Parataxi/ Paragliding

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Innerwaldstraße 18a
6450 Sölden

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There's nothing here, except for you!
The feeling of being alone, without body or form, at one with the sky. The wind as your friend and companion, totally self-reliant. The thermals are constant, but the starts are without comparison - and we know them all:

Top station
Accessible via Giggijoch mountain gondola
Starting area: at approx. 200m north of the top station; small wooden hut with weather vane; start possible with or without skis
Altitude: 2.270 m above sea level
Difference in altitude: approx. 900 m
Starting direction: east to south-east

Middle station and GIGGIJOCH GONDOLA Top station
Accessible via Gaislachkogl mountain gondola - first section
Starting area: at approx. 300 m north of the middle station; accessible via a steep trail; located close to the Gratlbahn piste
Altitude Gratlbahn piste: 2.100 m - 2.500 m above sea level
Difference in altitude: approx. 700 m - 1.100 m
Starting direction: east

In summer you are kindly asked to use exclusively the landing area in the hamlet of Windau, opposite the base terminal of Gaislachkogl mountain gondola. A wind sleeve can be found east of the landing area on a jutting piece of rock.

In winter, also the area north of the Shell gas station at the eastern edge of Sölden can be used as landing spot - next to the base terminal of Giggijoch gondola (roadside wind sleeve).
For flights made in Sölden a valid LICENSE and a THIRD PARTY INSURANCE are absolutely required.

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