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You can ask any professional biker: The best training ground for every mountain biker is and remains the pump track. That's why we have two of them in Sölden: Rollin' and Sunny. Here you have enough time to develop a sense for your bike, the turns and waves - and what's best: it's great fun. Afterwards you set out for the real trails! For example, the Sattelfest practicing trail in Oetz, designed especially for beginners at the Acherkogel gondola station. And you will see how quickly you gain confidence in your skills.

Sattelfest Oetz Practicing Trail

Practicing Trail Sattelfest  Ötz Mountainbiking

The unique Sattelfest Oetz practicing trail can be accessed at the KIDS PARK – next to the outdoor swimming pool in Oetz.

Starting at the car park, you conquer the first 300 meters on a slightly ascending but easy gravel trail. Follow the gravel route until you get to the third turn, then continue straight ahead. After crossing the bridge you have already reached the exciting part of the trail – leading down the hill, over rough and smooth, past tree roots. The next part travels through meadows, a perfect spot to improve your riding skills and techniques on steep, winding and undulating terrain.

Return to the trailhead next to the base station of Acherkogel mountain gondola.

Opening Times:
15 May - 15 October
(not supervised, use at own risk, free of charge)

Pumptrack Rolling

Pumptrack Rolling Sölden Mountainbiking

The main principle is the following: start slowly and increase your speed without braking too much – maybe also without pedaling! By pushing and pumping you can gain speed on the wavy course. It's important to move your hips in the most flexible way. If you enter a steep turn bend your arms - outer pedal down.

The average speed when you enter a turn will be constantly increasing. This Pump Track makes a perfect practicing area and skill center before you hit the natural single trails and flow trails in the surroundings of Sölden. Learn in a playful way how to react to certain situations by improving your coordination and stamina. You will find the Pump Track next to the base station of Gaislachkogel mountain gondola.

Have fun and enjoy!

Pumptrack Sunny

Pumptrack Sunny Sölden Mountainbiking

The "Sunny" Pump Track next to Hotel Sunny in Sölden makes a perfect base for upcoming bike talents. Small trail loops and varied obstacles require excellent biking skills and techniques:  balance exercises, biking technique in steep turns, braking, conquering obstacles and short jumps promise unlimited training fun. Especially the easy loops can be repeated several times by guaranteeing successful training units and quick improvement.
In the so-called Skills Area all new citizens of the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN romp around to their hearts' content while mum, dad, coach or guide can watch the little biking heroes from the adjacent sun terrace. Be inspired by the tricks of your companions and try the course for yourself! This ultimate Pump Track is just perfect for young and old, small and big ones, slow and speedy bikers - pumping goes hand in hand with flow and fun.

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