly direction and is the longest side valley in the Eastern Alps. The journey with the car leads you through the Inntal valley to the entrance of the vallly and further on through the valley. Among the toll motorways you can also use the country roads. A route planner will show you the easiest and most convenient way:  


The following parking facilities are available in Niederthai:
  • Parking Sennhof, payable from 07:00 to 18:30
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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9 km
4:00 h
1306 m
0 m
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