Ötztal Cycle Trail

Ötztal Cycle Trail


Starting in Haiming at 670 m, the cycle trail travels through the whole Ötztal and ends in Sölden at 1377 m. It branches off from one of Europe's longest cycle routes - the Inn Cycle Path - and leads cycling fans on 50 kilometers straight into the spectacular mountain scenery of the Ötztal Alps.

IMPORTANT: Due to blasting operations in a quarry, the Ötztal Cycle Trail is closed for safety reasons between the underpass near Winkle and Huben! Therefore we recommend the alternative route along the B186 federal road from Winkle to Huben!

Ötztal Cycle Trail Stages


STAGE 1: HAIMING - OETZ (approx. 14 KM)

The cycle trail starts in the village center of Haiming. Protected by the mountain ranges surrounding the valley entrance, the village offers a wonderfully pleasant climate with little rain and lots of sun. The mild temperatures make it the heart of Tirolean apple cultivation and so the cycle trail also leads past the fabulous Apple Mile before it continues to Ötztal-Bahnhof via the hamlets of Magerbach and Schlierenzau. Continue through a forest on several hundred meters parallel to the rail tracks to AREA 47, the largest outdoor adventure park in all Austria. From here you proceed in a southerly direction, off the main road through the hamlets of Brunau and along the Ötztaler Ache mountain brook to Oetz.


STAGE 2: OETZ - UMHAUSEN (approx. 9.5 KM)

At the end of Oetz you cycle parallel to the Ötztal federal road towards Habichen. Through the underpass in Habichen. A detour to lake Habicher See is strongly recommended. Or you tackle the steeply ascending section to Tumpen's Gstoag directly. In the second bend of the road the trail surface changes from asphalt to gravel, leading through a small forest area (Seestall – Grube) to Tumpen. Here you pass the school in the direction of Ötztal's main road which you cross - as well as the Ötztaler Ache mountain brook. A leisurely trail takes you towards Umhausen, past the Engelswand rock face, the hamlet of Lehn Platzl and the eye-catching Maria Schnee chapel. In Östen, shortly before you reach Umhausen, you cross the main road again and continue west of the Ötztaler Ache brook towards the upper valley.



The cycle trail continues along the mountain brook to the junction of Köfels and on a gravel road - the so-called "Köfler Gerade" - in the direction of Au. On the way to Au you pass the Maurach bicycle bridge newly built in the summer of 2018, followed by an underpass and the impressive 65 m long Ferdinand arched bridge. Then continue past the "Auplatte" climbing garden before another cycle underpass at Längenfeld's sewage treatment plant leads to the other side of the valley. Turn right into the hamlet of Winklen at the next intersection. Immediately after the bridge, the cycle trail leads left to Lehner-Au and after crossing the mountain brook further on to Längenfeld. Pedaling past the campsite of Längenfeld and the famous Aqua Dome Thermal Spa, you always follow the Ötztaler Ache brook. Via the vast and wide open meadows of Astlehn and Runhof you finally reach Huben.


STAGE 4: HUBEN - SÖLDEN (approx. 11 KM)

The breathtaking mountains in Upper Ötztal are getting closer and closer. At the village end of Huben you cross the Ötztaler Ache mountain brook again, following the gravel path running parallel to the main road. The underpass takes you safely to the other side of the road, where a gravel trail leads to the houses of Bruggen. Another underpass near Aschbach is followed by a bicycle bridge over the mountain brook. The next stage features a short uphill and a downhill stretch. Soon you reach the next bridge overpass. At the following fork it's easier to keep to the east - so DO NOT follow the signs of the Dog Pension but continue towards the valley floor, where another bridge crosses the mountain brook. The last section of the Ötztal Cycle Trail finally leads east of the Ötztaler Ache brook to the village of Sölden.

By bicycle through five climatic zones

Leading through five climatic zones, the Ötztal Cycle Trail offers a truly special variety of landscapes: ranging from the sunny and dry climate at the entrance to the valley and the wide open basins of Umhausen and Längenfeld to the end of the route in Sölden, encircled by mighty 3000 m high summits.

Safely through Ötztal by bicycle

SAFETY is a top priority on the Ötztal Cycle Trail. To ensure that nature explorers can safely cycle through Ötztal, a valley-wide cycle path is under construction, leading from Inntal Valley to Upper Ötztal - away from the busy Ötztal federal road. Ideal for families, e-bikers and mountain bikers!

Excursion Sites & Attractions

Discover the huge variety of activities and excursion destinations along the scenic Ötztal Cycle Trail


Ötztal Cycling Track Bridge Mountainbiking

Also this summer will see further stages and new sections of the Ötztal Cycle Trail which will be extended and optimized so that an exciting, beautiful and - above all - safe bicycle ride is guaranteed on a separate cycle path. This summer, in the Nößlach area (between Längenfeld's sewage treatment plant and Ferdinand cycle bridge) the steep and quite narrow section is flattened and equipped with a 3 m wide asphalt cycle trail. Thus the track between Längenfeld and Umhausen is very easy and perfectly suitable for families as the route travels on a separate path off the Ötztal federal road. A truly exceptional experience!

Please note: Due to further extension works, some stages and single sections may deviate from the original route or will be diverted.

Main aim

A valley-wide cycle trail throughout Ötztal off the busy Ötztal federal road and a connection to the Inn Cycle Path and the planned Transtimmel Route.

Ötztal Cycling Track Aschbach Mountainbiking

Get on your bicycle and off you go!
BUT: A breather in between also belongs to the activity program. And there is no better place than the lovely rest areas spread along the Ötztal Cycle Trail! And where can I find an e-bike charging station if my electric bicycle needs a breather?

The rest place in Sautens in Lower Ötztal is located between the outdoor playground of AREA 47 and the village of Sautens. It is equipped with drinking water fountain, sitting area, roof, repair service station for bicycles and e-bike charging station. A truly inviting place to while away an hour. Special tip: From the rest area you enjoy magnificent views of majestic Acherkogel peak and the beautiful church of the high-altitude village of Oetzerau.

The rest area in Längenfeld can be found in immediate vicinity to the campsite and makes an ideal place to take a breather thanks to a sitting unit, a roof and an e-bike charging station. The fast charging station for e-bikes guarantees a comfortable and quick charge of your e-bike battery while you can enjoy peaceful moments plus stunning vistas of Längenfeld's mountains. Public toilets are also available in the immediate vicinity.

In addition to rest and stop-off areas that invite you to linger and enjoy a couple of quiet moments, e-bike charging stations are also available free of charge. Several e-bike charging stations allow both convenient and quick charging of your e-bike battery without taking your home charger with you. Simply rent an adapter (XLR plug charging cable) and refuel.

Ötztal Cycling Track Charging Station

Where the Ötztaler Ache mountain brook flows into the river Inn, the Ötztal Cycle Trail crosses the popular Inn Cycle Path. It leads on a length of 520 km across majestic Alpine peaks and scenic meadow landscapes through the three countries of Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Around 230 km run through Tirol, guaranteeing a varied bicycle tour amidst spectacular Alpine landscapes. The Ötztal Cycle Trail branches off from the flat and leisurely Inn Cycle Path in the beautiful and wide open Inntal valley. Just perfect for families and e-bikers!

In the west, the Inn Cycle Path leads directly through the mighty Imst Gorge. A short breather at the Roman Bath in Roppen makes tired legs alive and kicking again, before continuing on the southern side of the river Inn towards Imst/Landeck. In an easterly direction, the route of the Inn Cycle Path leads past Haiming's Apple Mile and Stams Monastery to Telfs or further on to Tirol's capital Innsbruck. In addition to a varied cycling tour, countless sights, attractions and culinary treats await you along the route. Further information about the Inn Cycle Path can be found at www.innradweg.com

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