Planing a hike & First Aid

First aid

  • First-aid kit
  • Mobile phone with fully charged battery and charger

Download - Planing a hike & First Aid (PDF)

Emergency numbers

«« 140: Mountain rescue service – Alpine emergency

«« 112: European emergency number (works with any mobile phone & all available networks)


No coverage?

If there is no reception and in dead spots, no emergency calls can be made. → Go to an area with better reception and dial 112 regularly. Euro emergency: Access to all available networks if 112 is dialled after switching on the phone instead of entering the PIN or by using the SOS emergency function.


Reporting an accident

  • Who is reporting / call-back number?
  • What is the exact location of the accident?
  • What has happened?
  • How many people are injured?


Emergency App Leitstelle Tirol

Smart phone users can install the new emergency app provided by Leitstelle Tirol. It helps making an emergency call and transmits one’s location.

More details

Mountain rescue
Emergency App Leitstelle Tirol

App Download

Further details on the Emergency App can be found in the respective app stores.


  • Is the route/section appropriate to my skills? Groups should always base their planning on the abilities of the weakest member.
  • Allow for possibilities to leave the route or abort the hike
  • Check the weather forecast for the following days
  • Check where you can stock up with food when planning a tour. This will prevent you from dragging around the food for several days.
  • Breathable outdoor clothing which is also suitable for the weather conditions of the following days
  • Plan enough food for all days (check availability at mountain huts)
  • First-aid kit
  • Mobile phone with fully charged battery and charger
  • Hiking map and guide
  • Sun protection (sun cream and glasses, hat)
  • Overnight kit, sleeping bag liner etc.
  • Rain protection
  • Cash
  • Download - Checklist Rucksack for multi-day hikes (PDF)
Hiking Backpack
  • Continuously check your position
  • When planning a hike, take into account that your body cannot achieve top performance every day. Increase the strain slowly rather than starting off with the hardest stage.
  • Bring along flip-flops or other comfortable shoes. After a day’s hiking releasing your feet from the hiking shoes is a real treat, and sometimes hiking shoes are a no-no in the sleeping areas of mountain huts.
  • Plan exit strategies: Which place allows you to abort the tour as quickly as possible?
  • Weather: Ask the proprietors of the huts for advice. They are familiar with the local conditions and know the forecast. It is better to stop a hike early than to get caught in a sudden thunderstorm in high Alpine terrain.
  • Be aware of Alpine dangers.
  • Equipment: bivouac sack, telescopic umbrella, hiking sticks, bonnet and gloves
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